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  1. I was never for drafting a punter before the 6th, unless we had a very poor offense. Love this pick here, but I would have screamed this was crap if this was a 4th.
  2. It’s called a big nickel and it isn’t criminal to need one when we play NE twice who plays 2-3 TEs, Miami twice, and KC who all require a big nickel. This is a specialty player and may even be a potential hybrid safety. Actually pretty smart if they didn’t feel really great round 3 value was there elsewhere. No need to overdraft.
  3. How many plays have they actually played? If Poyer sits, which his agent may advise, we are screwed. We need bodies there for competition.
  4. I was pissed until I saw the metrics showing explosion, speed, and agility all being great or elite. Sounds like a big nickel sub guy or an Alexander blitz and cover specialty weapon to me. You can draft this when your team is stacked. We his tells me they never felt like there was anyone in this round that was going to be a starter challenger.
  5. Probably already posted but here is a league wide tracker.. wow a ton of players signed by Dallas and Indy https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2022-nfl-undrafted-free-agent-tracker-falcons-sign-titans-coach-mike-vrabels-son-eagles-sign-carson-strong/
  6. Why are you not listing Weatherford or Blankenship here? Both are probably the best safeties we can get in UDFA if you sort through all the various scouting profiles. We need safety depth because what we do know is Poyer isn’t happy and we have uncertainty in his backups.
  7. Coaching and having a cb2 with no speed..
  8. I love this pick. Pass catching speed guy that can make defenses worry about whether to play with an extra defensive back or LB. Belicheck won’t know to cheat his lineup against us. He will end up rushing 2 and making us run it again.
  9. This above is why… Chenal is a run backer only. Does anyone watch Wisconsin? They run and stop then run in a conference filled with running teams. That kid is a power blitzer up the middle that would never cover NFL TEs or RBs….. hopefully the Chiefs trot him out to cover James Cook or our TEs and we will roast him for 200 alone in coverage.
  10. The Jets just added 5 really good players and in my mind if they get any decent QB play could challenge to get out of the cellar this year. I actually think the Pats are headed to the basement.
  11. The difference is Bass scores points and is a weapon on kickoffs and our punter is used twice a game and doesn’t do anything. “Punt god” isn’t even a holder. We don’t need a guy with a giant leg that has no sense of directional control with our offense…..
  12. So he is a great defensive cooordinator. That is not who should be drafting…..
  13. This league sucks. 1) the talent is awful. 2) when all the games are played in Birmingham why bother? Might as well name a team the Iraq Bombers just to create a villain team. There are really no cities truly involved and that eliminates the excitement of a real crowd outside of the Birmingham team itself. Just silly. Honestly, I would watch arena football again over this.
  14. Yes sports illustrated and others say it begins AFTER the completion of the ‘22 season.
  15. I bet he doesn’t get drafted until round 3 or later. No way he goes in round 1. What happens when the speed is faster and the balls are coming that much faster. At that level you need to catch everything that touches you. He was also playing against much poorer competition than the other guys you compare him too. No one outside of random Bills fans are talking about this guy up as a first rounder. See the Zierlein review of him on nfl.com I think it is very fair. He will become an average NFL WR in a few years. Certainly not worthy of a high pick.
  16. So is Kyle Brandt and he is basically a giant Bills cheerleader so don’t dish on Chicago. It’s not Boston or New York.
  17. I am not saying Tre won’t be the same but i think Tre could have 3-4 high caliber years left tops and then also get a couple years out at Safety. It seems like 31/32 is the notorious drop off age for corners and only the speed guys seem to outlive that well. That’s not Tre’s game. Tre is a read and react type corner which requires strong knees and ankles.
  18. I know Christian Watson has become somewhat of a fashionable pick but do people know he had one of the highest drop rates out there?(28% in 2020 and 10% in 2021) No thanks. Too many other guys with talent to pick a high round pick with the dropsies.
  19. I have never changed my tune. I don’t think they be paying any safety $12 million and clearly the league doesn’t either bare on Matheiu’s situation. I guarantee you that is what his agent is telling him he can get because he is an “All Pro” and the Bills are “printing money.” Sorry he can go. We don’t want to become the New Orleans Saints and have no future because we spent too much money on over 30 guys. I also will tell you I guarantee Milano never reaches the end of his deal in 3 years without a pay cut or being traded. Look at other deals payroll on sportrac and loook at their list of high end salaries and then look at ours. Once we tack on on upcoming few like Oliver and Knox we will be overflowing with big salaries. You can’t have 15 high paid guys. It just won’t work.
  20. Why would anyone play this BEFORE a game? Any self respecting fan knows this should be an in game thing, like maybe the 2 minute warning before half or something everyone knows.
  21. No……….thank………..you if he is so great why didn’t anyone grab him up yet? Uuum maybe simply because he is past his prime and add to that because he is a distraction on Social media. He won’t sign with a blue state team ever again.
  22. This better not end up as their swing tackle solution…..
  23. No this is not. Next year we will have to pay Oliver and Knox and Davis and a few others and we have now kicked a lot of money into that year already so there will be restraint to not give big money to the older players. The gravy train only works for players on an upward trajectory, not at the end of their career. The exception is someone like Von who filled a giant gap for us. A defense doesn’t need to pay any safety big money. Just Look at Tyron. He is still looking for a team and he is the same age as Micah and Jordan. It’s quite possible 2 years from now both safeties and Milano will all be gone due to their age and salary wants.
  24. Either way in 3 years I fully expect both will be gone and Tre will moved to safety by then.
  25. This kid will be there at the end of round 2.
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