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  1. Just because the fans pay money to see them, doesn't give the fans the right to berate and push athletes to the brink of wanting to fight.
  2. The birds that hit my feeders nail peanut butter flavored suet like it's crack!
  3. The large 2-story birdhouse that nuthatches have been inhabiting for the past several years was torn from the tree by wind late last fall. I re-mounted it a few weeks ago. Last week, a couple nuthatches were investigating it and talking away. My favorite part about them is listening to them communicate with each other. Well, after they looked around, they split and have not returned. A couple other birds (not sure what species) were checking it out the other day, but they also split - although I saw one of them taking pieces of the leftover nest out. But that only lasted a day. The nest that was left in there from last year was turned over from the fall to the ground. I hope that won't deter future tenants and I REALLY hope a couple nuthatches move in and raise a family like last year. It was late May last year when I watched the babies climb out of the house, get their bearings, then fly away. What a great sight to see and I hope that happens again. Their incubation period is a couple weeks, so there is time, I suppose.
  4. For those of you in the Capital District, or willing to travel, moe. is playing a FREE show at Empire State Plaza on July 6th. https://www.bandsintown.com/e/103397371?affil_code=js_moe.org&app_id=js_moe.org&came_from=242&utm_campaign=event&utm_medium=web&utm_source=widget @The Poojer
  5. Well, I guess .... technically speaking. Kind of like when dentists call themselves, "doctors."
  6. The headline of the article, which someone was actually PAID to write, is not much better. "Duck out: Journeyman that PFF claimed was better QB than Bills’ Josh Allen retires" That is atrocious.
  7. By all accounts, he was a wonderful person and t's sad when anyone passes at such a young age. I just never understood why people think he somehow represented Bills fans. He was a Bills fan who wore a mask. I just never got the hype.
  8. This whole thing is super interesting to me and I appreciate you sharing. Is it your understanding - generally speaking/not Bills-specific - that by this time of the year (a couple weeks from the schedule being announced) that the schedule is, say, 90% locked and there could be changes made right up until a day or two before, based on the draft and trades?
  9. My ex-wife used to ask a lot of questions at once like this. That's a big reason why she's my EX-wife.
  10. Absolutely! Mets are doing so much better this year making contact; especially with RISP. I am hopeful that baseball eventually gets back to the fundamentals and we see fewer "HR or K" type hitters. Each year, Alonso seems to be getting better at it and I like the way he's started off in that regard.
  11. Just another sign of the times. People feel invincible behind their keyboards and behind fences. This is a despicable display by the fans. I'm not gonna single out Yankees fans, as this happens all over. I don't know why it's acceptable behavior. It's not what athletes/entertainers "sign up for." I would have been perfectly fine with one of the players decking one of those idiot's in the face; just like I was fine with Tyson giving that shmuck a beatdown on the plane. No .. it's not right. But Jesus Christ, enough is enough.
  12. What a game last night, eh, fellas?!?! Zero runs in support of another gem by Scherzer. Then May gives up 2, but the Mets took advantage of a rare throwing error by Arenado and end up putting up a 5-spot in the 9th! Great win, but Trevor May needs to be better. Diaz did a nice job getting the save. #LFGM!
  13. All of the stories are silly, but it generated a Beatles discussion, so I'm cool with it!
  14. https://www.beatlesbible.com/songs/she-came-in-through-the-bathroom-window/
  15. I normally limit busts to first round picks, but James Hardy (RIP) was selected 41st overall by the Bills. Ended up catching 10 passes for 96 yards in his two years.
  16. That crap "song" is the only thing that keeps me from saying that the White Album is their best album with no hesitation. An absolute masterpiece and they unnecessarily and inexplicably tainted it with that garbage.
  17. Very happy with starting pitching, situational hitting and aggressive/smart baserunning. Defense has been solid, too. So far (albeit very early), they're the 4th best defensive team in the league. Love that Lindor is having a nice April, which was definitely NOT the case last year. I don't know what it is, but I always go into the season believing in Diaz and this season is no different. I think he's his own worse enemy. So far, so good. The HBP thing is insane to me. They are currently averaging .82 hit batsmen/game. I've never seen anything like it.
  18. This is pretty good, but I think you could have put some more time and thought into it before posting. Maybe next year.
  19. That pitcher took a SHOT! Damn!
  20. I haven't even attempted any comebacks. I'm simply responding to you. You're bragging about the Yankees' relevancy, when they haven't been relevant in over a decade and don't look to be anytime soon. I freely and openly admit that the Mets have been a joke for years. A LOT of years. But if we're talking about who's been relevant more recently between the Yankees and the Mets ... it's the Mets. Mets and Yankees have both been plagued by crappy ownership. The Mets were able to gain relevancy despite being owned by the Wilpons. They Yankees haven't done dick since George Steinbrenner left the equation. No way in HELL would he have cast Girardi aside and hired Aaron Boone. I chuckle every time I type his name. He's rolling over in his grave, or drawer, or whatever he's in. If you take an honest look at each team, the Mets' future looks brighter than the Yankees' because of who's pulling the strings. That said, the only thing that makes a team relevant is getting to the World Series. Any team that doesn't do that has failed. Especially teams with payrolls like the Yankees and the Mets. I will never consider a one and done playoff season a success. If a team has a payroll like Baltimore, then yes .. that's a great season. But not for either NY team.
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