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  1. Not sure about last year but this year they have no depth. With no rotation and asked to win a lot of one-on-one matchups they are getting worn out. Our d-line is 9-deep which is unheard of. You get a physical freak like Rousseau on the field in the 4th quarter having played less than 50% of the snaps up to that point. McDermott's vision for the d-line is paying off big time.
  2. Milano has arguably been the #1 WILL this year, but the defense didn't miss a beat with Klein replacing him. That is the incredible part of this defense. It works as a whole. I've used the comparison to the Washington d-line which is all elite individual talents that somehow don't work at all as a unit. Our starting front 4 is not nearly as talented but our d-line as a whole is performing much better. White is definitely the one player we could not afford to lose. He is still underrated by Bills fans. A lot of fans talking about the defensive MVP are saying Milano or Hyde or Rousseau. White is the forgotten man while locking down #1 WRs week after week. He is more central to the defense than anyone.
  3. The all-22 of our zone coverages is football porn. Our back 7 has an uncanny ability to drop back and end up right where the ball is supposed to go. It's the pinnacle of film study and game preparation. We don't have anyone on defense that I would consider to be the #1 player at their position across the league. Just a lot of intelligent hard working guys that know their role and execute it to perfection. That's how New England built elite defenses for years.
  4. Yes, he can be taken off at any time now I believe. I don't know if "ramping up" just means getting him onto the 53 man roster, or giving him an active role on the offense or special teams. Speed is one factor this offense is still missing. Breida has been a non-factor.
  5. I wonder who they cut to take him off IR. I would guess Butler or Phillips. Potentially Kumerow and put him on the PS.
  6. He has no feel for when to field the ball. I don't think he trusts himself enough to catch the ball if it doesn't come right to him (I agree with his assessment) so there are inopportune times when he just lets it bounce. He's only muffed one kick so far which is good but he's leaving yards on the field.
  7. That is the only time I've seen him be wrong, and it turns out Milano was pretty close to seeing the field. I wonder if they want Stevenson to take over as kick returner. McKenzie has been below average.
  8. Thanks to @YoloinOhio I started following this guy for inside info:
  9. Bills 38 Titans 24 I think the defense might have its worst game so far but it won't matter because the Titans will be playing catch up by the time the 2nd half begins. Tough game to predict because the Titans have had a ton of injuries and it's hard to say which of their starters will be out.
  10. Top 5 grades: 1) Allen (A) 2) Hyde - (A) 3) Rousseau (A-) 4) Edmunds (A-) 5) Johnson (A-) Bottom 5 grades (worst to 5th worst) 1) Beasley (C+) 2) Obada (C+) 3) Gilliam (B-) 4) Epenesa (B-) 5) Singletary (B-)
  11. For the offense to get back to the elite level they played at last year we need to get the RBs involved in the passing game. The way defenses are playing us we should be able to pull off RB screens and passes out of the backfield with ease. The problem is Singletary and Moss have iffy hands and our line doesn't block well on screens. To compensate I am fine with Allen running more. We have to find a way to make defenses think twice about dropping everyone deep. I thought KC was a good step forward in that regard, but we stalled out for a while there in the 3rd quarter which is a legitimate concern against an awful defense.
  12. Coach of the year always goes to the team that exceeds expectations. The Bills were expected to be good. If the Chargers win the division Brandon Staley is guaranteed to win coach of the year. Not saying it's fair but that's the way it is.
  13. I don't think a single penalty called on KC was soft. I think several penalties on the Bills were soft and that several legitimate penalties were not called on KC. Which penalty called on KC would you equate with the hold called on Morse?
  14. Like any other team KC needs to draft and sign well to keep up with teams improving around them, and their acquisitions over the past couple years have just not worked out. Edwards-Helaire is not a 1st round talent. Thornhill is not getting into the starting lineup. They went all in on building an o-line and it is performing below expectations at this point. Jarran Reed has been a disappointment. Nick Bolton has been just fine. Their secondary was bad last year and they made no real attempt to improve it. They let Watkins walk and didn't try to replace him. Like the Bills last year they are a little too one-dimensional to make a run. Their whole team is just Mahomes throwing the ball to Hill and Kelce. If a team can stop that trio - which is easier said than done - there is nothing else they can lean on to win games.
  15. I am still rooting for the Chargers because I want no chance of KC winning that division. I don't care what anyone says they are still the team that worries me the most in the playoffs. Force them to be a wildcard, or if the stars align knock them out of the playoffs entirely.
  16. But they were not consistent this week. All of the ticky tacky penalties were on Buffalo. People have pointed out the numerous offensive holds that KC got away with. That is the suspicious part. The roughing the passer penalty on Clark was not tricky tacky. He put his whole weight on Allen and another defender intentionally fell onto Allen's legs when he was already on the ground.
  17. It's crazy that we drafted two "raw" prospects that each took a year off of playing football, and both have arguably been the best player at their position on the roster early in their rookie seasons. And this was not supposed to be a strong draft class. Beane knocked it out of the park.
  18. Diggs needed to sell it more. He should have theatrically ripped his arm away and looked at the ref like he can't believe the DB just held his arm down like that. It sounds silly but that kind of stuff works, especially for #1 WRs.
  19. We are also getting incredibly good field position because the defense has been elite. Our average drive start is at the 35.93 yard line which is #1 in the league. The defense is making it very easy on the offense this year. Not that I'm complaining. My preferred metric is DVOA. That has our offense ranked 12th. Last year we were 5th. If this year's offense catches up to last year's offense without the defense missing a step we will be unbeatable. True but defenses know the Ravens want to run the football and sell out to stop it. Their rushing production is more impressive in that light. The Bills run offense is more opportunistic. If we tried to make our run game a focal point it wouldn't work. Defenses facing us respect our pass game and give us light boxes as a result. The crazy thing is last year we got light boxes and still couldn't capitalize. This year the run game has at least been competent.
  20. I know the offense isn't statistically producing as well as last year but it feels a lot more playoff-ready. Last year our entire offense was Allen throwing the ball to WRs. That was it. It's insane that it went as well as it did and it was never going to be sustainable. In the AFCCG the WRs were banged up, the Chiefs DBs were able to get physical, and predictably our offense sputtered. This year we have Knox and Singletary and Moss getting involved. The run game is not elite but it is serviceable. Having a multidimensional offense led by a freak at QB is the kind of thing we dreamed about for 20 years.
  21. This team is so good we ran a vanilla preseason-esque game plan against Houston just to confuse our next opponent and still blew them out 40-0. The 17 point spread should have been reserved for Kansas City.
  22. The problem is QBR and passer rating are efficiency metrics. They don't care about volume. 5/5 for 80 yards and a TD is not as good a stat line as 35/45 for 390 yards and 3 TDs 1 INT, but the lower volume for the first stat line skews the efficiency. It's hard to create a QB statistic that mixes volume with efficiency. IMO Football Outsiders' DYAR is probably the best because it accounts for game situation and opponent, and gives the total value of the QB rather than the per-play value. In that metric Allen is ranked 13th as a passer and 6th as a rusher this year. He had two mediocre games to start the season and we're only 5 games in. If he continues his current level of play he'll find his way to the top of the statistical rankings. In general QB performance is so hard to rank because it's the most context driven position on the team and we don't know what the QB is asked to do on any given play.
  23. I think part of it is that DCs are not really trying to sack him. Like Mahomes or Jackson you just have to keep him contained. If you rush straight at him upfield you end up like Washington in week 3 with a great pass rush win percentage but terrible defensive production.
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