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  1. Maybe Someday

    Caption This

    Ref: "Hey Tommy. You got those tickets to Maui?" 12: "Sure do. 1st class and I got you a suite at the resort you like. I'll throw in all inclusive bar if you call a penalty anytime someone touches me.” Ref: “Thanks Tommy. You take sure good care of us.” 12: "Least I could do, you’ve never let me down.”
  2. Maybe Someday

    Super Bowl Wish vs. Prediction

    Pulling for Colts but think it'll be the Saints. They are a team on a mission after losing to the Vikings the way they did last year. Wouldn't mind if Rivers got one but would absolutely hate that for the old fans in San Diego.
  3. Maybe Someday

    Brandon Reilly (Former Bill) now in Dallas

    That's the one!!! This one was in NY against the Giants. If there was 1 against the Pats, that must have been the other play he made.
  4. Maybe Someday

    Brandon Reilly (Former Bill) now in Dallas

    LOL. Why no love for Naaman? He at least made a good play or 2 in a real game.
  5. Maybe Someday

    Tremaine Edmunds - Season Highlights

    Like pretty much every other rookie to ever play in the NFL, it was clear that at times he still had to think about what he was doing rather than just react. That should be expected, especially when teams like NE* specifically scheme to confuse a rookie. Those instances will almost certainly decrease as he gains experience and learns the defense in and out. I don't think most fans are overrating him, we just see a lot of natural ability and are excited about the possibilities that his future may hold. Thanks OP for posting the highlights.
  6. He's young and I expect bad plays/games throughout the year but his lack of impact plays this season has me a little worried. He does have a ton of physical tools so hopefully he can mature both mentally and physically.
  7. Maybe Someday

    Josh Allen and QBs bought the OL iPads for Christmas

    Totally weak. Where was Derek Anderson's veteran wisdom on that one???
  8. Maybe Someday

    Charles Clay- the most useless player ever

    Just play Croom the rest of the season to see what he can do. Get rid of Clay in whatever method makes the most cap sense.
  9. Maybe Someday

    Hire Kliff Kingsbury

    The ranks are bad but he never really had a chance to succeed at any of these stops. Look at the starting QBs Daboll had to work with: 2009 - CLE - Brady Quinn (9) / Derek Anderson (7) 2010 - CLE - Colt McCoy (8) / Jake Delhomme (4) / Seneca Wallace (4) - HC Eric Mangini fired after the season 2011 - MIA - Chad Henne (4)Matt Moore (12) - HC Tony Sparano fired with 3 games remaining 2012 - KC - Matt Cassel (8) / Brady Quinn (8) - HC Romeo Crennel fired after the season I don't think any coach could be successful with those QBs and having to deal with all that change. I also don't think we know what type of system he can run because he's never had the players to run it. For Allen's sake, I think some continuity would be good. I'd be fine with adding Kingsbury to the coaching staff as an offensive assistant or QB coach, just not the OC.
  10. Maybe Someday

    Question on jerseys at Bills store

    The $100 one has held up fine for me. The $300 ones are basically replicas of the actual jerseys worn on game day so they are tailored more for on field performance; they have ventilation, etc. Link below provides the differences between them. https://www.nflshop.com/jersey-sizing/x-353993+z-93125774-294430355
  11. Maybe Someday

    TBD Secret Language re. Buffalo Bills

    WTHIGOAH = What The Hell Is Going On Around Here TANY = There's Always Next Year
  12. Maybe Someday

    McDermatology Will Be a Menacing "Sore" for Future NFL Offences

    OP needs a breathalyzer on his computer. Or maybe we all need a few shots and a bong hit to get on that level.
  13. To me it was a fun game to watch because it doesn't happen very often. If that becomes the norm, it'll lose its luster. Let's see if one of these teams actually wins the Super Bowl before we talk about how they changed the future of the game. There have been a lot of great offenses over the years that put up great numbers but didn't win the ultimate prize. Typically offense wins awards, defense wins championships.