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  1. Few other posts from JetsNation regarding game 1: https://forums.jetnation.com/topic/145864-ot-bills-mitch-morse/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-4161096
  2. It's really strange that Thad saw things very different to others, it's almost like he has an agenda. Sometimes he makes people wonder if he watches the same practice or game as others. The following are some of the tweets from others before Thad claimed Cam was caring up Bills D. I don't mean these other tweets prove Bills D dominated, it's more likely both Pathers O and Bill D had their moments. But Thad's tweet is really a head scratching one.
  3. It looks like there are up and down for both offenses. For example, by looking at the first four tweets below, people would think Panthers dominate in the drill: But he later replied to a post saying Panthers were dominating as following: As for Panthers' offense, there are lots of reports about their 'up', but there are also 'downs' like below:
  4. Simms: Antonio Brown’s got frostbitten feet in a cryotherapy machine On Monday, PFT Live co-host Chris Simms said that the photos posted by Brown don’t reveal blisters but the peeling of layers of of skins from the bottom of his feet. Simms said that he once had a condition like that, thanks to what he called an “unidentified Buc fungus” in Tampa. After Monday’s show, Simms got word from someone with knowledge of the situation that Brown burned his feet by entering a cryotherapy machine without the proper footwear, and his feet were frostbitten.
  5. ID middle LB quickly? Honest question, is it considered difficult in pro football due to different defensive formation, disguise, etc?
  6. You can't just use 4th down conversion percentage and said they should just punt even the "right call" by the bot is to go for it. Let's look at each 4th down attempt in the season where Bills converted 7 out of 18 attempts (38.89%). (1) Among the 18 attempts, half of them were when trailing near the end of the game or trailing by large score. You probably can still use punting argument in some of these plays, but not most of them when considering the score and situation. 4th&8 at own 39, 14:02 3rd, tailing 0-26, failure (peterman incomplete pass) 4ht&4 at opp 20, 10:59 4th, tailing 5-31, failure (Anderson 3 yard pass) 4th&2 at opp 32, 3:52 4th, tailing 6-25, failure (Anderson incomplete pass) 4th&18 at opp 43, 0:48 4th, tailing 6-25, failure (Peterman 9 yard pass) 4th&1 at opp 33, 5:13 3rd, tailing 3-31, success (Peterman 1 yard run) 4th&9 at opp 31, 2:36 3rd, tailing 3-31, failure (Peterman incomplete pass) 4th&16 at opp 31, 2:00 4th, tailing 9-41, failure (Peterman sacked) 4th&11 at opp 30, 1:05 4th, tailing 17-21, failure (Allen incomplete pass) 4th&3 at Opp 25, 2:23 2nd, tailing 0-14, failure (Allen incomplete pass) (2) Of the remaining attempts, 6 can be categorized as 4th & short as following. Bills converted 5 of them. Using overall 38.9% 4th down conversion to claim they should have punted in these situations is simply wrong consider their 4th&short conversion rate is actually high. 4th&1 at opp 1, 12:14 2nd, leading 17-0, success (Allen 1 yard run) 4th&1 at opp 38, 13:13 1st, 0-0, success (Ivory 3 yard run) 4th&1 at opp 28, 7:40 2nd, leading 7-3, success (Ivory 2 yard run) 4th&2 at opp 13, 3:19 3rd, leading 7-13, failure (Allen 1 yard run, fumble) 4th&1 at opp 41, 1:50 4th, leading 14-13, success (Allen 2 yard run) 4th&1 at Opp 8, 10:46 3rd, 14-14 success (Allen 3 yard run) (3) For the remaining 4th down attempts, one is the famous Bojoquez botched play in TEN game when he thought it's a fake. Coach didn't call for 4th down attempt and actually called for FG. Another one is a trick play where Logan Thomas executed a fake punt and converted the 4th down. Maybe they should have called for punting in that situation, but that's what trick play does with the surprise element. The last 4th down attempt is Allen took a kneel in the end of the last game when leading 42-17. There is really no point to argue whether they should have punted there. 4th&7 at opp 12, 5:03 2nd, leading 7-3, failure (Bojorquez incomplete pass, FG formation, TEN game, miscommunication) 4th&6 at own 47, 7:26 1st, leading 7-0, success (L. Thomas 15 yard pass, punt formation) 4th&4 at Opp 24, 1:21 4th, leading 42-17 failure (Allen -1 kneel)
  7. The real story in the Patriots-Texans clash: Nick Caserio wants out Caserio’s deal reportedly runs through the 2020 NFL Draft. To use football terms, the Patriots are making Caserio play out his contract before reaching free agency. The Patriots’ win keeps Bill Belichick’s right-hand man in Foxborough for another season, but also exposes some tension inside the walls of Gillette Stadium that we thought had simmered since last year. Belichick and Tom Brady seem to have smoothed things over. But there has been a surprising exodus of coaches and scouts over the last two years (especially this year), which raises questions about the working environment in Foxborough. Five coaches left this offseason (not all for promotions). Jack Easterby left. Longtime scout Dujuan Daniels left. Greg Schiano left after a month. And now we see that Caserio wants out, too. If Caserio wanted to stay in New England, he would have just turned down the Texans’ overtures. Instead, the Patriots had to lawyer up to enforce Caserio’s contract.
  8. Joe Flacco: I’m here to win games, not be a mentor I remember quite a few wanted Flacco especially two years ago to replace Tyron, I guess Flacco is not a process guy? 🙂
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