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  1. Glad he brought out his patented TD dance. Moves like Jagger!
  2. Score early and often, and let Gore add to his gold jacket numbers. Roll RF into Brown's spot for the week. I don't care about spread at all. Just get a clean W.
  3. This is a very interesting game to see how McD has the guys going re: the Process. Historically bad team coming to play you at your place, vegas has you spotting them 16.5 (first time since 1992), and they are playing a QB that has some local nostalgia/folklore about him. BTW, heard on radio the last two times the bills have been this big of a point spread favorite, they lost both games outright.
  4. Thanks - to be clear...I am already a paying Sunday Ticket streaming person...Just need to figure out watching on my laptop sunday. My VPN for work should route to a US IP so I should be OK on that front. Just have never watched on browser on my laptop.
  5. Random Q for anyone that is a paying DTVST streaming customer. I am going to need to watch on my laptop this weekend (out of USA, need to VPN in). Do the games just show up on nflsundayticket.tv the day of? when I'm home my app of choice will already hav the games up. Is there another URL you need to hit in order to see the roster of games? thanks
  6. Bills cover, lose and the under (43.5). 21-17 with a late Bills TD.
  7. Still dont understand why he was even on the field when he got hurt
  8. He'll probably get fired over his lack of innovation.
  9. I am guessing we are changing the name of the Lady Gaga and Rihanna plays this week and beyond.
  10. Knox has to wear his Rambo t-shirt when accepting the award.
  11. They ALL do. 737’s have one, 757s have one or two depending on model. I didn't make it up.
  12. I read a story (or maybe heard on the radio) that when Kiko was on the Bills, he was so nervous of flying that they let him sit in the jump seat in the cockpit and the pilots would tell him everything they were doing...Seriously.
  13. I like McD, but literally never feel like I need to listen to any of his media rounds aside from the post game news conference. He is the master of saying nothing 1,000 different ways.
  14. I think the “near miss” with AB will have mc-beane doubling down on “process” guys. Zero chance they chase ramsey.
  15. use TJ Yeldon on drives at end of games that dont matter? hope DS is fine. Seemed odd he was getting ball in that circumstance.
  16. Gregg has a track record of this, we all know... And he definitely looks like a "Get off my lawn" guy at all times.
  17. They literally could just start over and whatever the new V1 is would be better than what they have today. It's like almost 2020, mobile apps have been around...It's not that hard. My favorite thing is you can download episodes, but if you are offline - like on a PLANE - the app will rarely get past the home screen. So great feature idea that doesn't work in the most basic use case!
  18. AB would have really put "The Process" in a tough spot if he even had just the feet and helmet issue.
  19. Goff is getting 108M guaranteed over 4-years. So aside from White, and Milano needing new deals in next two years, if Allen pops then just get ready for a 30M/yr hit against cap.
  20. Generally "OK" with this, but how many 6th round picks equals a 4th? Also, tin foil hat on, don't the Pats always seem to be sniffing around the Bills' scrap heap from time to time?
  21. Dolphins: "Hi, Kiko, what's up?" Kiko: "I love lamp" Dolphins: "Do you want a trade or something?" Kiko: "I love lamp"
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