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  1. Weather update…. the outer band of the hurricane will be over washington-Baltimore Friday evening snd overnight into Saturday am. thr system is forecast to go inland over West Virginia. the rest of Saturday- Tuesday morning it will be on an off rain showers. Some heavier bands. winds are expected to be 20 mph+ During this period. thr temps are expected to be highs in the low to mid 60s
  2. If he lived in Cecil county MD he should get both Baltimore and Philadelphia tv channels on cable
  3. We still haven’t gotten Nantz-Romo we will at KC
  4. i live in DC… thevtiming and track are the isdue. Saturday looks to be an all day rain. Sunday during the day can be rain too…but it depends greatly on the storm track. thr closer the center is the more windy it will be where there can be 25 mph+ winds.
  5. just saw this on my local area forecast in DC Early forecasts having a constant rain from Saturday night thru Sunday. the center of it around game time could be near the DC area which woukd be within 50 miles of the stadium. rain fall could be 5+ inches with winds in strong cells.
  6. there are scenarios where the game is rescheduled…..such as moved to Saturday evening or played on Tuesday. a potential track is hitting tampa,following I-4 over the Atlantic on Friday, restrength snd on Sunday still be a tropicalstotmsityingnover the Chesapeake bay ehivh puts the stadium into a flood evacuation zone
  7. New Pro Bowl competitions… 1. competitive eating 2. pool splash competition 3. how many women numbers can the players get
  8. The weather will be an issue for this game what Ian does is the factor. Sunday coukd be a heavy rain game fed from Ian moisture. when a hurricane is small and gets strong category 3 or 4 it’s common for them to get weaker but spread in its radialdistance. That rain is likely Ian-related rain so expect downpours if it occurs
  9. Post loss …it’s like the rooster was given a weekend home pass from the hen house….
  10. Interesting to see…. how many Steelers fans get tickets this year. during SB years I was at the bills- Steelers blow out of something like 58-31 final score. There was about 2/3 of the fans were Sterler fans. In the 4th fights started to break out so many fans in the stands were watching the fights.
  11. to be fair…… there are many buffalo area transplants that live elsewhere in the USA but were raised in WNY. I realized this 30 yrs ago. along the 95 corridor you have a good number from Boston to dc. their are large numbers in Raleigh area, Nashville, Atlanta, LA, Phoenix, vegas, and other major cities. It would be an interesting map to see Native Bills fans transplants. it’s not so much WNY peop,e going to road games but others who now live in the road areas traveling 3-4 hrs to the games.
  12. Reminds me of last year going to nashville. On my plan I had a few other obvious bills fandps wearing stuff. peop,e near me were “ clueless” and in conversation isaid aloud…” bills fans say hi”… most of the plane screams “ hi”. The FA standing near me rolls his eyes
  13. this is Josh—- I shave the Gillette stadium field just so close and smooth….”
  14. it’s tied to the issue of jet lag stuff. most east coast teams play at 1 or 4. It’s not a big deal if they play out west with a 1 pm local stsrt (4 on their clocks) for w east coast teams going east a 2 pm kick off is a 10am start on their body clocks. uou run into the problem on return trip for east teams. It messes their schedule if they fly on Monday. in baseball you will never have a west coast site game on one day and the next day the team is playing a game n eastern time. It’s always a travel/ off day fir the team. Under scheduling rules, the farthest the teams playing on the west coast can go the next day are to crntral time zone citues with the game an afternoon game. if a team played in Seattle with a 1230 start, game over by4, teams shower et all and thry are on a plane by 530 pm thry can travel to central time zone cities snd land before 1am. Play next day in the evening at 7 pm local time.
  15. i can’t re all who it was but I recall that. then there was the New England game at buffalo. Just under 2 and nNE out of time outs. We were down by 2, near the goal line. Kneeling just to burn the clock and kick a FG to win . The patricheats players tried to push him into the end zone and got a unsportsmanlike/ personal foul. Buffalo won 33-30 a FG with clock expiring. there are a few games every year where the offensive team is down 2, 1, tied, or is up by 1 and the D is letting them score but the player goes down.
  16. Cbs has just one game. Their team is playing in the early slot on fox. They take the late 4 pm cbs game to not go against the home team. cbs local woukd lose a ton of money for ad revenue airing a 1 pm game.
  17. Let’s say Buffalo is in a 3 WR set… D needs to double Diggs and have 2 very good man on man corners to cover the other 2. they need a player on Josh running/ underneath crossing routes/ short dumps. 4 rush the passer. that leave 2 Dmen to handle Knox., RB, and help contain Josh.
  18. In Miami they could have a bunch of bikini babes distracting the players…..
  19. they played 2 teams who have very strong DLs.
  20. Based on espn play list they had a 2nd doen at 209 after last jet time out. Chubb got 12 yards to the 12 fir a 1st down. Clock stopped at 2:00 to go. at that point with 2 min to go and other team has no TO you do 3 kneels and that’s the game. They have better odds if they let Chubb score a TD going up 2 scores than have them burn the clock.
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