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  1. Yes. Had this Josh been showing like the other Josh then I would have 2nd thoughts. It's clear we're finally playing chess rather than checkers.
  2. Maybe Bradham for depth. Guys cut by mcbeane...0%. Cut by Rex or prior regime I could see. Lee Smith came back so it has happened.
  3. The game is being replayed on nfl network right now. I've had it on as I've been doing other things so only half paying attention. As much as it stings watching this I'm excited about next season.
  4. If the scenario plays out that we get Johnson and upgrade our draft picks at the same time sure why not. It would be a short term investment using money that may not be spent elsewhere anyways. This assumes he's healthy.
  5. For some reason drafting Willis Mcgahee was the 1st thing that popped into my mind. Hiring Rex was the 2nd thing.
  6. Some of those player introductions had me rolling. Great find op.
  7. I think he'd be a great rotational fit for us. He put up decent stats with bad QBs last year. Would also be a great mentor to 2 young guys with some potential. Plus he can wear that winter beanie he always does without sweating so much.
  8. I had read that defenses were more aware of Allen's running ability and that also helped them diagnose screens easier. No doubt our lack of execution was a big part of the problem too.
  9. As long as he shows he's still got skill in TC next year I could see some team in need giving a 5th. Beane has gotten better return on some of his trades than most of us ever thought he could.
  10. I hope Beane waits until training camp starts before making any decision. See what #46 & #33 look like with another year experience. Also see if poyer loses a step as he is getting older. I like Poyer but don't think he sticks around unless it's a real team friendly deal. Wouldn't shock me to see him get traded.
  11. I know it tells his blockers but is it actually in the rule book the same way the fair catch signal is? If not it will be. The NFL wrote/worded so many rules specifically to remove judgement calls from the refs. Was tough to hear common sense officiating when it should be black and white.
  12. Is that arms out gesture that many returners have been making an official fair catch signal? They all do the same and I always just thought it was just to tell their team, not an official signal. Some rules have room for judgement others do not. This one doesn't. Unless that's an official fair catch type signal...betcha it will be next year...that was a live ball. Sucks but it is what it is.
  13. Total crap but they called it by the book. I thought this rule was added to stop blind side blocks after ints etc. but they've been calling it on o lineman this year because of how the rule is worded. This has to be changed in the off season. What's the guy supposed to do...just let him hit the QB???
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