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  1. ClemsonBills

    Kyles knee...

    Insert Michael Scott “Noooooo” gif
  2. Can't wait to see him in shorts again
  3. ClemsonBills

    New cap management idea

    is there a limit what you can roll over? Because then, teams would roll over 100 million a year and then just buy a super team in 5 years 😂
  4. ClemsonBills

    Jerry rice possible return to NFL?

    After his first hard hit, he’d walk right off and say f*** that.
  5. ClemsonBills

    pancho needs our help- we are the best fans on the planet

    Can someone use Twitter to get this to some Bills players? I’m sure some of them saw the draft and would recognize him. Just a thought
  6. ClemsonBills

    PFF draft grades

    Yes there is, it’s when you drafted a franchise QB in the same draft
  7. ClemsonBills

    PFF draft grades

    If Josh Allen becomes a franchise guy... the rest doesn’t matter. Even if Edmonds becomes an all-pro. Although it would be a nice cherry on top. Thanks for sharing
  8. ClemsonBills

    Don’t be a high maintenance poster

    Start acting like Bills fans and not Patriot* fans
  9. ClemsonBills

    What would it take to get a player like Tyler Lockett

    Why is everyone so hooked on getting a speed guy? Clearly the Bills aren’t
  10. ClemsonBills

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    This is also when it’s more challenging to read and diagnose coverages. Allen is going to surprise people
  11. This story makes me feel like he will be a good player. This is the type of guy that ends up being an UDFA stud. Hard worker who wants to get better, but is also already talented. I’m rooting for him big time.