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  1. ClemsonBills

    Micah Hyde's San Diego wife loves Buffalo

    I’m calling bull that she didn’t know his profession even after a few dates 😂
  2. ClemsonBills

    Did McCarron cost us Mack?

    3rd stringers made them trade away 2 first round picks?😂
  3. Lol at these options, please start with 1k next time. 😉
  4. ClemsonBills

    Kyles knee...status update, walking without sleeve

    Insert Michael Scott “Noooooo” gif
  5. Can't wait to see him in shorts again
  6. ClemsonBills

    New cap management idea

    is there a limit what you can roll over? Because then, teams would roll over 100 million a year and then just buy a super team in 5 years 😂