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  1. I concur. God is real! It’s really so amazing to see how Damar’s life is drawing so many to this same realization in their personal faith journey.
  2. Rd 1: Bills smash Dolphins - Ravens defeat Bengals - Jags defeat Bolts Rd 2: Bills smash Jags - Ravens defeat KC Rd 3: Ravens come to Buffalo and get SMASHED in the AFC Championship game by our Bills of destiny! No KC or Cincy. No neutral site. SB LVII road runs thru Orchard Park.
  3. Sad but true. Many “fans” would turn. Not just on Allen but on McBean as well.
  4. This whole “the-sky-is-falling” mentality is so weak. The great thing about the NFL is the unpredictable nature of each game. Literally every game matters. Just ask the ‘07 Pats. Just ask Sean McVay after last night’s comeback. You gonna tell me the joy on his face was not real even though the win brought his team’s record up to a lowly 4-9? The Bills are battle tested and have a core coaching staff and roster full of players who have seen and done it all. They all BLEED Bills red, white and blue and they all give their 110% for each other and for us as fans. That’s all we can ask for. 13 seconds be damned. I’m gonna enjoy this ride. Regardless of how this season or next season or the season after ends, we’ll all be glad we were there to watch as Josh, Diggs, Tre, Milano, Po, Hyde, Oliver, Dawkins and the rest of this core gave everything they had on and off the field for our team and our community.
  5. Not even a close race. Singletary needs to get the Christian McCaffery treatment from a few years back with the Panthers. he doesn’t come off the field unless he needs a breather or is injured. I'm not in any way saying Singletary is close to the back CMac is but he IS the perfect back for Dorsey, Allen and this offense.
  6. Others who deserve consideration: moulds dubenion shaw Talley Bennett tasker Hull K Williams
  7. Of all the dumb threads on this site… this may be the dumbest… and that is truly saying something. Happy Thanksgiving though. for real!
  8. Kelly is too low on your list but I agree with everyone else. Although it pains me to agree with the OJ pick but I know we have to separate the man from the player. might have Kelly at 4 behind Bruce, JA17 and Thurm. *disclaimer - JA could lose his place on the list with a Cam Newton-like fall in play or a Andrew Luck-like early retirement.
  9. As we’ve discussed in the past… the ESPN QBR system is wildly flawed. how in the world is Jalen Hurts’ a 65 for his 60%, 155yds, 6yds pa, 2td game and Josh is a 60 with 67%, 329yds, 8yds pa, 3td game? the “fumble” is the only semi-reasonable answer I can find and even that seems unreasonable. Utterly ridiculous ratings system that sports pontificators will use at the end of the season to show Hurts is somehow more deserving of MVP votes. Allen: https://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore/_/gameId/401437788 Hurts: https://www.espn.com/nfl/boxscore/_/gameId/401437789
  10. Shakir IS the punt returner. since crowder was hurt. mcK has not been the punt returner at all this season.
  11. Jordan Poyer. best safety in the league. Seen it all and he’s gonna be the one who makes those game changing plays for this Buffalo D.
  12. Based on what information do you come to this conclusion? This team plays one way and they don’t change their game plan based on the perceived “weakness” of an upcoming opponent. That’s what great teams do. They impose their will on their opponent. They are going to throw 30+ times every game. Hell, they threw 30 times in 50mph winds last year against the Pats. the Steelers are not a walkover opponent. Not as long as Mike Tonkin is their coach. They’ve been in every game this season and they beat the AFC Super Bowl team from last season. the Bills will come out slinging it around like they always do hoping to be able to trot Keenum out in the 4th quarter if everything goes perfectly.
  13. Using the Chiefs regular season game this year as “championship-quality” barometer is as pointless as using last year’s regular season Chiefs game. The Bills go to Arrowhead and whoop tail and for what…? it’s a one week at a time league. It’s not just cliche when McD, Allen, Diggs, and Miller say that over and over. The key is to win enough regular season games to secure the number 1 seed. One single regular season win or loss is never a true indication of “championship quality.”
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