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  1. What's this "we" stuff? You live in the U.K., and @GoBills808lives on some third world pacific island.
  2. Why are you afraid to finish these? "Stepmom" shouldn't be a filtered word.
  3. Four of the most nervous people in the NFL ... https://www.pfats.com/member-directory/cleveland-browns/
  4. "Watson's lawyer claims that 'happy endings' are common in massage therapy and, short of paying extra for it, such conduct is not a crime," the lawsuit reads.
  5. Ordered, or received? I ordered mine (2) on May 22nd and haven't heard a peep since.
  6. Out of their last 12 series, 9 of those teams are under .500. I'm not comparing them to the Mets (7 or their last 12 have been against sub-.500 teams), or anyone else for that matter. But let's not pretend the Yankees are beating great teams. They've been beating up on scrubs for most of the beginning of the season. I know the schedule is out of their control and they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. But saying that they have played nobody good, generally speaking, is a true statement.
  7. But I just can't convince myself I couldn't live with no one else And I can only play that part And sit and nurse my broken heart So lonely So lonely So lonely
  8. Marino was leaps and bounds better than Kelly as a passer and a QB.
  9. You have me confused with @BringBackFergy!
  10. I've met dozens and happy to call many of them real friends.
  11. I feel like Ryan Fitzpatrick is my favorite NFL player of all time. Not exaggerating. But no ... not Wall of Fame worthy. He was a middle-of-the-road QB on horrible Bills teams. Love the guy and I'd be all for an annual Ryan Fitzpatrick Day. But not the Wall.
  12. Now this one is funny, because it's nearly true. Last year, I did a song for my girlfriend on her birthday. Kinda dumb, because now I feel like I should do it for every birthday and it's coming up next month. I have, indeed, googled, "easy love songs to play on guitar." You were damn close!
  13. Bless your little heart. ❤️
  14. If you need a link to know that JJ Watt has been using steroids for his entire career, then I don't know what to tell you, man.
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