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  1. For being on the smaller side (190 lbs) he is extremely physical
  2. He is just running less. Which is good. Idc to see him running past linebackers if it results in a concussion.
  3. I guarantee you Daboll wants to be more aggressive... But that is not the way of McDermott Maybe we see a different strategy this week
  4. And QB is the most important position of the team in this era
  5. You are right- so many qbs are ahead of him in different categories. So many of them are 0-3 or 1-2 as well...
  6. They can keep tanking for the next 30 years for all I care.
  7. Very strong hands, uses his body well and is a Tiger? I'll take him right now.
  8. I think the RB snap percentage will stay the same, but I have to imagine the usage for Singletary will increase.
  9. Also, look at Singletary with his active feet ready to help any lineman.
  10. Not a Bills Podcast, but... Fantasy Footballers is probably the best podcast I have ever listened to. They are rather big now, with a cult like following. If you like fantasy football- give them a listen, you won't regret it.
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