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  1. It's not correct to say it is flawed. That's your opinion too. The metric measures what the original person who created it wanted it to. To them, an INT is worth more than a TD, and I completely agree. Throwing an INT is worse for your team than throwing a TD is good for your team. If your TD's equal your INT's, that is a poor day throwing the football. Passer rating is perfectly fine if we understand it and don't try to make it something it isn't.
  2. It's perfectly fine because we all understand, in general, how good of a game the passer had. The closer to 158.3, the better they threw the ball. The lower, the worse they threw the ball. It isn't the only metric you use to look at a QB. That doesn't exist. You have to take into account many different metrics. Passer rating is one, and it should be one. Part of the reason why it should be one is because everyone is used to it and immediately comprehends what a good and bad passer rating is. I like passer rating better than QBR, because I think that inflates rushing stats, but that is another metric to consider, with all the rest. Nobody should look at only one metric and expect to understand how a player performed. They need to all be taken together. It doesn't have any flaws. It does exactly what it purports to do. The flaw is in the interpretation. If someone looks at passer rating and expects to completely understand how a player performed just from that, they are misusing the metric.
  3. Yeah, he's been on our practice squad a lot. I don't think there is some huge demand out there for him. He has looked decent, though.
  4. It has been a tough injury year for corners, but I don't think that negates their worth. There are defensive schemes out there that blitz and rely on man coverage. Corner is more of a premium in those defenses. For ours, I think it is less of a premium because of how much zone we play.
  5. If he ever played for the Bills it would be very difficult for me as a fan. I dispise Hill. Let's hope that never happens. I don't care how good he is at football.
  6. I'd cut Jonathan, personally. Especially since Phillips is a ticking injury time bomb at DT. Poona Ford is good insurance for when that happens.
  7. I don't think Hill watched press conferences. He'll be oblivious, I'm sure, even if Tua was directing something at him, which is a big if.
  8. Well, there have been a lot of great teams in the past who have prioritized cornerback. There isn't just one way to do it. McDermott is great at getting the secondary to maximize their potential, though, so in the past he has skimped there and invested in other areas, until he paid Tre. I think he felt that Tre earned it and he wanted to send the message that when you earn it the Bills will do right by you, within reason. But I don't think that having an elite corner is critical to McDermott’s scheme.
  9. Hill has always been a self absorbed dirt bag. I'm sure he is a frustrating teammate to have, but everyone looks the other way because of his physical abilities. We'll see how long that lasts when he gets older and loses a step. As for Tua's remarks, I don't think he is trying to call anyone out. He's just trying to say the right things and get through his media duties.
  10. Eventually they will have to make a move on the dline. I don't think it makes much sense to carry so many for the rest of the season once Von is back.
  11. That's nonsense. They all want to be head coaches. Of course they do.
  12. Wouldn't they cut Kingsley Jonathan? He hasn't gotten a ton of snaps and they could add him back to the practice squad. The Bills could elevate Ja’Marcus Ingram at CB. He looked pretty good in the preseason for the Bills. Then find a vet to sign to the practice squad to get up to speed. Trading for one would be very surprising to me. But anything is possible.
  13. You gave zero grades. You did mention Allen was above 80, but didn't show his exact grade. You mentioned Jones graded high, but did not give his grade, etc.
  14. They still rotate, and part of that is game planning and down and distance.
  15. Shouldn't you post the grades if you reference them multiple times?
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