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  1. Healthy Tremaine is going to surprise people this year.
  2. We might be able to make solid additions using the bet minimum. These guys want to play for contenders. This is something that is always brought up with certain teams, and we are one of those teams now.
  3. Allen will improve just by watching games he struggled in. This will be a big film offseason for him.
  4. One other thought, this is reviewable... but wasn’t. How did the broadcast show it and New York didn’t call down?
  5. Who cares. Feliciano couldn’t block him all game. Only hope was that punch.
  6. I can use the Jets and beat the Chiefs by 50...lol This is silly.
  7. #4 should be #1 or at least #2 Edmonds is a freak, but hes a clueless freak. Can coaches correct this? He's still young.
  8. I think bills move from 30. Just a hunch
  9. Josh Allen threading the needle is even better to watch this way
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