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  1. Negative opinions aren't permitted apparently... Even questioning whether they will get the No 1 seed ...?
  2. When did people stop hating them?
  3. So Quenton Nelson isn’t an available free agent ? Slim pickings around ..
  4. Thanks for your concern .. but I’ll be fine.. I’ve been a fan of this team for 40 years so I’ve seen it all.. On the contrary… it seems my opinion makes some others upset?
  5. Yeah agree… he is a goose …
  6. He looked a lot happier earlier in the game
  7. I am always in 100% agreement with my work colleagues.. Why would you think they would wait until half time of this game to argue about that...?
  8. Gee Jones.. He has been accurate the last quarter but he is a mannequin isn’t he? Another time to count your blessings for JA .
  9. Not a bad few minutes from Lamb
  10. I am going to try once more respectfully.. I have tried to explain to you already in a previous response which you quoted but I dont think you read ... I am not basing my judgment of them being the No 1 seed based on yesterdays result but I will state again..
  11. I didnt answer your question because its ridiculous.. There have only been two undefeated No 1 seeds since 1970.. Let me ask you a question... How is my original statement in the thread an "over reaction"? If anyone is over reacting here its you... Yep.. definite issues Can you provide me some sunshine and joy happy one?
  12. You read a lot into a simple statement ... so maybe its you with the issues... Its a reality check for some.. a lot of people just assumed that we are going to stroll through the season into the No 1 seed.... I always had some doubts with the Schedule and now i think its going to be tough with the injuries... Personally I can live without the No 1 seed.. it didnt do the Titans much good last year.. Just go into the playoffs in their best form .,,
  13. Well .. I know you haven’t been here 5 mins so I suspect you have seen it before on the board.. It was a tough loss (another one) and the injury news seems a little bleak so if some folks aren’t dancing a jig today then I can see where they are coming from ..
  14. Just living in reality Milton … Who goes into the playoffs healthy? And the No1 seed seems unlikely to me as I suspect they will struggle the next month… Doesn’t mean they still can’t compete for Championship
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