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  1. Maybe Someday

    WTF with the “feel bad for Peterman” posts?

    I once saw a total stranger get hit by a car. That is the sympathy I feel for NP. Seemed like a nice guy that just shouldn't have been in the road.
  2. Maybe Someday

    Bills Jets killing me this week in fantasy football

    Maybe Lamar Jackson if you're really desperate. At least he plays in some different packages.
  3. Maybe Someday

    Coach Length To Put Program In

    For starters, he had a very talented QB heading into his 2nd year and also one of if not the best RB in the game waiting for him. That's a combination that not too many 1st time HCs get. In the history of the NFL, what McVay has been able to accomplish in his first 2 seasons is more of an anomaly, not the norm. EDIT: By saying that, I'm not trying to diminish what McVay has been able to do. He's a heck of a coach but having the right pieces in place for him to install his offense has greatly helped.
  4. Maybe Someday

    Coach Length To Put Program In

    Actually, as sarcastic as my post was meant to be, I believe it does represent some of the things I've seen posted on TSW over the past few weeks.
  5. Maybe Someday

    Coach Length To Put Program In

    &$%# that, I demand satisfaction NOW!!! McD & Beane haven't done everything exactly as I wanted them to so they need to be fired yesterday. If the new guys don't field an elite team by week 6 of next year, fire them too. Eventually they'll hire me and we'll go 19-0 cuz I've got all the answers. Signed, Way too many posters on TSW
  6. Maybe Someday

    Ed Oliver or Greg Little?

    I don't follow college FB all that much so at first I thought this was about signing Greg Little, the WR that we had in camp a few years ago.
  7. Maybe Someday

    Play of the game......Stanford's whiff

    Well, as Booger said, he is 1 Popeye's biscuit away from being a tight end. That plus he did blow out his knee in I think his 2nd year.
  8. Maybe Someday

    Brandon Beane deserves to be fired tomorrow

    Come on man, they all say they want to play for their current team for life.
  9. Maybe Someday

    Brandon Beane deserves to be fired tomorrow

    Sammy admitted last year while with the Rams that he was selfish and not the best teammate while in Buffalo. The change of scenery helped him grow up. I viewed getting rid of him like a baseball trade. We weren't resigning him to the contract he would have demanded so we got something for him while we could.
  10. Maybe Someday

    Brandon Beane deserves to be fired tomorrow

    This place is solid gold. I think I just got hit with a piece of the falling sky. McBeane will get a fair shot to finish executing their plan. Will it work? Maybe, maybe not but I am fairly certain that if we just continually turnover the staff, we'll continue going nowhere. This is one of the points I tried to make in the fire McD thread. What coach or GM worth a damn will want to come here if we keep pulling the plug so quickly? But what if those players, as physically talented as they are, only add laziness and selfishness to that culture? All while taking up very large chunks of cap space. I hate to use them as an example because I don't want to put McD in the same category as Belicheat but look at the "Patriot* way". It doesn't matter how talented a guy is, if he doesn't get with the plan and do his job to the best of his ability every singe play, he's gone. Belicheat was that way from day #1 in Cleveland before he was the hooded one. All 53 need to buy in and move forward in the same direction for a team to be successful. Those who don't end up being cancers in the locker room. Plenty of other teams have gotten rid of talented players for that very reason as well.
  11. Maybe Someday

    The Bills/Panthers Connection

    There's probably a former Bill on every other team at this point.
  12. I had the redzone channel on all day yesterday and had no issues. Glad I'm not the only one having things not appear in my DVR list. I just thought my box was getting old and that I would have to replace it soon. I had also been having some issues with my 2nd and 3rd wireless boxes as well. The main one being that every time I'd turn those on the display would be in 480 rather than 1080 and no matter what setting I'd change, I could not get it to be widescreen. It would say 1080 supported but would still be standard screen. I hit the button on the side countless times, changed the HDMI, unplugged it for a few hours but nothing worked. In playing with the menu settings, I found an option to reset the box to default. Once I did that, all issues with both boxes have gone away. The display has stayed at the settings it should, the ridiculous delay we were having is gone and everything in my DVR list has been visible. I wish I could do that to the main box as well but I would assume resetting to default settings will delete everything on my DVR.
  13. Maybe Someday

    Opposing Fan Ettiquete

    That line moves depending on what stadium you are in and the type of people around you but I think a lot of it is the vibe you give off. If you are only yelling and angry, the people around you will probably feel the same way toward you, after all, you are an enemy in their house that day. If you come across as happy and make it a point early on to connect with the other fans around you on a human level rather than just as fans of opposing teams, they are more likely to return that same attitude to you. Engaging with and even respectfully joking around with them early on about their team, city and/or life in general will probably buy you more leeway later on. No matter what you do, it's never OK for anyone to put their hands on you or anyone else though.
  14. Maybe Someday

    The True reason to fire McDermott

    That would be me...Thurman's been doing it for me so I didn't feel the need to lol. He and I are more on the same page regarding the topic at hand so I figured I'd let him take the reigns...especially after it seemed to go from a discussion to an argument. We all have differences in opinion but arguing with someone on a chat board isn't my style. I think it's time for us all to just agree to disagree. You and many others obviously don't like McD or Beane and want them gone less than halfway into year #2. That's your right to feel that way. I see that as being counterproductive and would be utterly shocked if it actually happened. I think there's a better chance of me winning the Mega Millions tonight than McD or Beane getting fired this year. My final thoughts on the subject... We've had regime after regime think that they could come in, add a few pieces and win now but it's never worked. I don't recall hearing any of those prior regimes speak of building an organization (not just the team) from the foundation up with the goal of building a perennial winner. That is what makes McBeane different to me. They didn't come in saying they could win now, they said the opposite. They set the expectation that they wanted to build the franchise into one that truly is in the playoff discussion year after year...by more than just a few talking heads here and there on TV. Some like to point out how it's because we've only hired bad coaches. My question to them is what caliber of coach do you think we'll be able to hire if our 3rd straight coach only lasts 2 years? That would only add to the perception that I believe exists around the league that we're an unstable, joke of a franchise. IMO, we'd have no shot to get the next offensive mastermind unless they absolutely love Allen more than any other QB on a team with a HC opening, which is doubtful. Even if we do, it's not like we'll suddenly be good I also don't understand how so many can already conclude with such certainty that McBeane cannot build an offense just because it hasn't happened yet. So I'm not having patience just to have patience like many of us have done in the past. I'm having patience because I like that we finally have a regime that is not doing the same old thing as all the others have in the past. I think they deserve a chance to continue moving forward based on the 9 wins last year and what appears to be 2 solid drafts. This season sucks so far but I expected it to from the start, maybe not quite to this degree but we're playing so many young players that are still learning that it's not a total shock to me. I'm more worried about the young guys getting experience and developing than I am about wins this year. If we see no changes by this time next year, then I'll be on board with you, I'm just not there yet. Cheers Avi!!
  15. Maybe Someday

    DeVante Parker tonight

    Compared to what we have, practically everyone is worth a look. I can't see trading for Parker though, we'd have to give up too much to get them to trade within the division. I don't know much about his measurables, etc but he kind of looked a little slow to me last night. Does he have some speed or is basically Zay Jones with a little more experience?