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  1. I don’t even have to read past the title to know this is absolute trash. Like worse-than-Jalen-Ramsey-calling-Josh-Allen-trash…. trash. This is such a total and utter recency bias take. this is screen-shot worthy so the whole world can remind you of this trash take in February when you are making your plans to attend the parade. do us all a favor and stay home that day. thanks!
  2. Moulds and Brown made the playoffs in ‘99 and ‘00 with Flutie/Johnson
  3. Entertaining video. painful reminder.
  4. I like Colin everyday. Good show. He’s been high on the Bills and JA17 for a while now. he gets a bad rap for some crazy takes but he’s an entertainer who gets paid to find a new way of framing things. He’s no where near as annoying as Stephen A, Skip, or Nick Wrong!
  5. This is a unique thread about our unique QB. Good read for sure
  6. That was last year’s goodby. this is the message for this year…
  7. Thanks Gugny. I’m not sure how a thread that started out as an appreciation post could have possibly turned into a semi-controversial debate but… I guess that’s just the way it is (as Hornsby would say). at the end of the day I was trying to appreciate the humility and honesty of a super star athlete in a day and age where super star athletes are often aloof, arrogant, and unrelatable. for those trying to turn it into something more than that… I have nothing for you except… Go Bills!
  8. Add Mac Jones to this list and you have a triumvirate of excellent Alabama QBs who are average-at-best NFL QBs.
  9. Oh… gotcha. So you actually were saying that you know better than Josh what Josh was intending to do. I guess I just couldn’t fathom that kind of arrogance till this very moment. well, I guess there isn’t any further need for actual intelligent discussion here since you have already informed us of your x-men-mind-reading abilities. perhaps, however, you should leave your contact info here and hope someone from the front office reads this thread. I’d say you could be an unbelievably valuable asset to the Bills for this playoff run.
  10. I am almost sure it hit the heel of a Bills player and bounced straight to Hyde. As another thread has already stated… all the bounces went Buffalo’s way last night.
  11. straight from the mouth of QB1 https://www.trendsmap.com/twitter/tweet/1482590755835240448
  12. During his press conference, Allen was asked about the first TD to Knox and after his typical, boyish sarcasm he straight up admitted he was trying to throw the ball away and didn’t even know why the crowd was cheering so loud until a few moments after the play. A follow up question was something like, “when that happened did you know it was going to be a special night” and without hesitation Josh said “oh yeah!” with a huge grin on his face. I just want to say how refreshing it is to see every Bills player, even our biggest star, live out the “Humble & Hungry” mantra of our HC. I really feel like the majority of QBs in this league would have had too much pride to admit they were throwing that ball away. Go Bills!
  13. This is the full truth summed up. When JA17 says “Go Bills” it is for real. And it started from the beginning of his tenure. His little smirk when he reminded the press his 2nd year that the Bills were NY’s ONLY team. He is where he is supposed to be.
  14. Kelly is indisputably the king of Buffalo QBs at this point. And he has become one of my favorite people in his post playing life. His life has been rocked by hardship and he has become a much better man, husband, father and friend through it all. However, as a kid I still remember Kelly was not the nicest or best person back in his playing days. He hated the thought of playing in buffalo. He was the catalyst behind the bickering bills issues in 88 & 89. It took all-time teammates like Thurman and Tasker to help him get over his diva approach to playing. He was used to the “bling” of the U and the USFL Houston Gamblers. Blue collar buffalo, family, team-first, etc. Those things all took him a long time to figure out. That is why my list of “favorite” Bills QBs is in this order: 1. JA17 he has been a humble, team-first, blue collar buffalo guy from day 1. 2. Fitz He loved Buffalo and he got the most out of his limited ability during his time with the Bills. 3. Kelly see above.
  15. 1. Big win 2. Run game showed signs of life w/o Allen doing the heavy lifting 3. O-Line (especially pass blocking) is so bad it’s sad.
  16. He won’t be doing anything against the Bills tomorrow. He’s on the Covid list. he’s had a good but underwhelming 2nd season so far. Wouldn’t say he’s a disappointment but there isn’t much buzz surrounding him either.
  17. Agreed. And he would not have been brought back if Darnold didn’t get hurt. It was basically a desperation move and a PR ploy.
  18. Lifetime Bills fan here. Born and raised in western NY. Charlotte resident since ‘99. In the interest of full disclosure, the Panthers are my 2nd fav team. But they are a million miles distant from my passion for the Bills. With that said let me just tell you I haven’t talked to a single charlotte resident who thinks the Panthers have a snowball’s-chance-in-Carolina this week. We all had high hopes for a matured, humbled, and improved Cam to give us a feel-good story in his return to Carolina. It took about 5 quarters of football for all the “feel-good” to turn to “frustration” like a Trent Edwards check down on 3rd and 12. When Christian Mac got shelved for the 2nd year in a row everyone jumped ship. To say that Charlotte knows nothing about being a football town is an understatement. The only bit of energy coming from any fans I talk to is regarding the Diggs / Gilmore matchup. Gilmore is somewhat of a hometown kid having played just across the SC border in high school. He’s been a great fit for this panthers D and his status as a former Bills star makes the storyline even better. I see this one getting out of hand early in favor of the Bills. Carolina’s D is strong but the Bills are pissed and they ain’t messin’ around with a close game to an inferior opponent. I see McD & Frazier switching things up some this week and playing a bunch of press man and blitzing a good bit in the first half. Cam & Walker can’t handle pressure. When it’s all said and done I’m predicting a happy south charlotte household at around 4:15 Sunday afternoon. 34-10 Bills
  19. I know this is click bait but I don’t care… I’m in. DIVISION WINNER? since when do they crown division winners with 5 weeks left in the season? SB Favorite?? stop it. Just stop it. no doubt BB is a masterful, all-time great coach. Probably the greatest ever. But let’s not start adding hardware to his trophy case just yet. JA17 and the boys still might have something to say about all that.
  20. This line of thinking is true for every team who doesn’t pick 1st in every round. Think how many fans are saying the same thing about Allen, White, Knox, Edmunds, Davis, etc. Also keep in mind how important culture is to McBean when they draft. Not saying Fournette is a bad fit for the Bills but I don’t get worn out second guessing their draft history. Like every team, they’ve had some “woulda, coulda, shoulda’s” but they’ve also build this team into a contender for years to come. I say let’s ride with these guys win or lose and at the end of the day be grateful for what we have!
  21. I’m interested to get feedback on this: if Tua or Jalen Hurts were the QB on the 2021 Pats would they be having the winning, highly efficient season that Mac Jones is? just wondering since those are the two guys that kept Mac Jones on the Crimson Tide bench until his senior year. He’s in the perfect system for his skill set. Even so… it sure seems like Mac makes the right read and delivers a catchable, on-time ball about 90% or more of the time.
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