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  1. the idea is not a stretch at LL of having some incentive heavy framework in place but need to wait till he is cleared to play evrn before a team evaluated him in a physical. is he old enough to understand his role on the team? He would not be 1 or 2. If you think 3 is a slot receiver, which I don’t see him, he’d be a 4 or 5 who’d be a back up in case 1 or 2 need to sit out a game. buffalo could have its seeding wrapped up before week 17 game at Cincinnati. You have Allen and Diggs sitting out / limited role
  2. one was a top 20 1st rounder and the other was a 4-6 round pick then you had fan split similarities to the Johnson-Flutie stuff because Buffalo traded a 1st for Johnson and sign flutieas vet from CFL
  3. Patriots situation will be like Washingtonn with RG3-Cousins situation
  4. maybe ignoring the fans fantasy wants…. it’s more about depth and system fit. thr other issue is the contract they have after this year. With the 49ers they could absorb CMCs contract where their QB will still be on their rookie contract. Toneys contract is reasonable for future years being low. Quinn’s contract was high for its remaining years that buffalo would not be able to afford.
  5. i agree you watch other teams tapeyou look for patterns or trends. on offense you might see tendencies a lineman does if it’s a pass or run. If you have the same set with one a pass and one a run are there small signals thr players do to signal one. in their defensive schemes you can see some patterns in man vs zone, one high vs two high safety. they do look at individual players to see patterns. If Miller lines up on the right side vs the left side. If a CB is on the right side or left side. A teams top CB could be playing against Diggs when it’s man scheme but not when it’s zone. Is the OLB lined up relative to the end of the line could say something on their D scheme.
  6. this is the problem in sports analytics. Team sports of football and hockey have real problems in isolating responsibility. thr Bille standard is using just 2LBs and %5 DBs so this can screw up these general analysis models sure you can measure parts of th3 game likeQB, RB based on where they run, WR and their catches and routes. In OL andD it’s much harder because the6 need to work together. No matter what D you call, there is an offensive play that can exploit it. shead of the play, you do t know they’d call so if a receiver is open in a zone then who is to blame or if theCB is playing a zone releasing a receiver toa safety, but the safety doesn’t cover the receiver then who do you blame for that?
  7. But he’s a RB…..supposedly we need a RB there is actual video evidence of an assault unlike the punter
  8. Why blame Reich if the gm is deciding who to sign or trade for?
  9. i want buffalo to clinch the division with a win hosting Miami. Thry could clinch #2 seed thrn or get their magic number down to 2 or 2 to wrap up top seed. in order to do that they need to be 3 games ahead of anyone in the division going into that game. Then a win should clinch the division.
  10. thry used to ehrn it first started. Not anymore. Thry can move games starting in week 10 this year ( notprmally week 12 but Christmas locks thst week from moving any game) nbc can move games before week 10 but thry have only 2-3 times and each network can protect a game. moving games between 2 and 4 and between networks is a little more freeer to do. Some weeks whrn schedule first comes out, there is not 4:95 games set. That means one will get moved to that slot. The reason is there was no western home sites that force the 4 pm start. week 9 could get moved to 4 week 10 hosting Vikings can get moved to either 4 or 8. It could be a game between two 1 loss teams. These are attractive games to flex out of a 1 pm slot. week 11 not moving..it’s the browns week 12 on thxgvg week 13 Thursday Amazon at cheats week 14 could get flexed to Sunday night but there are other possible games to get moved. week 15. Miami at buffalo is designated as a game that could move from Sunday to Saturday. After they select games, it could get flexed on Sunday if not moved to Saturday. week 16 at chicago. There is no flexing to nbc. This is on Saturday 24th. They could move to 4pm but I doubt it at this point. week 17 on espn MNF week 18. Any games could be flexed either to Saturday on abc/ espn or to Sunday night. Buffalo could have top seed/ seed position locked in and the cheats are out of the playoffs. i want buffalo to clinch the division with a win hosting Miami. Thry could clinch #2 seed thrn or get their magic number down to 2 or 2 to wrap up top seed. in order to do that they need to be 3 games ahead of anyone in the division going into that game. Then a win should clinch the division.
  11. Yes …they can move games between 1 and 4 on the same network or cross flex them. the premise is they have just one 425game like they did for bills at kc. historically if they have a solo game that doesn’t look that good they have and can move additional games to that slot.
  12. Looking at week 9 Rams at Bucs is the only 4:25 game on CBS Giants on bye this is during November ratings period so CBS wants a strong audience to lead into prime time. Tennessee at KC for nbc so I don’t see that being moved.
  13. Sunday ticket is the only way they get customers. on DTV I think they do have their own show on a channel but it’s not the Scott Hansen version that’s on other cable/sat providers.
  14. What he said post game on next weeks game on NBC im sure he’ll get exposed alright next week with his back on the turf
  15. Hawks stop chargers on 4th by the width of an index card
  16. Then came the cap…. I think we are getting an outbreak of Shimmy High Impact Toy Syndrome by wanting all these name players….
  17. There is always PS discount bin to search in
  18. to add…I wonder what the top 10 in the league for players on their UFA who are RBs look like.
  19. I’ve lived outside of buffalo for over 25 years. My sister and friends and relatives still live there. Me and my brother live away from buffalo. We return about 2 times a year. we have pretty regularly done a Bills game in December when we are in town. My sister-in-law is from the same suburb and her brother lives there and he’s in essence a Season ticket holder. He’s part of a large group who have had season tickets but he’s not on record of being the ticket holder. in Kelly years when I was still in buffalo I split season tickets with a friend and went to 4 games a year. some of the games I went to…. first game was the Hail Mary game by Ferguson against the ‘cheats. I went with my brother and friends. They want to leave thinking the game was over. Hail Mary occured when we were outside in the lot. i went to the cowboys game in the mid 80s with a friend. Bills won in their 2-14 days. i went to the first AFC championship game vs Raiders. I slept outside at a local bank to buy tickets on Monday morning. i was at Kelly’s last game…the playoff loss to the Jags. my brother lives in nashville. I and a group of friends traveled to his house for the games in 2019 and 2021.
  20. did you go and see the London game they played? My fathers side is from Sicily. His mom came after WW1 and his dad was born here shortly after they came here around 1910. my brother has gotten Italian citizenship through the paternal family history. I can’t do it because of my job.
  21. i agree any offer I made would have been tied to his health and playing games. i can see SF interest in his full contract. Assume next year Lance is QB and Garapolo is gone. They sign someone like Trunisky for back up. So they would have the cap space for his contract because QB is lower
  22. Mine should be self evident…..
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