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  1. Just call a spade a spade. Allen looks like crap. I am super confident that he'll right the ship; but to say he hasn't been pretty bad is simply wrong.
  2. This is interesting. Can you describe it in a little more detail, please? (i.e. - how is he swinging his arms, how soon before the ball is snapped, etc.)
  3. The only other thing I can think of (which I don't believe to be true) is that they were both responsible for murdering those two women and they both ran their separate ways. She could be alive and on the lam. But I really do think he murdered her.
  4. Looking on Fisher Price's website, other collectible "Little People" sets are about $20.
  5. No doubt she's dead and no doubt he did it.
  6. Meltdown Mondays are like unofficial holidays for me. I love the overreactions. Obviously, I hate when the Bills lose. But the meltdowns are like my little built-in silver lining.
  7. Thank you very much for posting this. I wasn't here (on TBD) 20 years ago, so this is the first I've read your account. I can't imagine the feelings you felt that day and continue to feel. I haven't gotten through a 9/11 since without many tears. I'm glad you made it home to your family and God bless all who didn't and the families from whom they were taken.
  8. Yawn. Let me know when the make the Highlights cover.
  9. I wonder if Beasley gets to put his name back on his jersey if he gets jabbed.
  10. I thought I gave you a heart attack!!! I'm sorry, man!! Great meeting you and the fam!
  11. For the first time ever, I went with mild wings. I knew my girlfriend wouldn't eat 10 wings and I probably wouldn't, either (four Molsen Canadians during our 2-hour wait). So we split 10 wings and a regular-sized beef on weck. The wings were the least crispy I've ever had at Bar Bill, but still crispy. They actually seemed saucier than I've ever had, but I think that can be chalked up to the different consistencies between mild and hot (or hotter) sauces. I've always been a huge fan of their flavor, but I do need to expand my horizons. I might try that next year. My post-game tradition began eight years ago and that is getting a pizza from Blasdell Pizza. This was the first time I went to the shop and ordered it/brought it back to the hotel. Usually, it's a drunken order, LOL. Went with a pepperoni and mushroom. It was delicious, as always. However, the pepperoni was not really charred at all. Cupped ... but not charred. That was a first. It was my girlfriend's first time eating the Buffalo area staples and she loved it all. Next year, I'll definitely get my own hot wings, but sharing the beef on weck was a good call. Lots of food. I absolutely LOVE the beef on weck and it'll be on at least a few Sunday football menus at home and definitely on the Super Bowl menu. Great meeting you and the Mrs.!
  12. Joe Six Pack/Joe in Winslow has left the building. The Miami Week Haiku tradition cannot die. I've gotten his blessing to continue it in his stead. Dolphins have no chance Bills will be looking for blood After last week's crap
  13. It absolutely boggles my mind that every adult American doesn't already know this. It floors me.
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