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  1. Two things I’ve learned about Von Miller since he’s become a Bill: 1. He’s toast. 2. He’s got more sh!t than barnyard.
  2. Yeah, I agree that this has nothing to do with the pitch clock. It’s just not natural arm movement.
  3. It was 8-5 when I went to bed. I wasn’t feeling great and had a bad feeling it was going to go extras, so I forced myself to turn it off. Like you - I fully expected to lose the game. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see the W - but not surprised that they almost blew it. With my expectations pretty low, I’ll take any win and this was a good one!!
  4. My first car was a 1961 Corvair Monza 900. Bought it for $1200 in 1990 in Norfolk, VA. It was in amazing shape and I was too young and stupid to appreciate it. To this day, it’s the only car I miss.
  5. I’ll preface by saying this is a big nothing burger. However … I do often wonder if Josh really is the angel everyone (including me) makes him out to be. There is a chance that he’s a total dick. There’s also a chance that some of his teammates take exception to the fact that he’s got no one competing for his job and - perhaps - could be taking advantage of that … by not studying film/being lazy (as has been reported). It also seems likely that Josh’s personal life issues were all brought on by no one but himself. It is plausible that the diva, here, is Josh Allen and that Diggs called him out on it. Diggs was a postseason no-show. That is a fact. But I don’t think anyone on the roster wanted to win more than he did and laziness, outside influences and an overly-casual attitude were definitely things he was ever guilty of. Just my thoughts.
  6. A masterpiece, indeed. When I bought my first CD player (1986), this was my first CD purchase.
  7. I’ll be at work in Clifton Park, NY. I’ll go check it out, for sure.
  8. You were the most vocal about wanting to draft him. We’d have at least one Lombardi by now.
  9. And down goes Loaisga. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/39879321/yankees-reliever-jonathan-loaisiga-lands-60-day-il
  10. Well, there’s that whole “winning in postseason” thing. He can’t hit against decent pitching. There’s more of that in the post season and his bat goes more silent than Helen Keller.
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