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  1. ClemsonBills

    Josh Allen red zone stats

    This is also when it’s more challenging to read and diagnose coverages. Allen is going to surprise people
  2. This story makes me feel like he will be a good player. This is the type of guy that ends up being an UDFA stud. Hard worker who wants to get better, but is also already talented. I’m rooting for him big time.
  3. ClemsonBills

    Johnny Manziel Hospitalized

    Could be so many things. However... Mental health is an issue in this country. I see it everyday at work. Until we start looking at mental health differently and approaching mental health differently, we are all going to act confused as to why people (Manziel) do/does certain things. Mental health is a disease that people cannot often see, but it is as damaging as any disease we have. Just my two cents
  4. ClemsonBills

    Peter King MMQB: 5/7/18.

    My exact thoughts when reading this. Someone in the spotlight for as long as he has been for his work, you have to get an unrealistic view of self at some point.
  5. ClemsonBills

    Eli Manning - scam artist

    The NFL surely wants this to go away. The Manning’s are their glory family. The NFL helped Peyton when everyone found out about his “mooning” incident at Tennessee. The NFL plays favorites, don’t forget it.
  6. Coaching only gets you so far. You still gotta score, like every other sport. Boston’s stars are our sure, but their talent runs deep to be where they are. Stevens is a great coach, but great coaches know they are only as good as their players. **See Bill Belichick 4/5 losing seasons in Cleveland.
  7. Holmes has been mediocre to below average everywhere he’s been. Also, the Boston Celtics are very talented. They will be playing in the Eastern Conference Finals. I doubt the Bills make the AFC Championship this year...
  8. ClemsonBills

    Jersey Numbers for the New Veteran Bills

  9. ClemsonBills

    What are your most valued traits in a QB???

    You must have been upset we traded Tyrod...
  10. ClemsonBills

    What do you think of my new kick off idea?

    Field position would be flipped majorly. Teams would start in field goal position. Just leave it. It’s a contact sport. just my two cents
  11. ClemsonBills

    Rookie of the Year Odds

    I bet Edmonds will be toward the top for DROY as well
  12. ClemsonBills

    Pats versus board members

    Don’t tell me what to do
  13. ClemsonBills

    Mel Kiper's 2018 NFL draft grades (Bills #1)

    Kipers blessing is no better than a poster from TBD
  14. ClemsonBills

    RD 4, Pick 121: Taron Johnson DB - Weber State

    It was only a matter of time until we took a DB
  15. ClemsonBills

    Gil Brant on Sirius yesterday - awful

    Is water actually wet though?