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  1. must like Lights by Journey written about LA initially but modified for SF
  2. Set up invisible electric fencing so if he does this it shocks him.
  3. I have no isdue with it. players want a chance to start in the old system thry had to sit out a year while coaches did not the scholarships sre not guaranteed. A new coach comes in and can pull scholarships.
  4. they in the the lower level of FCS/playoffs. Thr conference doesn’t participate in the playoffs
  5. AJ Brown is why he got fired. The owner sees what he does to them and is pissed.
  6. I think the young generation hears Trix and they think of something else
  7. DC game …. Half the fans will probably be hills fans.
  8. Challenge flag worthy? wasnt that the case in the bills game. Got called for block in the back and the D dove
  9. being D-1 he can use the transfer portal to make an all star team BYU being indie has hurt but they have been a decent program who has have waves of being better. Utah has had a stable coach.
  10. saturday Indy-minnesota 1pm Balt-clevrland 430 pm mismi-buffalo 815 pm These would be 3 CBS games. is cbs getting a game back or cross flexing occurs?
  11. Depends on where they are from. Doing a California trip would be a PITA. A SE trip is easier to do. you could have players returning to college teams for their former teams game on Saturday.
  12. Not looking forward to that for the Miami game. Usually park at ECC south lot if some equipment came to make it flat and build ice stairs…….
  13. They are more likely to do a 5-1-5 than a 4-3-4 msny teams use 3WR sets. If thry go 2 TEs then they can move Milano up to rush/ run stuff or thry are aZ5-2-4 where Miller at LB playing the line.
  14. Remmber they have zippy sappy stQB thry drsfted and played well.
  15. i don’t recall if this was the last year or if there was more.
  16. Remember…waiver cla8m means contract money and cap. He clears waivers it’s different teams who could sign him By need 49ers rams Ravens others could based on team qb depth
  17. Breaking news— snow melts It’s been warmer and getting rain results in snow melt. all week the temps are going to be above freezing. Some days lows might be at or below freezing. Leading up to the game the winds are northern in nature so lake effect snow won’t matter. West to southwest winds are needed to generate the heavy snow in metro Buffalo.
  18. Philadelphia had 3 1sts last year. Theirs, indy ( trading them their former qb) and Miami ( in 21 draft when Miami traded down then up). These were in the teens. First one they traded up a few spots. Their last two they traded to the saints for the saints pick in their 1st in 23. on the Saints pick…if the saints beat Tampa tonight they will be 5-8 and Tampa 5-7. They can still end up in 1st place and the pick is then 19-32.
  19. i know it wasn’t Rochester. Rochester carried the Washington- giants game on FOX as their solo game
  20. up thread it was mentioned why in flexing during the flex weeks of normally 11-17 (this year starting with week 10 since no weekend flexing can be done on chest as weekend). over those 6 weeks cbs and fox have 5 protection they can use. One week they can’t protect anything. Thry week thry pick not to protect any is usually one of their single game sundays. given the games cbs had, they opted to protect the jets- bills 2 pm since a kicked out kc-den can only air at 4 pm. Fins-charges would have bern a 4 pm game but it has limits in how many many markets it can go to. Thr jets- bills was the only game of two above 500 teams. That left the other games exposed. there are also complications in flexing if nbc kicked back a game to cbs and takes a fox game as well as cross flexing.
  21. on the maps buffalo got MIA/SF game on FOX. Did they not?
  22. Samuel went to the house on that play would have bern POY. he looked like he was caught fir a 10+ yd loss on and end around. He broke thru.he ran into his team mate allowing him to get tackled for a 4 yard loss. Had he not ran into him he could have had a big gain er.
  23. I’m actually surprised by this. Colorado does not seem like the best place to go.
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