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  1. He’s got to continue doing what he’s been doing for years in order to become the GOAT. Playing as many games as he does, I can’t see his body holding up enough to continue pitching and hitting at his current levels for very long. I’d love to see it. I just don’t.
  2. Make no mistake … it’s always been somebody else’s fault.
  3. There’s likely friction on every team. The difference between the McDermott situation and the Daboll situation (and the situation for most other teams) is that McDermott has had a top 3 (easily) QB for years and has nothing to show for it.
  4. I think it was fantastic. Right down to the brown shirt with the sh!t Bowen Jordan logo. Loved it.
  5. Gugny

    2024 Concerts

    This will be two Loverboy shows in 3 years for me. Ugh.
  6. I would say, “you’re telling me McDermott is still the coach without telling me McDermott is still the coach.”
  7. Gonna be tough. Buffalo Bills vs. Chiefs, Refs, McDermott
  8. I primarily use TSW for breaking news notifications, then go read about it elsewhere. OTW has some interesting topics in which I like to partake. I spend most of my time in Bills Tickets and Gear.
  9. “CSI: Bills Mafia” out in full force. You’ll get to the bottom of this!!!
  10. I’m guessing that he’s back next year, which will be year 7.
  11. The real question is how long it takes a head coach to win a Super Bowl when he has an elite QB. Pick a modern day (last 20 years) elite QB and see how many seasons it took him to hoist a Lombardi. It’s fewer than 7 YEARS! That’s for sure.
  12. Head Coach - Bledsoe Offensive Coordinator - Fitz Defensive Coordinator - Kyle Williams Special Teams Coordinator - Tasker Offensive Line Coach - Ruben Brown Wide Receiver Coach - Moulds Tight Ends Coach - Metzellars Quarter Back Coach - Van Pelt Running Backs Coach - Fred Defensive Line Coach - Schobel Linebackers Coach - Paup Safeties Coach - Byrd Defensive Backs Coach - Odomes Cornerbacks Coach - Winfield
  13. https://www.today.com/today/amp/rcna127207
  14. If I haven’t actually hung out with them in person or spoken to them on the phone for decades, then I’d consider them “old friends from high school.” I have a lot of those and am facebook “friends” with them. But I still consider them “old” friends. If I’m in contact with a person occasionally throughout the year, then yes … I call those people friends.
  15. When will JJ Watt go the ***** away?
  16. Gugny

    2023 Concerts

    Inwas just commenting on pitbulls in response to your comment … about pitbulls. They are the most euthanized because they maim and kill the most people. Statistics are everywhere. They’re born killers. Regardless of upbringing.
  17. Gugny

    2023 Concerts

    Breeding pitbulls should be banned.
  18. So same players who are able to execute for 3/4 of the game somehow lose that ability when it comes time protect a lead late in the game? That doesn’t compute to me.
  19. 1. I have no idea what the reference is. B. Did you just call me old, you ***** cow fister??
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