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  1. Lol. Groom? You mean grooming men to marry women, which is, you know, the only way to keep populating the earth. If same sex was natural I would assume there’d be a way to populate the earth that way, but there’s not. There’s a NATURAL law whether you want to admit it or not.
  2. I’ll help. Your post says new league year starts at 4pm Wednesday and he is pointing out an article that says it starts at 1:00.
  3. It may not be all Bidens fault, but you can bet it all if this happened in 2018, one person would’ve been blamed and would’ve been blasted by the media.
  4. I don’t know much about this but isn’t it a little absurd to believe this picture is recent considering the trees in the background are blooming? I live in VA and our trees are still bare.
  5. I’ll be honest, at this point I feel like we will have to play the chiefs twice a year……which is a great place to be
  6. Um, not at all. I’m saying people criticize him for sharing his personal opinion on social media and say he should stick to football, while others tweet their opinions and when they receive criticism, people stand up for them because it’s their right. That’s all. I don’t personally care who’s vaccinated or who’s left/right in politics.
  7. I thought athletes were allowed to voice their opinions on social media, or was that only political opinions and if you’re Lebron James?
  8. This whole vaccine rollout has gone poorly in my mind. It started with suggesting the vaccine provides immunity and you won’t catch COVID. Once that was false, it then became about lessening the symptoms and reducing severe COVID. As others have said, the goal posts were moved. Now, my father in law, who has been compliant with every recommendation/mandate that has been implemented, vaxxed and boosted (and previously had COVID), has been sick all week and could barely move or get out of bed. People have said “imagine if he wasn’t vaccinated.” My question is, how does anyone know what he would be like if he wasn’t vaccinated? Are we just assuming his symptoms are less than they would have been? How does anyone know that? Why can’t the opposite be true? Why couldn’t he have handled it better without being vaccinated? At this point, I think two things need to happen to move us past this (well 3 things if you count moving forward with life regardless of COVID). 1: They have to stop calling this a vaccine. Right or wrong, calling it a vaccine implies immunity and an inability to contact the very thing you are vaccinating against. Perhaps in science this is not the case and they accept it doesn’t eliminate transmission, but this is the real world with normal people whose definition of a vaccine would include preventing transmission. Again, if that is wrong, so be it, but perception is reality in this case. Hesitancy comes from everyday people hearing a vaccine that still allows the vaccinated to carrry/transmit. In our mind, it does not work as intended and causes questions. 2. Fauci has to go. He’s lost public trust. In many’s eyes, he’s profited off the pandemic and money is the driving force in all he says. When the belief is you stand to gain financially, you can no longer be trusted to make decisions without bias.
  9. It’s impossible to stay away from COVID talk. My 7 year daughter has a slight cough and runny nose, and if it was 2019 nobody would say a word. But because this is 2021, I spent all day Thursday trying to find a test for her because we just wanted to be sure she was good to go and nobody has to worry. After hours of calls and driving around, we finally got her tested and of course she was negative. But we spent all day to get results so everyone else was comfortable. Again, in 2019 there wouldn’t been any concern and nobody would care about a slight cough. Then, in the midst of my driving all over town, I thought to myself, “I thought Bidens executive order for vaccine mandates also included tests being stocked at all Walgreens, Walmart, etc and at cost.” Yeah right, that didn’t happen. So I started wondering, if he couldn’t hold up his end of his own COVID plan, why should anyone else hold up their end and get vaccinated against their will?
  10. I didn’t read the link and personally don’t care, but if your premise is people haven’t gotten the vaccine because of Donald Trump, then you’re not listening to what anyone is saying.
  11. You want to know why health care workers are paid fairly? Because they were offered a job at a determined rate that they ACCEPTED.
  12. One of the things I’m most curious about this week is Gabe Davis taking on a bigger role. Last year, I think most would agree our best offensive performances were after the bye. What happened? Davis started with an injured Brown. Second half of TB game? Offense comes alive. I don’t think Davis is some elite receiver but it is funny that our best offensive performances seem to be when he is on the field more
  13. I guess the Washington Post wasn’t invited to the briefings about media coverage? Lol
  14. Yes. What’s also funny is for living in a “system” designed to hold him back, he sure was doing pretty good for himself prior to this stunt.
  15. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there’s a commonality with hospital statistics, and it isn’t vaccine status. I’d be willing to bet the common factor here is age/health. But I would also assume that message wouldn’t be pushed because that wouldn’t fit the fear narrative being pushed. I had a random thought the other day. Why is it that when someone else gets COVID, like say a football player, we just know/assume they are out a week and then back the following week? Why is there no panic when we hear “AJ Klein gets put on the COVID list?” If COVID really is that bad, why are we assuming he’ll be back next week? Are any of us really thinking he might die? No. We know he’s gonna be fine. Now think about that. When someone else gets COVID (especially a public figure), we don’t worry and just assume everything will be back to normal. To me, it’s like flying. When I fly, I feel like the plane is going to go down. I’m scared of it. But when someone else flies, I assume their trip will be ok and we’ll see them when they land. So when I fly, there’s a problem with the plane. When someone else flies, all is well. Now wouldn’t we just say that’s a me problem and not a plane problem? I’m paranoid when it comes to flying? So if someone just assumes/knows someone else who gets COVID will be ok but they fear for themselves, isn’t that the same? It’s a fear/paranoia problem regarding COVID?
  16. Lol. For all the noble people who got vaccinated for the greater good of humanity, I wonder how they’d feel about banning the sale of sugary or processed foods. It’s easy to be for something when it lines up with your beliefs. But rest assured, one day if we continue down this path of govt intervention, it will impact something that does not align with your belief. And what will they do then?
  17. Here’s the thing, I just had a conversation with my wife about this (we are Christian and go to church). Religion is not the problem. Church is not the problem. When someone says , “the church is judgmental” or “the church is corrupt,” that is absolutely false. These issues are not a church issue, it’s a people issue. People can be judgmental, people can be corrupt. And it certainly is not limited to the people who make up the church. We live in a sinful world and unfortunately, whether you are a Christian or not, you are a part of that and susceptible to making bad decisions. But I would refrain from blaming church or religion in general because all the issues in this world are people problems, not God problems.
  18. I know some will say this is a typical white person response, but isn’t saying “you’re black, so only buy from black businesses” kind of racist?
  19. I’m genuinely confused here. Yes, I’m against vaccine mandates. No I have not received the COVID vaccine. But I am genuinely asking…… How is it possible to test antibodies from the vaccine if they can’t test antibodies from infection? How can anyone say “the vaccines produce ____ amount of antibodies meaning your risk is reduced to ______.” But they cannot do the same for someone who was previously infected?
  20. So if someone gets the vax, ends up with myocarditis (just picking an example), should they pay more because they made a decision that negatively impacted their health?
  21. Lol. So because you got the vaccine, you have good health habits and should pay lower rates? But me, who is not vaccinated, but runs, eats well, no smoking, no alcohol, should have higher rates? Of all the poor choices people make with their personal health, a vaccine is the one that puts you over the top regarding healthcare and rates? No vaccine, I’ve never had COVID, but I should pay more. I decide to pick up smoking with a guaranteed negative health impact, I’m good to pay my current rate? Makes sense
  22. Wow, I bet @B-Manhad no idea the impact his posts on this board would have on the people of South Africa. What do the unvaccinated in the US have to do with the people in another continent? Or are they right winged, triggered Trump lovers there also?
  23. Lol, then he’d have 2? That’s meant to be humorous because I do agree. I feel like Oliver has been in the backfield a lot lately.
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