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  1. Since when does a beard make someone unprofessional? It's 2020...
  2. I mean they were trying to chew clock there as well... but I get it
  3. Simms gets it. But I really think Josh is 4. Without the Hail Mary, no way Murray is ahead
  4. It’s week 9. Everyone is banged up.
  5. Wow what a blatant hold by #80 on play #18. He basically held Taron for the entire play...
  6. It matters. This is coming from someone who played center. Gotta have that trust
  7. I can see a restructure, but not an outright cut. This team should be pushing for a championship next year, and Hyde plays a big role in this defense.
  8. The running game will get going. We are just going to be a team that passes to set up the run. We also don't know what JA is doing at the line. For example, is he checking to pass in run heavy sets? Is he checking to run with 6 in the box? I know this is off the original topic- but the offense will start to gel, I am less worried about the offense
  9. Edmunds is either out of position, or being asked to think to much. He has all the size and athleticism you want, but isn't making fundamental plays. Why?
  10. Aikman loves him some Aikman
  11. Beli Reid Vrabel Harbaugh rest are all well behind these guys...
  12. Unleash what? I’m questioning the manhood like Kim Jones as well
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