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  1. Tibs you are really becoming a sad joke. Just like Billstime you add nothing here.
  2. Who asked you you squirrel necked geek?
  3. I gotta agree. We are better people than that (even though I sometimes call Billstime an idiot, I only do it because he is).
  4. Boatdrinks was calling out the media for pointing out that DeSantis acknowledged the help of the feds. That's all.
  5. The fear they have for Trump is unbelievable. The Dem cartel will not allow him back in the White House and they will go to ANY length needed.
  6. Hey, congrats to you and your wife. God Bless.
  7. Have they arrested Trump yet? I mean this time they got him what are they waiting for? Open and shut, right?
  8. That's the most important? Not the fact that almost 60 % of those polled believe our current Presidents speech enhanced division in this country? The party you back is not trying to unite but instead divide the country. But MAGA (which means Make America Great Again) is the threat? Something ain't right my friend.
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