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  1. Seriously? And Diggs was on pace for 1,800 yards and 17 TDs Rousseau was on pace for 17 sacks, 21 TFLs, and 25 QBHits. The entire world has is penciled in for a Lombardi.
  2. LMAO Go ahead and name the other players, game by game, besides Allen, that made an impact or were consistent in the playoffs during those seasons. Win or Lose. I dare ya. Start with Diggs. Maybe then picture will clear up.
  3. Sure, laugh now, but the Claven lineage goes back through all of the most influential ruling families in history.
  4. Daboll's just doing what he's always done as an OC. With two exceptions, Allen's breakout seasons, he's always had his offenses rank near the bottom. Five teams now. 29th, 31st, 20th, 32nd, 30th, 23rd, and now with the Giants.
  5. He makes big plays to keep us in games, keep drives that result in scoring going, and again, if he continues the pace he's on, and hits 12 TDs, which I can envision, then that would be the largest percentage of TDs thrown by Allen other than possibly to Diggs, who's career high was 11 last season, on 60% more targets and over twice the receptions. How much that's worth, again, I cannot say. That depends upon Allen, Dorsey, and what the team thinks. Again however, for anyone to even approach suggesting that it's irrelevant is ludicrous speed. A bunch of things have stopped us in January, Davis hasn't been one of 'em. Defense has. Coaching has. Lack of a running game has. Poor OL has leaving Allen scrambling for his life has. Davis was largely instrumental in three of our four postseason wins under McD while he's been here, and one of those games was the win that pushed us to our fourth win in Davis' rookie season. He has more postseason TDs than any player on the team. The only trend that we're trying to buc in the playoffs is poor D and incredibly questionable coaching.
  6. BTW, I just looked, only five teams had two 1,000-yard WRs last season. Cincy: Higgins: 1,029/7 Chase: 1,046/9 Miami: Hill: 1,710/7 Waddle: 1,356/8 Philly: Brown: 1,496/11 Smith: 1,196/7 Seattle: Metcalf: 1,048/6 Lockett: 1,033/9 Tampa: Evans: 1,124/6 Godwin: 1,023/3 No team had two WRs with double-digit TDs. If you count TEs, SF is the only team that had two receivers (WR/TE) with 8 or more TDs. I'm not sure that peoples' outlook here is rational. KC's second-leading WR was Smith-Shuster last season, with 933 yards and 3 TDs. Davis is on pace for 935 and 12 TDs. I have absolutely zero idea how that would not be enormously significant if he did it.
  7. Well, right now, by last season's final stats, he's tracking to be around the 24th leading yardage WR and tied for 2nd in the league for receiving TDs. If that sucks, so be it.
  8. That's a GM problem, and an entirely different part of the conversation. But we all know that having extended him by now would have cost us less. Everyone that pays attention to football knows full well that waiting until players become unrestricted free agents always costs more to sign them. Whether or not he's worth $11M/season I cannot say. That is likely in the eyes of the beholder. I would think that Allen's opinion is what matters most there, his and Dorsey's. But I'm not sure I want to trust Beane's ability to draft Davis' replacement given his track record in the drafts with WRs. Also, we signed Diggs to big money and everyone applauded the trade of a 1st and then some, saying that it was as good as a 1st-round pick. Not really, since a 1st-round pick costs much less, ala Jefferson. But that aside ... IMO this is one of those be careful what you wish for, you may get it situations. My perplexion has to do with people raving about Kincaid for example, who has a third of the 1st-Downs, a third of the YPR, none of the TDs, while out of the other side of their mouths stating boldly that Davis isn't good.
