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  1. Glad you don’t coach with that take, we would not ever even score a point, best offense in the NFL and our coach sucks, okay, you not so bright are ya?
  2. Same Giants that just got destroyed last week by the Lions? They will lose by 14 or more today. Their coaching sucks and players suck. Whoops wrong team?
  3. Not Dorsey either, great game all around. Lost Dawkins on the line and Morse and we still get the win. Great job coaches!
  4. Fire you, you suck! D played outstanding today, AJ Klein was great, no Rousseau, Miller, Espeasnsa, Edmunds and got the win great coach getting the backups to preform, Great draft pick in Oliver, Glad you are not the coach because you started a idiotic thread.
  5. You suck too, maybe you can get fired from this board?
  6. Done with this site, too many COMPLETE IDIOTS on here that know nothing of coaching or playing the game. It is embarrassing that you are fans of this team, go be fan of another team, losers here. Out!
  7. Was Cooks fault, watch the play and learn the game. Maybe that is why he does not get more time because of stupid routes like that.
  8. We are winning and do it last year without Miller, so let’s see what happens, you all negative navies are pathetic
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