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  1. Then when he's found who he's looking for Listen in awe and you'll hear him Bark at the moon
  2. I've loved Tiger from day one and never stopped. He showed he was human on the course and off of it. All the judgers must have one hell of a time living a perfect life. Tiger is an amazing athlete and an amazing person who .... like all of us .... made mistakes. Good people do bad things; even if they're world class athletes. GO TIGER!
  3. Glens Falls had the White Sox AA team in the 80s. I'd love to have a AA team now, but we've got a JUCO league. If we had AA ball, I'd be there all the time.
  4. Very early on, I said we'd end up with Allen. Closer to the draft, I said we'd get one of the Joshes. So I can't say I nailed it. And I was also very lucky, as I don't watch college football, nor do I do the research others do around here.
  5. Keep away from Runaround Sue.
  6. There are good ways, and bad ways, to ask for a raise. Giving ultimatums doesn't work in most professions. Seahawks should tell him to go scratch his ass.
  7. I could not agree more. I'd just hate to see anyone have "points doled out," due to something being said in a clear troll thread - if they're also behaving within the site TOS. I like chorizo.
  8. When the lights go down on the city; and the sun shines on the bay ....
  9. Do you seriously think this is a Packers fan from Green Bay? Does anyone?
  10. I like sausage. I'm envious of those, like you, who make their own sausage. Sausage is good. Sausage brings people from New York and Wisconsin together. Sausage is a popular football food. Bratwurst is very popular in Green Bay. Bill fan's like bratwurst, too. Sausage.
  11. They provided decent logic as to why it's not wise to use "how many became All-Pros," as an indicator. However, they lost me when they said they'd use, "how many became Pro Bowlers," instead. Stopped reading right there.
  12. Pure class by Stevie. GO PANCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very classy. Great timing!
  13. Baylor rarely got hit in the back. It was usually his bicep or shoulder because he just stood there. Didn't move/turn - therefore, no back shots.
  14. I think I see a trend. The elderly TBDers seem to go for Elizabeth Montgomery, whilst younger/more handsome TBDers are all about Babs.
  15. Now you're messin' with a sonofabitch!
  16. But I see your true colors Shining through I see your true colors And that's why I love you So don't be afraid to let them show Your true colors True colors are beautiful Like a rainbow
  17. Girl, don't go away mad. Girl, just go away.
  18. I used to use mulch. Gigantic pain in the ass and I haven't used it in years. You can't rake leaves off of it. You can't use your blower. It doesn't hold its color. It attracts bugs/termites. I hate mulch.
  19. Spent the last year Rocky Mountain Way ... couldn't get much higher ...
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