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  1. He runs like a girl, too. Something's up.
  2. I do own the White Album. Playing music directly through Alexa is far more convenient. I can tell her to skip a song, turn the volume up or down and pause. I can't do any of those things without using a remote or going to the CD player. When I first discovered this f*ckery, I was busy washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Those verbal commands come in handy in situations like that. I also have an Echo Dot that I bring outside throughout the summer/warmer months when I'm grilling or just chilling on the deck, having cocktails. I have a couple specific entire albums that I enjoy when I'm outside alone. Now I'm going to either have to pony up another $9/month or go through the inconvenience of manually cueing up music that I want to hear. This is unacceptable.
  3. Oh ... cancel ... there's a cute word. Orange you special.
  4. The Bills won because I wrote a detailed schedule for my Thanksgiving dinner prep and cooking. The schedule called for dinner to be served at precisely 4:15pm. I did not take into account that there would be a horrible halftime show, so that threw me off a bit . But the bird came through early and we ate at EXACTLY 4:15pm. You're welcome.
  5. "This guy is a murderer! How should we punish him for doing such a horrible thing?" "Let's murder him!! It's only right!!"
  6. Well, he was either calling him a woman or a homosexual man ... and he knew he wasn't talking to a woman.
  7. I totally agree that they lack the killer instinct.
  8. I have the CD and I know Alexa, my tablet and my phone are always listening. Other than likely being on one of the FBI's lists, I don't care about devices listening to me.
  9. Site is legit. They are, however, sold out. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1093628634/buffalo-quarterback-jumping-over
  10. I'm making a motion to permaban Mr. Pats Fan, here, for trying to jinx our QB and our season. All in favor??
  11. I misunderstood. When you said half of the starting WR room, I didn't know you were still counting the guys on IR, who've been gone for a while. I thought you meant something was wrong with Diggs, Davis or McKenzie.
  12. I've always enjoyed the convenience of asking Alexa to play an entire album when the mood strikes me. Like many of you, I'm sure, there are certain (lots of them) albums that I enjoy in their entirety and in the original track order. The other night, I was in the mood for the White Album. So I politely said, "Alexa ... play the White Album by the Beatles." The little B word responds with, "shuffling songs from the Beatles White Album with similar songs." ARE YOU ***** KIDDING ME?!?! Trying to turn shuffle off does not work. I've looked into it and it looks like there is NO solution to this. In the end, I just pulled up the White Album on You Tube on my tablet and connected to Alexa via bluetooth. But that is NOT convenient. Anyone have a permanent fix to this bullsh*t?
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  14. Ahhhh ... yes, that makes sense. 👍
  15. Yes, because he missed a total of one game in his nine seasons with Buffalo. Nice take.
  16. I've noticed that over the past four weeks that the Bills have scored an average of 26.5 points/game - which, for the season, is 4th best in the NFL. I'm not going to sit here and say that the offense has been great. They haven't. They've been inconsistent and sloppy. But the fact of the matter is that the team is 8-3 because of the offense; and they are, indeed, the 2nd best scoring offense in the league. With all of the injuries on defense, the pressure is on the offense. Frankly, I think they're doing a great job, overall.
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