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  1. So why bring up Sirianni in your initial post? The premise of your first post was the Eagles are in a better position because Reid is gone. If I can’t discuss how that’s just not true, then don’t introduce that point. You love moving the goal post. Yeah I said the success of hiring coaches is random. Go quote me on it you fool. Kelly wasn’t successful. Made the playoffs once and went 1 and done. sucked in SF too. Pederson won a Super Bowl. He had one good season out of 4 and was fired. Sirianni is 13-8 so far? That qualifies him as a good hire. I mean come on man. None of them hold a candle to Reid and don’t even come close to being a top 10 HC in the leagues.
  2. I love how you left out the rest of the response in your quote. You can’t possibly argue that Philadelphia is better today without Andy Reid. They haven’t been better in the decade he’s been gone and aren’t better today. You're acting as if Reid was fired and Philadelphia immediately won the big one the next season. It took 5 years and 2 HCs to get there and they’re on their 3rd HC in 9 years because outside of 1 magical run they’ve been pretty mediocre while Reid has lapped the rest of the league. You’re the best Badol!
  3. Thanks for proving my point. You’re telling me Philadelphia made a good decision and upgraded by replacing Reid with Kelly/Pederson/Sirianni? The Eagles have been to the playoffs 5/9 seasons since firing Reid. They have 3 playoff wins in 9 seasons since firing Reid (all of them came with the Super Bowl winning run which took 2 cracks at hiring the right head coach!). They’ve won 78 regular season games over the span Reid has been gone. Meanwhile KC has been to the playoffs 8/9 seasons since hiring Reid. They have 19 playoff wins and have won 103 regular season games over than same span. 2 Super Bowl appearances and a win. Explain to me how Philadelphia achieved excellence in choosing Kelly/Pederson/Sirianni over Reid? You probably should have used one of the OTHER countless examples 😂
  4. Talk to a fan of any other team (even the good ones) and they're going to irrationally complain about coaching. You're talking up Tomlin as a great HC and I'll go chat with my friends who are Steelers season ticket holders and they'll say they've wanted Tomlin fired for 5 years, his teams underperform, they show up unprepared, etc. College buddies are Patriots fans, they want Belichick on the hot seat. Ravens are clamoring for Harbaugh to go... It doesn't get much better than McDermott, but it sure as hell can get a lot worse.
  5. I've been on like 5 different threads since logging on at 6:30 and you've been screaming doom and gloom in EVERY ONE OF THEM. Try something positive!
  6. 7 WR went between our original 2nd Round Pick and where we picked Khalil Shakir. We had the opportunity to select them with the James Cook or Terrel Bernard picks... Which one of the guys is making a serious difference right now? You can make a case for Doubs... Velus Jones Jr. - Round 3, Pick 7 Out first 3 weeks due to lingering hamstring issue Made his debut week 4 Played 0% of offensive snaps Played 37% of special teams snaps Lost 1 fumble Jalen Tolbert - Round 3, Pick 24 Healthy scratch week 1 and week 2 Made debut week 3 1 catch for 4 yards Healthy scratch again in week 4 David Bell - Round 3, Pick 35 Played in 4 games 4 receptions on 5 targets for 47 yards Danny Gray - Round 3, Pick 41 Healthy scratch week 1 because Shannahan needed ST players Played 9% of offensive snaps week 2 Played 11% of offensive snaps week 3 Romero Doubs - Round 4, Pick 27 19/24 for 184 and 2 TD Calvin Austin - Round 4, Pick 33 Has yet to play a snap due to injury
  7. So a really good NFL team? Scott, I mean this in the nicest way, you’re funny.
  8. What would you have done to address the offensive and defensive lines this off-season?
  9. They're 2-0 and have some guys who will miss a few weeks with one season ending injury. Give me a break.
  10. I mean you don't... but if it was career ending his agent wouldn't have said he'll be back in 2023... Yeah. This year's team sucks...
  11. Bad news - Season ending. Good news - Not career ending like many speculated.
  12. I thought the coolest part was when Marv started to speak… the entire place went hush. It was unbelievable.
  13. There he is… we’ve missed you.
  14. OMG OMG OMG! Rodgers fumbled! In addition to being disqualified from this year’s MVP conversation, he is immediately disqualified from next year’s MVP conversation too!
  15. OMG OMG OMG! Rodgers threw a pick! He is immediately disqualified from the MVP conversation.
  16. I sense you’re projecting a bit here…
  17. So what did you want him to do in that situation?
  18. Weird that this happened when he was in the pocket as a passer...
  19. Got it. Absolutely nobody else has a chance because Rodgers will throw less interceptions. Is that your logic? You’re phrasing it like a Josh problem… it’s just the fact Rodgers is elite at protecting the football. Josh doesn’t throw any more interceptions than the rest of the field. Rodgers just throws less.
  20. Mahomes, Brady, Herbert, Rodgers and Burrow are the 5 guys (in that order) behind Josh in the MVP odds. Rodgers (4) is literally like the only guy… Hebert (15), Burrow (14), Mahomes (13) and Brady (12). Josh had 15 last year… you’re trying to tell me 1-3 interceptions will be the difference? Knock it off.
  21. ScottLaw moving the goalpost… a tale as old as time.
  22. @ScottLaw I can’t believe the negligence from Les Snead and Sean McVay. I can’t believe they would go into a season with Ben Skowronek as their primary backup to Allen Robinson and Van Jefferson on the perimeter.
  23. Well can you provide some sort of insight as to what the rest of the league looks like?
  24. I hear ya… I don’t follow other teams closely enough… what does their O-Line depth look like compared to ours?
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