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  1. They don't want to face is. Let Pittsburgh have a shoot so they can destroy them later. Just need to take care of business are self
  2. Well if we don't respond here season is done. Chargers gaining confidence that we need to snuff out
  3. Still not happy with are time management. 2:12 left in the game and you throw it 3 times taking 15 seconds off the clock. Run it 3 time. Avoid a sack and keep the clock running. I guess thats to easy for McDermott and his staff
  4. Run the ball. Everyone is sitting on the pass on 1st down. Dorsey is predictable
  5. Not one to B word about the refs but they had a huge part in losing
  6. There's the reason Dabol wasn't giving a Hc job. Doesn't know you need to run the ball
  7. Can we not rush the ball up the middle? OC is the problem. We now know why he was passed up for HC job
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