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  1. "Josh Allen looks good in shorts they said. You'll look good too they said."
  2. I have thought for a while now that McDermott will slowly phase out fan attendance at training camp. It creates a competitive disadvantage if our opponents can read/watch fan articles and videos. As it is the media only has access to 1 out of every 3 practices and they can't report on certain things. They can't force fans to avoid reporting those things. I enjoy going to training camp once a year but the bottom line is making it easier to win games.
  3. I'm not saying the Bills are better than the Chiefs. Until we prove it on the field the Chiefs are definitively better than us, no question. I'm hoping between Obada, Rousseau, and Basham, and a 2nd year step from Epenesa, we will have better pass rush production. I'm hoping Edmunds is fully recovered from injury and takes a big step. I'm hoping Oliver takes a big step. Im hoping Breida gives us a speed element. I'm hoping we get Ertz so Allen has a dependable TE check down target. I'm hoping Allen and Daboll finally have a good plan of attack against the Chiefs. Obviously until any of that actually happens it's a bunch of question marks. Some combination of those possibilities is our best chance to overtake the Chiefs. Probably more than anything, we need our WRs to be healthy and Allen to be willing to take easy yards against them. But Julio Jones doesn't solve any of the problems we had against the Chiefs last year. In fact he was inactive for the last 4 games of the season last year so it's doubtful he would have seen the field against them if he'd been on the Bills. And if you think I'm being unfair by factoring in an injury, that's been a recurring problem for him the last couple years. You have to accept it as part of the package with him.
  4. A 2nd and 4th round pick plus cap space that we don't have... By the same logic the Chiefs should have traded for Julio Jones too. But they also can't afford it. I think getting Ertz will be a lot more helpful than you might think. Give Allen a TE that he can trust and he will be more willing to take the easy yards. Hopefully Breida gives us a new element in the run game. Other than that there isn't much room for talent improvement on the offense. The coaches and players simply have to do better against the Chiefs. They don't have an elite defense, there's no real reason for our offense to stumble against them.
  5. The Chiefs took advantage of the fact that we only had WRs to throw the ball to, especially in the 2nd game with all our WRs injured. Also for some reason they confused our o-line and Allen more than anyone else last year. Scheme changes and adding another element to the offense (RB or TE production) are going to be way more important than adding a 32 year old receiver with an extensive injury history. It would also help if our defense could slow them down just a bit in the 2nd half. If our plan to beat the Chiefs is winning a shootout, that's a losing proposition. You beat the Chiefs with 1000 cuts, which again I strongly believe Ertz would help us do more than Jones at this stage.
  6. Our WR passing offense last year was already elite. It would be hard to move the needle any more. I'm much more in favor of trading for Ertz because he actually replaces a weak point on the team. I kind of feel the same way about the move for the Titans. They already had good WR production last year. Obviously Jones is still an upgrade there, it's just hard to improve on something you're already good at. They didn't lose games last year because their WRs weren't good enough. The weaknesses that lost them games are still weaknesses.
  7. Titans will have the same problem we had last year, a bad defense that will get them into too many shootouts. Eventually that catches up with you. I get why they made the trade but it doesn't solve their biggest problem. For the same reason I had no interest in the Bills trading for him, as fun as it would have made our offense to watch.
  8. No I heard, he asked him how the vaccine compliance would affect where training camp will be. Which, again, is not a question for Jordan Poyer. And you could tell he was trying to sidestep around asking how the vaccines would affect the team as a whole. McDermott and Beane have openly talked about it. The players have decided as a team not to. The only reason I got into this discussion is I saw people trying to argue that Wawrow asked the question for some kind of noble journalistic pursuit, all I'm saying is he clearly just asked the question because it's a hot topic controversy and creates buzz. That's his right as a reporter. I'm just calling it what it is.
