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  1. Is your B-I-L black or white? We've got a black businessman and a black Family Dollar manager. I'm just trying to keep up.
  2. "He'd make a great Quarterbacks Coach," in 3 ... 2 ...
  3. Heady Topper isn't even the best Alchemist beer, let alone best beer in VT. I'll take a Focal Banger over a Heady any day. I'll be exploring other VT breweries this summer!!
  4. I think there's probably about a million men (who attended church as children) who'd disagree with you.
  5. The targeted demographic will have a) plenty of money and b) plenty of flexibility to adjust to late schedule changes.
  6. I am still on the fence with this one. I might just wait it out and see what's going on closer to the date (Oct. 19 at MSG).
  7. Here we go. Please do tell me about the 1927 bombings and then try to tell me how that is, in any way, relevant to the modern day gun violence/mass shootings using semi-automatic weapons.
  8. That's the show I was looking at because I figured that's where you'd go. Looks like the seats I saw are all "companion" seats. What a bummer. The ticket sales industry is so broken. The cheapest resale ticket for the Pearl Jam MSG show is $627 and it's a nosebleed ... behind the stage. Crazy.
  9. Aww, man. Tears for Fears would be great. I do see some tix in the $50-$60 range, but they're pretty far from the stage.
  10. If we don't go 22-0 this year, then I want his bald little wrasslin' clap-happy ass outta here.
  11. I agree that banning semi-automatic weapons is a bit of a pipe dream, but I do believe it's what is necessary. And (this is not pointed toward you) to all the people who like to beat the "CRIMINALS ARE GONNA GET THESE WEAPONS EVEN IF THEY'RE ILLEGAL" drum ... no effin sh!t. We all know that. But it's too goddamn easy for any joe schmo to purchase one. Mental illness is one of .. if not the .. biggest plagues our nation faces. And it's also not being addressed properly. Background checks need to be extensive. Applicants' social media activity needs to be reviewed/monitored. As you mentioned, waiting times need to be be appropriately long. There is so much more that can be done if these weapons continue to be available to the general public. But I will always maintain that eliminating them is the answer.
  12. Well, for one (and at top of mind), mass shootings would be far less severe.
  13. I have no problem with responsible gun ownership. I grew up with guns and hunted at a young age. I DO have a problem with semi-automatic weapons. They are killing machines with no other purpose. There's a lot we can do. And yes ... I agree ... nothing gets done because people dig their heels in. There IS a logical solution. It just doesn't include semi-automatic weapons.
  14. It's a goal we should work toward. Oh, yes. Then forget it. Mea culpa.
  15. So you can look at the gun violence statistics in this country and honestly say that removing all semi-automatic weapons is extreme?? Common man. That's not extreme. It's logical.
  16. This is very badolish. Hmm. Anyhoo ... you can toot your horn as much and as loudly as you want. If you were that good, you'd be able to shoot an unarmed ***** animal in the heart with one shot. But you need to be able to fire a shot per second. Something's not adding up, here.
  17. Honestly, who gives a rat's ass about your military experience? That means LITERALLY nothing.
  18. I'm 51 years old and know exactly zero people who've had their house broken into. I like my odds.
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