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  1. Maybe Someday

    Jordan poyer & AB spat?

    Do those point stats take Peterman into account? I feel like he may be responsible for that 100 point difference. Poyer needs to go low to avoid those stiff arms. Yikes.
  2. Maybe Someday

    Best one year wonder?

    Rick Mirer - QB Seattle. In the running for rookie of the year and then just kept getting worse. Still hard to believe the Bears traded a 1st round pick for that guy. Greg Cook - QB with Bengals. Great rookie season but shoulder injury ended his career. Could have been a great one with a young Bill Walsh. Sidney Rice - WR Vikings. Had a great season with Brett Favre but did nothing before or after. Cadillac Williams - RB Bucs. I remember him running all over the Bills 1 game. Steve Slaton - RB Texans - Fantasy steal for me in his 1 good year.
  3. Maybe Someday

    The AAF Thread

    That is true but I'd think most of that unseasoned talent is currently on an NFL roster, even if only signed to a reserve/futures contract, which would include a large number of guys that were on a PS last season. So unless the NFL actually partners up with the AAF, we'll never see those unseasoned players until all 32 teams deem they are not talented enough to even invite to camp. IMO, if the top talent in the league remains lower level PS players and older guys hanging on/trying to make a comeback, it won't last. They have to figure out how to bring in a higher level of talent. Even if NFL teams were to allow/assign some of there own PS type players to the AAF team, that would be a huge influx of talent and would make it much more interesting.
  4. Maybe Someday

    The AAF Thread

    NFL network is showing Salt Lake Stallions vs. Arizona Hotshots Sunday night at 8 & then re-airing it again @ 10:30. NFL network agreed to air 1 game per week. I'm sure I'll put one of the games on at some point if I can but not too sure how intently I'll actually be watching. I am kind of intrigued by some of these rule changes. Sky Judge that can call/correct penalties without having to go to replay is an interesting idea. Sounds kind of like an extra official in the booth that calls penalties in almost real time. No extra points, you have to go for 2. No FGs in OT. No kickoffs. On side kick replaced with 4th and 12 from the 28 but I believe there are score/time restrictions so you can't just go for it all the time. This league does feel a little different than a lot of the startups from the past, there are a lot of NFL ties to this one, so I can see it hanging around for at least a little while if it's done right and the product is decent. But if they want to truly become a developmental league for the NFL like MiLB is to the MLB, they need to have better talent than UDFAs and guys that have bounced around practice squads. The thing that makes the minor leagues of baseball and hockey interesting is that there is actually blue chip players on their way up. Many of which are international. How much international talent is there for football besides kickers? Will the NFL ever attempt to bypass the NCAA or be associated with a league that would allow guys to skip college? Would the NFL change their 3 years out of high school rule? I'd say probably not but $$$$$ can change everything.
  5. Maybe Someday

    Defense wins championships

    I think this settles it. Well rounded teams win championships!!! Thanks Gugny. Go Mets!!
  6. I agree with a lot of what you said and hate to admit it but BB* is on a level of his own. I do think that in many cases it's not the other coaches that aren't smart enough to adjust, it's the players. A coach can come up with the best game plan ever but if the players aren't capable of executing it properly for an entire game, they're better off sticking with what they do well. If you want to play for the Pats*, you have to be able to learn a whole new game plan/scheme each week and be able to execute it without overly thinking on game day. I'll bet that more than half of the players in the league are not capable of doing that. So many players wash out because they can't learn 1 scheme over a full season much less from week to week. BB* puts an emphasis on finding smart football players who love the game over pure athletes. IMO, that's a big part of why NE* has been so successful with so many players that a lot of people would consider lesser talents. Also, the credit for coming up with the blueprint to stop the Rams offense should be given to the Bears not BB. He incorporated much of what the Bears did to stop the Rams when they played in week 14 or 15. Like you said, BBs* preparation is better than anyone else's. He will find what worked for another team and incorporate that into the game plan. IMO, the genius of BB isn't that he comes up with all this new and exciting stuff, it's that he's seen it all, remembers it all, and that has given him the abilty to adjust to it all.
  7. I've never been a fan of cutting a guy when we don't have someone better to replace him with. It would be a different story if we needed that cap space to make another move or he was an issue in the locker room but neither of those appear to be the case. No question we need to upgrade the TE position but cutting Clay before we've done that doesn't make the team better. Who knows, he could end up being a solid #2 TE this year. Maybe he could actually stay healthy if he's not counted on the play every snap with the 1s.
  8. Maybe Someday

    You want fries with that?

    Did he at least get his food 1st? No one wants to go to jail on an empty stomach.
  9. Maybe Someday

    Caption This

    Ref: "Hey Tommy. You got those tickets to Maui?" 12: "Sure do. 1st class and I got you a suite at the resort you like. I'll throw in all inclusive bar if you call a penalty anytime someone touches me.” Ref: “Thanks Tommy. You take sure good care of us.” 12: "Least I could do, you’ve never let me down.”
  10. Maybe Someday

    Super Bowl Wish vs. Prediction

    Pulling for Colts but think it'll be the Saints. They are a team on a mission after losing to the Vikings the way they did last year. Wouldn't mind if Rivers got one but would absolutely hate that for the old fans in San Diego.
  11. Maybe Someday

    Brandon Reilly (Former Bill) now in Dallas

    That's the one!!! This one was in NY against the Giants. If there was 1 against the Pats, that must have been the other play he made.
  12. Maybe Someday

    Brandon Reilly (Former Bill) now in Dallas

    LOL. Why no love for Naaman? He at least made a good play or 2 in a real game.
  13. Maybe Someday

    Tremaine Edmunds - Season Highlights

    Like pretty much every other rookie to ever play in the NFL, it was clear that at times he still had to think about what he was doing rather than just react. That should be expected, especially when teams like NE* specifically scheme to confuse a rookie. Those instances will almost certainly decrease as he gains experience and learns the defense in and out. I don't think most fans are overrating him, we just see a lot of natural ability and are excited about the possibilities that his future may hold. Thanks OP for posting the highlights.
  14. He's young and I expect bad plays/games throughout the year but his lack of impact plays this season has me a little worried. He does have a ton of physical tools so hopefully he can mature both mentally and physically.