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  1. If you don't agree that Allen had a better game against the Eagles and Chiefs in the playoffs than Mahomes did tonight, I don't believe you. And 100% for sure if Allen played like Mahomes did in the first 3 quarters tonight, we would have been blown out by the 49ers. And that's not unique to Allen. Most teams can't get away with scoring 3 points or less in a half against two different playoff opponents and win both of them.
  2. ...we would have lost. End of conversation. I know this because he played a better game in at least 2 games this year that the Bills still lost. Hopefully one day we'll have the coaching staff and the players around him to get a single Lombardi. I'm past the point of rooting for multiples. Just give me one in the Allen era please.
  3. He has been surrounded by elite players that make clutch plays, and elite coaches, on both sides of the ball. He also did not play especially well in this game. And that's fine. QBs are allowed to play below their highest standard and still win games against great opponents. At least some QBs are. Seriously if anyone's takeaway from this game is "Mahomes just finds a way to get it done" I have about zero respect for your football opinion. Please use your eyes. Disclaimer: None of this is meant to take away from the greatness that is Mahomes. He is one of the best QBs I've ever watched.
  4. He played about as well as his athletic profile could allow for, but still not good enough ultimately. He doesn't have a playmaking bone in his body.
  5. Here we go folks. It's starting. Everybody is going to spend the next 8 months ignoring what they watched with their own eyes and boil it all down to one player.
  6. They literally did stop him for most of the game?? What do you want the 49ers to have even more weapons than they already do? I mean they picked off Mahomes at midfield in an all time stupid throw. 100% guaranteed if it were the Bills the 49ers would have scored a TD and everyone would say "that one's on Allen." Instead the Chiefs defense held them to 0 points. That's why they just won another Super Bowl.
  7. Sure. Also best coach, best defensive player, best pass catcher, best OL in the game. Chiefs are stacked at every level top to bottom.
  8. How is that the takeaway? The Chiefs defense won them this game.
  9. 49ers made it way too easy on their final 2 defensive drives. Wilks tucked his tail between his legs and lost the game.
  10. Boss is playing contain. It's not his fault, it's the gameplan.
  11. If you're gonna give up so much free access, 100% of the time Andy Reid will just have his pass catchers run 6 yards and turn around. Over and over again. I hate that teams let them get away with it.
  12. Hate defensive play calls like that, so soft. Gave up a free 9 yards of space.
  13. No player is as important as the elite QB. But I'll phrase your point like this - the difference between Chris Jones and the best defensive lineman on the Bills is the biggest difference between our teams over the past few years. If I had a choice between replacing Allen for Mahomes or replacing Oliver for Jones, it's a no-brainer.
  14. The Chiefs would have 0 Super Bowl wins without him and only 1 Super Bowl appearance IMO.
  15. By the way this is why you take the ball first. If they hold the Chiefs to a FG, the 49ers only need a FG to win the game on their next drive.
  16. Find a woman that makes you feel as happy as Tony Romo watching the 49ers finally commit to the run
  17. Absurd to start calling offensive holding now.
  18. Lmao can't wait to see Chiefs fans crying on Twitter
  19. It was a nice throw. Deebo just plain dropped it.
  20. But if both teams score the same points on their first drive, the team that received first just needs a FG to win. It's not college rules where it keeps going back and forth.
  21. Also Andy Reid. The last drive was all him and Kelce.
  22. When Kelce retires the AFC will immediately become wide open. We might not see a TE as good as him for 20 years.
  23. They got so scared about giving up a TD that they gave up a FG for free. When will coaches learn? Go down swinging.
  24. Reid > Shanahan. His team was ready for the blitz.
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