  9. I wish the players would just get vaccinated and be done with it, but they've made their opinions known and there's not much else to say. It frustrates me. But we already know the answer any player will give to any question related to the vaccine - "we've decided to keep this an internal issue" or "I'm not answering a question about the vaccine" or "that's a question for our coaches." So no one really cares about the answer, just the controversy. We know what McDermott and Beane think, we know what the players have decided together. Any further questions are just meant to rankle the players. In this case it just made the interview really awkward for a couple minutes and we didn't learn anything new. The truth has already been found. We know what Poyer thinks about the vaccine. We know the players aren't going to give specific answers. I very much disagree with his thoughts on the vaccine, but it is what it is. It's the dregs of the NFL offseason so journalists are going to latch onto any controversy they can, that's what this is really about. I feel like I have to keep reminding people that these are football players. They aren't public speakers or social activists or scientists, etc. In some sense players like Poyer and Beasley brought this on themselves by airing their opinions publicly so they have to take some responsibility for that, but now the players have all decided to stop talking about it. Asking more questions won't accomplish anything.
  10. No one actually cares what answer Poyer or anyone else on the team gives. We already know the answer. There's nothing else to learn. The question only matters insofar as it drives conflict, which is the main currency of the internet now. We don't have to pretend Wawrow asked the question because he thinks people want to know what Poyer thinks about the vaccine. He asked the question because it's controversial and now people are talking about it. That's not what journalism is really supposed to be about but in the social media age that's what it's become.
  11. Ertz, no hesitation. CB2 is not that important in McDermott's scheme. Wallace might be a limited player but he doesn't really limit the defense. He's a sound tackler and hits his spot. I still have faith in Dane Jackson too. The offense on the other hand is currently limited to WR only production. I know this is for some reason a controversial opinion around here, but if you traded Knox for Kelce no question in my mind our offense would instantly be better than KC's offense. Not saying Ertz is that good but he is a big upgrade over Knox and gives us a legitimate #1 option at an important position.
  12. Here's a trade idea - Aaron Rodgers for Julio Jones and Matt Ryan. Who says no?
  13. I think Beane just recognizes he has all the leverage in the trade and knows Roseman is going to cave eventually. Ertz isn't going to report to the team, they have no choice but to move on from him. They can release him for $8 million in dead cap, or they can take the best available trade offer and get something back for him. Beane knows it's just a matter of being patient. And I don't think Hollister was necessarily signed as just Kroft's replacement. I think he is legit competition for Knox. Based on the limited media reporting we have from OTAs, Hollister apparently looks pretty good and already has a connection going with Allen. Knox will have a chance to earn the #1 spot, or #2 if the Ertz trade happens, but they're not handing him anything.
  14. His current cap hit is already factored in to their cap space. If they retain say $8 million of his $13 million cap hit, they would still get $5 million back in cap space. In normal trade conditions they wouldn't have to retain any part of his salary, but since Ertz is basically refusing to stay with the team they have no leverage. They can either eat some of his salary to make sure they get a draft pick back for him, or they can release him for nothing and still get hit with $8 million in dead cap. Beane is a smart GM and knows he has the leverage.
  15. From this interview it actually sounds like he expected to have a starting opportunity but didn't get offered one, so he chose the Bills as the best backup job he could take.
  16. If the rumors are true, the Bills are about to trade for Ertz. In that case they are basically admitting they aren't happy with Knox's progress last year. Beane said it publicly to the media before the draft. They aren't waiting around for Knox to hopefully develop. The team is too good to let a depth level player be a starter at an important position. I really hope the Ertz rumor is true.
  17. This is a cool video. And Trubisky has upper tier arm strength in his own right, Allen is just that much better.
  18. I wish him luck. Unfortunately 3rd round picks don't get 3 years of development to show they can play. If he had shown any kind of progress last year the Bills might be more willing to be patient.
  19. Not that it mattered in the grand scheme of things, but the final TD drive against the Pats which gave Allen the Bills single season TD record. At that point we were just toying with them. We didn't need to score, they just decided to give Allen the record and we went out and did it. It ended with what was in my opinion Allen's best throw of the season, the impossible TD to Diggs while rolling left without setting his feet.
  20. Ah wow I completely forgot about Lee Smith. Yeah if they keep 3 TEs Knox is safe, I still see him as 3rd on the depth chart though if we get Ertz. I'm optimistic about Hollister.
  21. I think they like Gilliam as the TE/h-back hybrid. If Ertz and Hollister are here I don't know where Knox fits in. If anything I'm guessing they'd just trade him.
  22. Hollister is supposedly looking good at OTAs so far, already seems to have a better connection with Allen than Knox. This won't be a popular opinion on here but if we do actually trade for Ertz, Knox isn't a lock to make the team.
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