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  1. The ruling on that play was that Josh never actually possessed the ball. Right or wrong they ruled he just tapped the snap to the guy in motion. On the jet sweep type play as long as the QB possesses the snap he can flip it any way he wants to the receiver running in front of him including underhand and it will be considered a forward pass. They got the call right last week. We're on to Miami.
  2. We need to do sign Cooper to a huge FA contract this spring. Imagine him on 1 side, JB on the other with the Beas working the slot? Plus a more seasoned Knox.
  3. I've just noticed that after the Saints got screwed earlier this year when refs blew a play dead as an incomplete pass (not a play like this) rather than letting the 80+ yard fumble return for a TD, the refs have been letting things play out more often...especially late in close games. Basically a CYA type thing. Also it doesn't matter on this play if the ball goes forward, as long as it doesn't clearly go backwards. It can go straight up and would still be considered incomplete if the WR drops it.
  4. Because all turnovers are reviewed the refs are letting things play out so they can ensure it gets reviewed and is correct without a coach having to challenge.
  5. This wasn't a one off, it's quite common and has been around a few years. We've been running it all year. So have many other teams. It's already been evaluated from an officiating standpoint as well. Some call it a pop pass and does not have to go forward to be ruled incomplete. When the play first came out the QB often turned and handed it off to the WR running behind them. When that was botched it was a fumble. Now the WR always runs in front of the QB and the QB & WR are never touching the ball at the same time.
  6. I'm surprised so many think that was a fumble. This play isn't a new thing this year. This has happened to a lot of teams going back to last season at least and I've heard the in booth ref explain exactly why it's an incomplete pass so many times including today. As long as the QB catches the snap he can toss it underhand straight up in the air and it would be considered a forward pass. It does not have to actually go forward. Now if the QB tosses it backwards then it would be a fumble. That is why they never just hand it to the WR, its always tossed so it's considered a pass. I was so excited that we sealed the game but as soon as the 1st replay i knew it was coming back.
  7. It's my understanding that our DTs job is to stay in their gaps and clog up the o-line to make sure they can't get to the LBs on the 2nd level, not shed blocks to try and make a play. We play gap control team defense. When everyone holds their gap there's nowhere for the RB to go. In your research did you find what adjustments we made in games? Last week AP ran for over 100 in the 1st half. We shut him down in the 2nd. Against the Giants Barkley ran for like 70 on the 1st drive then shut him down too.
  8. Hope the Cowboys give it to him. That way I'll know they'll be mediocre for years to come.
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