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  1. I should have included this, but I actually based my opinion on the 2020 season because he was hurt last year. And if he knew he was good enough to not lose his job to injury, he'd have gone on IR. But he knew better.
  2. I was comin' down the mountain I met a child, man, she had pin eyes We had the same opinion We had the same opinion She was holding it back, it hurt so bad Jumping out of my flesh, and I said
  3. Seriously. They stacked that offense and Mayfield was the main reason they sucked.
  4. "Keep this on the low down but ..." [looks both ways] "I might make out with my son whilst being massaged."
  5. I was just about to opine the same. I thought this was hilarious. But I even liked Brady when he was in NE. Dude's always been funny.
  6. I'll snag a couple videos throughout a show, but I have a personal "less than one minute" rule. I record clips to share with friends or post on FB. But it's never more than a couple and I always keep my phone at chest level so no one is disturbed. When my son and I went to see Korn, there was a couple (late 20s/early 30s) in the front row of the section. BOTH of them recorded about 90% of the entire concert on their cell phones.
  7. May out four weeks with stress reaction. Same as it ever was ... same as it ever was .... https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/33855126/new-york-mets-reliever-trevor-shut-four-weeks-stress-reaction NEW YORK -- The Mets announced that reliever Trevor May had a stress reaction on the lower portion of his right humerus that caused the triceps inflammation that landed him on the 15-day injured list. "The immediate prescription is for Trevor to discontinue throwing for approximately four weeks and then reimage the area," the Mets said on Wednesday. "At that time, then we will update his plan of care."
  8. Looks like I'm going to see REO Speedwagon/Loverboy and Cheap Trick/Rod Stewart this summer in Saratoga. Lawn seats (ugh), but I think REO puts on a great show, so I'm excited for that. Not thrilled about Loverboy ... at all. I went through a big Cheap Trick phase back in the early-to-mid 80s. I met Rick Nielsen in 1987 and he was an absolute douchebag. But I'm still excited to see them. I'm actually looking forward to seeing Rod Stewart, too.
  9. Totally agree with everything. He did exactly what he needed to do - especially in his first two seasons in Buffalo. His last season was unfortunate on a couple different levels, but he did play hurt all season - so I'll give him that. I thought he was a distraction, and really kind of a douche, last year. But I'm glad we had him when we did and I hope he can continue his career somewhere else and possibly help another young QB develop.
  10. I'm struggling to understand how an undrafted running back is comparing himself to a WR who was picked in the 2nd round. Maybe he'd have been better off comparing himself to someone like ... oh, I don't ***** know ... Fred Jackson??
  11. A good friend of mine, who is also a phenomenal guitarist who primarily plays southern rock, played Freebird with Artemis Pyle in a Lake George, NY bar. This was probably about a decade ago. Talk about a dream come true. EDIT: Found it. Vern is in a band called Dirt Cheap and Mark was their keyboard player. Mark died in a motorcycle accident a few years back.
  12. She committed suicide. This is gut-wrenching. https://people.com/tv/toddlers-and-tiaras-star-kailia-posey-died-by-suicide-family-says-report/
  13. I can't imagine that when the new WR read that trading AJ Brown was like a bad dream that it made him feel great. Same with the QB after the "I'm not here to mentor him," comment. I agree with you that it's up to the rookies to get on the same page and I'm sure they'll end up getting along just fine. I'm just saying that it was unnecessary and for a QB whose end is in sight, he should be marketing himself for his next opportunity.
  14. I get it and yeah ... it's nice to see/hear someone speak what's really on his mind. But my point (which supports what GunnerBill said upstream) is that at this juncture in his career, it might not be the best idea. While what he said was not disrespectful or combative, it wasn't exactly screaming, "I'm a team player and winning games is the goal." In two sentences, he just alienated the Titans' new WR and QB.
  15. Whether he's right or wrong, it wasn't the best idea to say it out loud. It also wasn't a good idea to say how he felt about the Brown trade out loud. If self-preservation is one of his goals (which it should be), now is the time to "play the game," and play it safe with what comes out of his mouth.
  16. I was actually being serious! Performers are vulnerable .. especially at the smaller venues, which are likely not equipped with metal detectors. It really is very scary and sad.
  17. I imagine it's always been scary. Dimebag Darrell was ambushed and killed back in 2004. Scary stuff. Sad.
  18. Just listened to a couple of their songs and I really like them! They have a nice 90s Alternative vibe. Reminds me a little of Veruca Salt (that's a good thing).
  19. You take this being a fan thing very seriously.
  20. I've got no problem with GunnerBill saying he didn't like it. To each his own. My comment to Fixit was because he literally said he'd rather not talk about it, then continued to talk about it. I liked it. Loved it, really. I thought it was fun and I think he's a funny dude. But he's not for everybody and that ain't no big deal.
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