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  1. Except…Dallas, San Francisco, buffalo are viewed by many as final 4 teams in the league so many predictions woukd say these are games you chalk up as possible loses. Many ikely would have an expected record of 2-4 to start the season. looking deeper at the games….SF was 20-12 late 3rd quarter. seattlr it could have been a late 3rd ons score deficit if the 100 yd pick 6 wasn’t thrown. Seattle had another red zone turnover getting them another 7 pts. what it means is the margins on win/ loss isn’t much. Talk to Minnesota who lost 3 games by 3,4, and 6 pts. don’t be shocked to see them with 6 or 7 wins snd innWC hunt after week 14. But of course msny teams after a 1-5 start could say f it and check out for the season leading to a 4 or 5 win season.
  2. who they face the first 6 games… Cowboys ** Cards Niners ** Seahawks ** Fins ** Bills ** they finish the final 3 weeks eagles ** rams eagles ** ** playoff teams in 2022 they played 7 games against 2022 playoff teams. Cowboys, eagles, Vikings, ravens, and jags going 2-5 in their 9-7-1 record. 8-2-1 in one score games in 2022
  3. It’s not happening. He GM is from buffalo. let’s not forget the giants have a brutal schedule to start. they start with 5 of 6 playoff teams last year. End with eagles in 2 out of 3 and judt have Dallas mid season out of 8 games. in terms of facing playoff teams…the fewest a team would face is 4 ( their division winner twice and division winners of the two divisions they face)….the most is 14 if you are in a division with 3 wild card teams and you won and face a division in other conference with 3 wild card teams buffalo plays fins twice, 3 pos 1st place, chiefs, chargers, 3 in nfc east. A total of 10.
  4. He’s more man CB than a zone CB he doesn’t do special teams
  5. Come 2nd half thry will be back at it.
  6. More interested in that than this going to be blow out game
  7. Can’t load thr win probability of the game off espn site https://www.espn.com/nfl/game?gameId=401547443 it looks like an exiting Alps terrain of Tour de France. they never led but Miami had the edge in win probability….
  8. Da Beats do it again 28-28 toilet bowl game in Chicago just under 3 min left 4 th and 1 in FG range around the 20 the bears actually went for it and failed
  9. Singletary threw a RB option TD for Texans over Steelers
  10. 13…. 3 —Miami week 18 is TBD. 2 vs NE 5 — evening Cin, tb, chargers, giants , denver 1– London JAX. 4 425 KC , PHL, dal, jets
  11. they need someplace to complain. the defenses they face are designed to protect the deep shots and force them underneath. The deep corner out route you can get big plays on 2 deep zone but not much YAC instead of screens, Allen runs.
  12. The streaming games are… this Sunday Atalanta jacksonville London game on espn+ amazon has Black Friday game bills-chargers on nbc peacock in think one of the december Saturday games that hasn’t been named yet will be a streaming game
  13. They could have kickoffs operate with punt rules where the ball has to bounce twice in the field thrn it can go out of bounds snd be where they start the drive. Two bounces gives an opportunity for the re diving team to have fielded it. One bounce could be right inside the line so not much of a chance. it’s a physics problem. Think of a head on collision vs a side swipe. this is the same reason for outlawing the over the middle pass throws then boom.
  14. There is a state school north Florida ( heard of south Florida, annd central Florida in football??) and some other small schools. Their is no big schools. Gainesville isn’t that far from jacksonville. In Georgia…tech is in atlanta and Athens is where Univ of Georgia is which is SE of Atlanta. having a large military and retiree residence also has loyalties tied to other teams rather than the home team. You also have 5+ month Canadian residents in the area
  15. that area is heavy college football with Florida state in Tallahassee , Florida in Gainesville, and Georgia north. Florida-Georgia is played there annually similar to Dallas hosting texas-Oklahoma game annually. the area military pres ense also brings people from elsewhere and the retiremrnt area brings people from elsewhere.
  16. I live in DC area. There are many buffalo transplants in DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, nyc, Raleigh, and elsewhere around the country. most of those who went to DC were local. Fans herr refused to go to games because of the owner so you didn’t have the STH count of years passed. Pittsburgh and raider fans go back to years ago. Cowboys has been around snd heavily marketed around the country
  17. Daboll won’t. He would lose the contract money owed if he came nback to buffalo as OC
  18. Saw tho play. It was expected seeing what happened.
  19. Shiny High Impact Toy Syndrome is the diagnosis….
  20. Fire the coach we didn’t score 70….. is that what the OP wants to hear?
  21. I thought denver had a better defense and Payton would help the offense
  22. Other factors in his play are things like… 1. if you feel you have to do a big play to try and prove yourself you can try to hard snd not do well. if you know going in you won’t get benched because of a fumble or unsuccessful run snd you can play the full game you relax snd likely perform better becsuse you don’t have to constantly watch over your back. yiu see this in other sports like hockey rookies/ young players being called up or make opening roster or September call ups in baseball where the coaches say relax we will let you play the next 7-20 games and we understand mistakes might be made.
  23. Other factors in this are running styles. I have not analyzed him to say it’s so…. a good example of this was Herschel Walker in a big trade from cow oup YS to Vikings. He was an utter bust in minnesota, what Dallas got help them go on the 1990s Super Bowl run. Reason was Walker was one running style thst minnesota running system in play design was the opposite style needed. Minnesota style relied on backs thst coukd shift and get to gaps while Walker relied solely on sn open gap to run without having to shift or cut . this trade and a few others proved the point of system fit is necessary in nfl talent where just because player is great on one team makes him great for all.
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