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  1. Do us all a favor and explain how a gang killing can be compared to a white police officer murdering a detained, defenseless black man.
  2. So who, exactly, pays for your 136 days off/year?
  3. I totally agree with this. Who would have thought we'd get a 3rd round pick for such a crappy QB??? That, right there, is value.
  4. I agree. I have always loved the transition from the heavy I Want You (She's So Heavy) into Here Comes the Sun. The way I Want You just stops; no fade; not in a predictable spot. Just stops. Then, in the blink of an eye, Here Comes the Sun begins. I always thought it was genius.
  5. All the best ones have been taken. I will submit another great ... Feelin' That Way into Anytime ..... from Journey's Infinity album.
  6. No surprise. He's always been, and still is, nothing but a thug. And this thread isn't about first anythings. Not affaletes. Not drummers. Not guitarists. Not thugs. He created it to get the answer to a question. Anyway ... Lighten up, Francis.
  7. Did @Joe in Winslow invite you to this party?!?!?!?!?!?!? YOU MOTHER ***** ####### MOTHER *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. 1986 ... music trade show in Albany. I met Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick) and Tommy Aldridge (drummer for Ozzy and Whitesnake). Rick Nielsen could not have been a bigger dick. I was 15 years old. Loved Cheap Trick. Finally met him and all he had to say was "Yo." That's it. Hey Rick, I've been a fan for a long time. Yo. Would you mind giving me an autograph? Yo. Wow! Thanks a lot!! Yo. A-hole. Tommy Aldridge was the exact opposite. He was there representing Yamaha drums. Put on a sweet show. Gave a tutorial. Took questions from the crowd. Spoke about his experiences with Randy Rhoads. I remember someone asking him something about Neil Peart and he went on and on about how he respected him. And every person who waited to get his autograph ... he thanked them for coming and expressed true appreciation. I threw Rick Nielsen's autograph in the garbage about 30 seconds after I got it. Over the years, I lost Tommy Aldridge's autograph, but I'll never forget how cool he was. And almost 35 years later, that bastard is STILL drumming for Whitesnake. He deserves it.
  9. So your theory is that Stevie Nicks was (at a young age) 100% perfect from head to toe, from what we could see of her .... hair, face, full frontal body .... but somehow, God said, "eh, let's give her a dumpy ass." You're crazy.
  10. YOU HEARD WHAT I SAID!!!!!!!!! PUT UP, OR SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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