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  1. This was great, @BringBackFergy, and thank you for doing it/donating the winning prize. I'm wondering if Survey Monkey might be a good solution to capture everyone's picks. Or, perhaps, a Google Sheets document. I know there are others on here who are more equipped than I am to figure that out; but I'm sure there's a better way that would require a lot less manual intervention on your part. Thanks again, man!!! Gug EDIT: Another thought just popped into my brain. Think about a $5 entry fee and the first $50 can go toward the hat and the rest of the money could go to one of the player's charity/organization (which could be voted on by each participant).
  2. That, too, was a farce .. but not on the same level. The Bills technically achieved a good enough record to qualify for the tournament. But a) it was a fluke and b) they had no business being in the playoffs, which was proven by the pathetic one and done display. But, Shirley, we can agree that Joshy has made it bettah.
  3. Yes, this is true. Just like the single season HR record is still 61 ... and the all-time HR record is 755. When one Mets pitcher records every out of a game without giving up a hit, then the drought will end. Johan Santana gave up a clear hit that was erroneously called foul; and an army of pitchers working together to hold their opponent to zero hits is great ... but it's not a no-hitter in the traditional sense of the term. I love you. Goodbye.
  4. It identifies as two. I'm just being respectful.
  5. So much so, that you came here to .... talk about it.
  6. They also gave her about 5,000 chances to comply and NOT be arrested. Crazy.
  7. One less bum. Cano has been DFA'd. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/33842513/new-york-mets-designate-struggling-robinson-cano-assignment Cano, 39, who is owed $24 million each of the next two seasons, is hitting just .195 with one home run and three RBIs in 41 at-bats this season. He was suspended for the 2021 season after violating MLB's policy against performance-enhancing drugs. In three seasons with the Mets, Cano hit .269 with 24 home runs and 72 RBIs. BUM.
  8. Looks like Reid-Foley is done for the season with a torn UCL (likely Tommy John surgery).
  9. Mets are still in search of their first no-hitter, in my book.
  10. We're trying to talk about pit bulls, here. Please stay on topic.
  11. The pit bull breed needs to be phased out. Breeding them should be made illegal and we need to rid the planet of them. They are killing machines and a danger to everyone. I don't care if a pit bull lives to be 15 and has never so much as growled. It's in all of them an no one knows what each dog's trigger is. The statistics do not lie .. they are readily available and all tell the same story.
  12. Why is he a ridiculous person?
  13. After seeing/hearing Post Malone play guitar and sing Nirvana covers (PHENOMENALLY), I'm open to giving anything like this a shot.
  14. The only word I listen for is the safe word.
  15. What the ***** is going on in here?!?!
  16. A few years ago, one of my nuthatches went eye to eye with a squirrel who got too close to the bird house. Squirrel was facing up the tree, nuthatch facing down. She spread her wings (think the Karate Kid pose) and just stared the squirrel down. Squirrel got out of Dodge within 15 seconds!
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