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  1. And what is the CEO over at Dewy, Cheatham, and Howe saying about it?
  2. You got eyes in your head, you can see the election was a total farce just like I can.
  3. Yes but how many of those were legal votes?
  4. I remember Marv's halftime speech in that game - " I'm tired, you guys tired? "
  5. If that was intentional it was genus.
  6. I think people should have the right to refuse to be vaccinated, I think they are stupid but they have the right.
  7. We can't change history. it already happened. All we can do is strive for a better future.
  8. You mean like as far as President of the United States?
  9. Fine, throw your ID away, burn it, you don't need it. Let us know how that works for you.
  10. No. just filmed and photographed looking very overly friendly with very young children.
  11. I can only think that the OP's opinion is based solely on Bidens fondness for young girls.
  12. Like a small domesticated animal, you know doggo or cato.
  13. Hold on a second, when did the thinking that it didn't come a from a lab in China start? I missed that somehow.
  14. Along with Pearl Harbor and 9/11. I gotta say it was the most violent and bloodiest thing I have ever witnessed. People armed to the teeth with Trump flags and cardboard signs running willy nilly, waving their hands wildly about, I'm surprised no one had their eye poked out.
  15. So Trump killed comedy? That rat bastard.
  16. A rebellion? A revolution? A coup? A mutiny? An insurrection?
  17. Is it okay if I heard that in Christopher Walkens voice?
  18. I was always kinda meh on Grodin until Midnight Run. His deadpan style was perfect for that role.
  19. Funny is funny ^ But come on, what kind of lunatic thought this up.
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