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  1. My guess is that the players' demeanor will be somewhat subdued pre-game, but that once the game starts, they'll be fired up. Probably the same will go for fans.
  2. When my son played little league baseball, I had the displeasure of being around one of the over the top parents. This was the first year after tee ball, so I think the kids were in 1st grade. The father ... Anthony. I grew up with him and his brothers. He's a couple years older than me. He has an older son who was a natural in both baseball and football. He's currently in the Mariners farm system. His youngest son was in my son's grade. He was a year older than most of his classmates because his father delayed him starting school so he would have a competitive advantage in sports when he got older. To me ... that is f*cking sickening. This kid was not as athletically gifted as his older brother, and you could tell his father was not pleased. Imagine a father (also the coach) yelling to his son, on the field, "YOU NEED TO GET TO THAT BALL! YOU'RE NEVER GONNA BE AS GOOD AS YOUR BROTHER!" During a game .. in front of kids and parents. Same season .. same as.shole ... last game of the year. Mind you ... there were no "records," or "standings." It's a bunch of first graders, right? It's my son's turn to bat. My son ... who through the entire season had yet to get a hit. In a game that means absolutely nothing. Anthony goes to his "bullpen," and makes a pitching change, which you NEVER see at this age. Brings his best pitcher in, who proceeds to blow three fastballs by my son. This is the kind of garbage we have raising future generations. Oh .. and for what it's worth .. Anthony had two brothers and he was, BY FAR, the worst athlete out of all of them. And I think that's the story with a lot of these as.shole parents.
  3. She could drag me over the rainbow, Send me away. Down by the river, I shot my baby.
  4. I do not, although I'd be fine trying it if someone else made it that way. I actually like peas in mine.
  5. We call that "macaroni salad," where I come from.
  6. I have, too, and it's because the kid has no quit in him. He's pursuing his dream, handling himself professionally and being patient. I will be DEFINITELY be rooting for him this weekend!
  7. Yep. I get (and respect) that it's not McDermott's style to "build a bully," like his idiot predecessor (not Anthony Lynn), but there is a right time and place to say f*ck it and throw down. That was the right time and place.
  8. My son tried multiple sports as a youngster. He was/is a fantastic kid/young man ... but an athlete, he is not. He played football in 7th grade. When 8th grade rolled around, he went to the first team meeting. That evening, he told me that he really wasn't into it and wasn't sure he wanted to play. I told him that playing a sport when your heart really isn't in it is how people get hurt. I said if your heart's not in it, then you owe it to yourself, the coaches and the team to step away. The next morning, he sought out the coach in school and had the discussion with him, which ended with him thanking the coach for the opportunity and shaking his hand. I was proud of him for speaking up and thankful that he felt comfortable in doing so. I know that we ALL know "those parents," who force their kids to play sports. They're usually dads who sucked at sports when they were younger and want to live vicariously through their children. I was lucky that I had parents who let us find our own passions and supported us when we found them. Anyway, I'm glad my son didn't continue to play football, primarily because I feared injury. There are still too many coaches out there who tell kids to "shake it off," or "walk it off."
  9. Of course he won't. This is why I specified, "at that point in time," in my post.
  10. Totally agree. And my gut tells me that Taylor didn't even entertain the idea of pushing for a Bills forfeit. It would take a real a-hole to do that.
  11. I have no idea how this could have played out, but let's just say (hypothetically) that McDermott told the officials that the Bills would not come out to resume the game; BUT that Taylor - at the same time - said, "well my guys are ready to go and we DO want to resume play." Wouldn't that automatically become a Bills forfeit? By also telling officials that his team did not want to resume, Taylor effectively took the forfeit off the table (at that point in time).
  12. I think it's evolved into simply being a public criticism. That's how I define it, anyway.
  13. Saturday was (rightfully) pissed at Thibodeaux's sack celebration as Foles lay on the ground in serious pain. But he was also pissed at his own team. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/35366350/jeff-saturday-calls-kayvon-thibodeaux-celebration-tasteless-trash Saturday also took exception to another aspect of the play: the fact that none of his players intervened during Thibodeaux's prolonged display. "Disappointed from the O-line perspective and teammates in general," said Saturday, a former Colts Pro Bowl center. "We protect our own. Y'all know me. I've been here a long time. I'm just going to tread lightly. Obviously, I didn't like it at all. That's where I'll leave it." ------------------------ I remember Tre White's teammates standing around doing nothing after the dirty Gronk hit on Tre White, but McDermott didn't call them out.
  14. Then he shouldn't be out there. He is f*cking horrible. Cinci's game plan was clear out of the gate. They would have kept picking on him all game, had the entire game been played. He is a liability right now. In two years, he'll be too old and slow.
  15. I found the nfl.com release announcing the schedule from last year and it was published Sunday night just before midnight. So I'm guessing after tonight's game is over.
  16. So ... I just want to make sure I'm following .... you fell for an obviously photoshopped picture and the police are the bad guys???
  17. Anyone, including Geno Smith, would have been better that TuhROD.
  18. John Lennon and George Harrison could be resurrected for a Beatles reunion tour with Pink Floyd (with Waters and Gilmour) as the opening act and even if I was guaranteed to have front row seats with Kate Upton giving me lapdances and BJs all night .... I still wouldn't spend that kind of money for a ticket.
  19. Well, since you asked, Christopher ... I think he should have taken the offer originally given to him before he proved to be an underperforming, injury prone running back ... quarterback. And if there is a GM/owner out there who gives him a huge fully guaranteed contract, then they can enjoy 3/4 of a season of success and falling flat on their face in the playoffs for years to come.
  20. Cincinnati chili is always seasoned with cinnamon, allspice, cloves, cumin, nutmeg, and chili powder. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cincinnati_chili#Preparation,_ordering,_serving_and_eating
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