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  1. Schobel belongs on the Wall of Fame. Long overdue, in my opinion. Nine seasons ... all with the Bills. Played 16 games in 8/9 seasons. Second all-time in sacks. Awesome Buffalo Bill.
  2. He should have saved himself some time and just said, "I've never watched Josh Allen play."
  3. Yeah, I thought you had them longer than 10 years!
  4. How many years have you had season tickets?
  5. Daryl Strawberry (1983). He's the reason I became a Mets fan. Sweetest swing in the history of the game.
  6. If you look at some of her other facebook posts, she seems like a very troubled young woman. Whether it's substance abuse and/or mental illness, it's really very sad.
  7. I will respectfully disagree with you.
  8. Nine seasons in Buffalo .... missed ONE game. Great Bill and I'm sad to see him go.
  9. Nine seasons in Buffalo .... missed ONE game. Great Bill and I'm sad to see him go.
  10. She says she's suing the sh*t out of Walmart ... https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006316777304
  11. I think that's who he (and the Patriots to an extent) decided to be as a player. I can easily see him loosening up as a retiree.
  12. You're goddamn right, it has. MY GOD.
  13. I actually look forward to seeing him as an analyst. My guess is that he'll be great. There's a shortage of great ones out there, so I'm all for it.
  14. I tole you, mang. Those days are behind me!!! The kid just doesn't pick a lot of balls off and I'm already getting Edmunds-like excuses before the rook even plays his first down in the NF-ail!! Don't hate the playa. Hate the game, dawg!!
  15. I certainly wasn't knocking Elam in any way. I love the pick. I was simply passing along what I've heard and throwing his INT numbers out there, since someone asked if he was a ball hawk.
  16. My understanding is that he is NOT a ball hawk. Looking at his stats, that seems to be the case. Three seasons, 5 INTs.
  17. They also didn't have a car.
  18. This is tough as hell. 70s: Gilmour 80s: EVH 90s: Frusciante
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