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  1. the title for this post and the discussion on this post vary greatly. Diggs and Bease are damn near unstoppable. It's like watching guys that have played together for years. the chemistry, camaraderie, and connection between these three is really great. Add John Brown to the mix next week and I'm thinking AFC defensive coordinators are going to be losing sleep over the film they will be watching to prepare for a playoff matchup.
  2. Should be 21-0 right now if Roberts doesn’t gift wrap one for the Pony’s
  3. I mostly agree although I think he has locked in on Diggs a bit too much today. he had Bease wide open on the quick out on the last drive where he airmailed it down the field to Diggs on 3rd down.
  4. Arm strength is so underrated in the NFL. as great as Brees is... no way he completes that pass!
  5. I get what you were meaning to say but I still contend it’s a bad comparison. Give any of the top “Franchise” QBs the same team Cousins have and I’m betting that team is in the playoffs this season.
  6. Horrible example. Cousins is Andy Dalton, Chad Pennington, Jeff Garcia, Erik Kramer, Jake Delhomme, Alex Smith & Dante Culpepper. like Cousins, all of those QBs had some great seasons. They all made Pro Bowls. They all gave their fan base “hope” for a while. Not one of them would ever be compared to the greats. Same way Cousins will never be in the same conversation with JA when it’s all said and done.
  7. No thanks. Keep building through the draft and building the foundation of this team on Rookie contracts. some positions have to get paid. RB is not one of those positions.
  8. True statement about Wood. Great player but wouldn’t start on this team. Still would love to have him on the roster. moulds played on multiple playoff teams thus making him unavailable based on the parameters given.
  9. How cool that the sports-celebrity “talking-heads” are hyping up our finally-too-good-to-be-true Bills team. This is great for us fans. Just as long as the players don’t start watching and getting a big head. The Bills can just go ahead and win the next 7 games and that will guarantee anyone and everyone ranking them #1.
  10. Fred Jackson. No doubt #1. Kyle Williams #2 Eric Wood #3 stephon Gilmore #4
  11. Good take for sure. I agree with everything you said. I also agree with Miyagi about hitting the downfield throws... just once could he lay out a nice, catchable deep ball to an open receiver. If he throws that ball to Davis at the numbers rather than up the seam... whew... easy TD.
  12. Why does this have to be the year the AFC is so damn loaded??? first round opponent could be TN, Bal, Indy, Clev, etc. All good teams. there won’t be any gimme playoff games for any AFC team this season. Whoever comes out of the AFC will have earned their SB trip. That’s for sure.
  13. Stop. Knox is not a world beater by any stretch but he is consistent as a blocker and, as evidenced by his HUGE 3rd down conversion in the 4th, he is fast. Let’s see if he finishes the season strong. If not, I got no problem with McBean shooing for an upgrade in the offseason. Till then, Knox is our TE1.
  14. I have a son who played QB from middle school to the FCS level of college ball. I've watched first-hand - and what I think the contributors to this thread are missing is - the change started 10+ years ago on the middle school level. There used to be stigma about the best "athletes" playing QB so coaches took the biggest, fastest, strongest players and made them RBs, WRs, DEs, & LBs. Not anymore. I've watched it happen over and over again... some of the best athletes in Middle School are now the QBs. That has a trickle-UP effect. Those big, fast, strong, athletic, QBs transition into High School, then into College and eventually we have Cam Newton, Ryan Tannehill, Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen defining a new era of QB play.
  15. Haha... no chance this statement is true. I promise the guys busted his balls in film this week. Every QB ever born would rather throw a TD than force a ball into a guy triple covered. Given that same look again, Josh throws to Smith in a heartbeat.
  16. Better than that deep out to Brown at the pylon against the Raiders?
  17. Nope. Ronnie Harmon is your guy. Rob Riddick was TD machine/short yardage specialist.
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