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  1. I ended up benefitting from that idiot so assuming he didn't hurt anyone when he fell, I'm giving this guy a pass. For every game since that happened, there has been a security guard stationed at the 4 corners of the stadium where those wires attach to keep anyone from trying it again. I had the good fortune to be one of those security guards for multiple games in the mid 90's. Best job I ever had!!! I got paid to sit there and watch the game and never had to stop anyone. Had quite a few laughs with people once they realized what I was actually doing. In my opinion, the Wall of Shame idiot fan award goes to the guy that was sliding down the railing in the upper deck and fell over the side onto someone else below. There have been a lot of people doing a lot of stupid things but there haven't been too many that have resulted in injuries to innocent bystanders. More often than not, they just end up hurting no one but themselves/their reputation. Wall of Shame player award goes to Vontae Davis quitting at halftime. There have been so many boneheaded plays/players over the years but at least they were trying. If it's that bad, you suck it up for 2 more hours and retire at the post game podium. Wall of Shame front office award goes to hiring Marv as GM. He wasn't qualified to do the job, Ralph just wanted someone he thought he could trust. Honorable mention goes to how Whaley was handled by ownership. No doubt the guy made some mistakes but he seemed to have the least amount of power I've even seen a GM have. What GM has worked with that many coaches and doesn't appear to have been given the power to hire any of them?
  2. I don't know the exact rules either but I think when it comes to trademarking nicknames, you do have to be commonly referred to by that name in order to have it trademarked. I'm thinking of the Dolphins DB whose request to TM FitzMagic got denied because most people associate that name with Ryan Fitzpatrick and not him. The tough part of this Tom Terrific thing may be that they played in different eras. To this generation, Brady probably is Tom Terrific. To the generation before and to Mets fans, Tom Seaver will always be the one and only Tom Terrific.
  3. So Jim...what's the key to hosting legendary post game parties in your basement?
  4. Don’t forget about the inevitable midseason “cut them now” threads. Someone isn’t playing well, doesn’t matter that there’s no one available who is better to replace them with, just cut them now.
  5. Great news!!! I might be able to take in my 1st training camp practice since they were in Fredonia!!! I believe that all of the Panthers TC practices are open to the public. There are a ton of Bills fans down here as well so I would not be surprised if a bunch showed up. I could even see Tavern on the Tracks organizing a bus trip to Spartanburg. We might make it feel like the Panthers are the visiting team. F$@# that!! This is Buffalo South!!!
  6. The play that stands out in my memory that has yet to be mentioned was in the early 90s against the Rams in Buffalo, I believe it was opening day. Bills punt and just as the Rams returner (IIRC it was former Bill Vernon Turner) catches the ball, Tasker just lights him up. Timed it perfectly.
  7. Exactly. I'd love to know which team he works for.
  8. That's been Buffalo's flag since 1924. The thirteen stars signify New York's status as one of the original Thirteen Colonies. The matching number of electric flashes celebrate Buffalo as one of the first cities to deploy electric service widely. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Buffalo,_New_York
  9. Here it is. Edit...for the record, I had no idea the city of Buffalo had their own flag either.
  10. While I'm sure that Beane & Co have at least had this discussion, it was most likely a very brief one. There are just too many reasons why this wouldn't make any sense for a team like the Bills or even the Chiefs. If he goes anywhere, Rosen will go to a team that is currently or will soon be looking for their franchise QB, not one that believes they have drafted one in the past 3 years. All of those teams, the Bills and Chiefs included, are all in on the guy they drafted and will use those resources to build a team around them. In the salary cap and FA era, that 1st or 2nd round pick that it would take to get Rosen is too valuable for any team to use on a player that they hope will never see the field. Teams need contributions from players while they are on those rookie deals. Anyone who trades a 1st or 2nd round pick for Rosen does so expecting him to be their starter in the very near future, not to be insurance.
  11. I have to wonder if the NFL also provides some direction on what some of these players performing the now illegal blocks were supposed to do instead or if that video is it. The NFL can't really expect those guys to just not try to block anyone. Hopefully they at least give them a little more leniency in using their hands in some of those situations.
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