  9. No, you must understand what you're reading at PFR. 33 is combined TDs and 1Ds. 33 - 7 = 26 Care to address the difference in routes run? Jones averaged 11.6 YPR that season, and 9.1 Yards-Before-Catch-per-Reception. AKA, Jones is a slot WR, with much easier much higher percentage passes, whereas Davis takes on the much lower percentage deep throws, which is reflected in the stats provided. Not one of his six full seasons prior to this season has matched Davis' season last year. Only two have matched either of Davis' first two seasons. In his entire career to date, on twice the receptions, Jones has 17 TDs to Davis' 23, and has a career YPR avg. of 10.7 to Davis' 17.0. Jones' 1st-Down/TD% is 56.2%% to Davis' 78.5%. Apart from their TDs, Jones 1st-Down conversion rate is 53.1% while Davis' is 73.8%. Davis is averaging 14.1 YBC/R this season and it was 14.4 last season, then again over 50% more than Jones, fully corroborating the point made. And last season while injured. Otherwise, only here in Buffalo is 3, a third of Allen's TD passes, and 10% of the team's 1st-Downs "insignificant."
  10. No, that doesn't address anything that was stated. And Jones had only 26 1st-Downs. He was also a high 2nd-round day-2 pick, not a 4th rounder, and many many WRs drafted after him have outperformed him since then. Try again. I'll even kill your points. Zay Jones had 56 receptions and a fraction of the YPR and many of hits catches were on dead drives, and he was in an entirely different role, one of the higher-percentage routes, and still only had a bottom-dwelling Catch%. So no, absolutely not, there's no significant comparison there. None. The 47th is entirely irrelevant to anything that I posted. I'll restate it to make it easy; I have absolutely no idea how anyone can even approach thinking that Kincaid is contributing significantly at this point, but that Davis is not.
  11. Way to take the discussion entirely out of its context to suit a contrary position. I'm just curious, which part of what I wrote threw ya? Most seriously? Which part eluded you?
  12. Maybe even ask him to bring one of his free drinks back to you in row 26.
  13. Daboll's doing in NY what Daboll has always done in the NFL except for two seasons with Allen, leading his team to a bottom-dwelling offensive ranking. This should shock no one. Except for '20 and '21 when Allen finally found himself, Daboll's Scoring Offenses as an OC here and in Cleveland, Miami, and KC have ranked 29th, 31st, 20th, 32nd, 30th, and 23rd, and his Yardage Offenses have ranked 32nd, 29th, 22nd, 24th, 30th, and 24th, for averages of 28th and 27th. What he's doing in NY should come as absolutely no surprise. It fits his pattern perfectly. His scoring offense there currently ranks 30th and so does his scoring D. In fairness, he has played two very tough teams.
  14. I don't think so. I think some will simply never be happy with him. Last season, playing injured a good chunk of it, 35 of his 48 catches went for TDs (7) or 1st-Downs (28) and contributed heavily to us scoring and keeping drives alive. The types of patterns he's asked to run, and let's be clear, he runs what he's instructed to run by Dorsey, are low-percentage deep-routes. Allen likes him too for that purpose. Can't the same be said about all of the WRs on the team. Also, in contrast, everyone's applauding Kincaid, who has fewer than half the yards, about a third the yards-per-catch, 0 TDs, and only 3 1st-Downs to Davis' 8. Of Kincaid's 3 1st-Downs, only two have occurred on scoring drives, both of those drives leading to a FG, whereas I believe all but one of Davis' catches have been on drives leading to scores totaling 54 points. For a 4th-round draft pick he's one of Beane's best value picks if not the best outright. There isn't a day-3 pick that's provided better value for the pick. He's There were 16 WRs drafted ahead of him in 2020. He's got more TDs (23) than all but one, Jefferson. (28) He's got more yards than all but 7. Considering the TD/Yardage ratio, he's better than anyone in that draft. Jefferson logs a TD for every 192 receiving yards. Davis logs one for half of that, every 96 receiving yards.
  15. Wow, that's a bummer. I remember when they started, they were the only decent stats/data site back then. That and pro-football-reference were my two favorite sites, this one primarily for basis data. pro-football-references started around the same time but wasn't nearly as developed back then as it is today. FO, besides DVOA etc., also had some cool stats that in former years were difficult if not impossible to come by, like average starting field-position for one. Ah well, things run their course, Schatz did great work. Props to him for starting it up before anyone knew what [football] metrics were. Curious to see where he lands.
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