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  1. @ScottLaw I can’t believe the negligence from Les Snead and Sean McVay. I can’t believe they would go into a season with Ben Skowronek as their primary backup to Allen Robinson and Van Jefferson on the perimeter.
  2. Well can you provide some sort of insight as to what the rest of the league looks like?
  3. I hear ya… I don’t follow other teams closely enough… what does their O-Line depth look like compared to ours?
  4. I’d be curious to hear more about this… I hate the Yankees but they consistently have the highest payroll in baseball? What are they supposed to be doing? I believe they’ve had the highest payroll in MLB since Hal took over in 2012.
  5. What would you have liked him to say? You’ve had about 30 minutes to review the questions and don’t have the pressure of the podium. Let’s hear your desired response to questions about an ongoing legal case…
  6. Why do people keep saying this? It’s always been McDermott’s job to be up there on the podium. It’s how he wanted things…
  7. He looked the same way on the sidelines. You can tell he hasn’t slept.
  8. Where does any of the information state that he KNOWINGLY had a STD when he interacted with the alleged victim?
  9. I keep seeing this repeated... I haven't seen anything that says this is true. He allegedly told her to get tested for a STD 2 weeks after their encounter. Not saying this is the case, but he could have totally been unaware of the chlamydia prior to, during and after the encoutner. Then tested for it during that 2-week window and informed her of his positive test over the phone. I haven't seen one ounce of evidence stating he was knowingly chlamydia positive before the encounter. I'll walk back my comments if there is proof, he was knowingly positive, but this just seems to be people jumping to conclusions.
  10. Standing by your people is a really good way to run your organization. I would imagine there is evidence that hasn’t come out, but the Bills have seen, which paints this situation much differently and favorably towards Araiza. If there isn’t evidence that paints Araiza favorably, yeah, it’s reasonable to question the organization. At this present moment, we have every reason to believe they’re acting with a conscience. They’re jeopardizing their reputation for a punter… nobody is doing that haphazardly.
  11. 32 teams passed on DK Metcalf… does that mean every GM has made a boatload of mistakes as well? I’m not sure I understand the point you keep making about Beane not hitting on EVERY move he makes. What GMs would you rather have? Try a comparing him to other GMs…
  12. That's part of the problem on a message board or in the media.. nobody wants to dive into the detail. Everything is very surface level and lack critical thinking. They want to look at teams individually and view success as binary: Win = Successful and Lose = Bad. When in reality each decision is so much more nuanced, is dependent on so many factors and can really only be considered good or bad by comparison to similar decisions.
  13. Not exposing guys to the speed of an actual game is actually putting them at more risk for injury... this is a proven fact. You can practice all you want but it's still not the same level of intensity as a game against another opponent - although they do try and simulate that environment as much as possible. Which to the point made by others upthead... you're susceptible to injury in practice as well.
  14. We’re 4 deep at DT… teams typically keep 4-5 DT… the majority of teams don’t have 4 DTs as good as our 4 DTs. How are we not deep? Please understand how depth works.
  15. Thanks, Gunner. Unfortunately, they didn't end up making the right decision on Wyatt Teller... but it had nothing to do with Special Teams lol
  16. Wait what? It shouldn’t be too difficult to find guys like that on the street? It’s actually incredibly difficult to find (productive) talent on the streets… if it was easy… we wouldn’t be having this discussion.
  17. Soooooooo many issues!! (If we ignore guys like John Brown, Cole Beasley, Stefon Diggs and Isaiah McKenzie who all fall under the category of skill position players brought in under the Pro Personnel Department)
  18. I’m not saying he will be as good as them… but he looked kinda like Cooper Kupp/Booby Trees there…
  19. Just because a guy is young, doesn’t mean he’s good. Does it mean there’s a chance they develop into something good or better than a core ST? Yeah, that’s absolutely the case. Unfortunately for young players that weren’t high draft picks/projected starters… they need to play ST or else they’re a waste of a roster spot as a LB6 or WR7. There aren’t enough snaps to go around for guys like that or they’re inactive on game day in favor of a ST guy. The NFL isn’t set up for you to stash young guys… at least not if you want to win. So what’s the recommendation? Keep guys that can’t play ST that will be WR7 or CB6 and will never see the field? That’s a worse investment than a WR7 or CB6 that will never see the field BUT will play a high end ST.
  20. I turned my autographed EJ Manuel jersey I won at a charity auction into a Matt Haack jersey and wore to the game week 17. He sucked. But I wore it proudly to the playoff game the next week to show I still support him… and he was great!!! False! But people did ask if we were related haha
  21. He’s not inhibiting us from keeping an extra OL or DB? They’re likely keeping Knox/Howard/Gilliam as the three “TE” and release Sweeney to open a spot. Not all that different than Knox/Howard/Sweeney but you actually get use out of Gilliam in multiple places. Unless you want to do just Knox/Howard? It’s a similar roster spot allocation to last year.
  22. Well then, I don't really understand your original point?
  23. We don't even know if they used any cap space this year? They tacked two years on... 2023 and 2024.
  24. We don't even know the details... only know it's "up to $5.2M" and people are losing their ***** because they think we handed him $5.2M outright. UP TO $5.2M means it could be a two-year deal at the league minimum ($1.01M in 2023 and $1.125M in 2024) with NLBTE incentives lol.
  25. Pretty sure Houston refused to trade him within the AFC… so no reason to be upset? Overall, Bill O’Brien was a pretty irrational decision maker… hard to deal with a guy like that.
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