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  1. I live in LI NY so my road trip game will be KC in Buffalo
  2. I saw few Kentucky games on TV this year because they had good season and high profile games. Ray was beast and he is all Kentucky got.
  3. McD needs to blitz... Machomes is good against blitz but they score on all 4 drive. We did not blitz once and they scored on every drive. come up with something else.
  4. MaHomes has a field day to throw... He is good against blitz but we need to mix disguise blitz and blitz. They scored on all drive drives. I don't think our D can hold back and Klein is liability. I rather use him blitzing.
  5. I think our D line will put ton of pressure. I hope McD dials blitz early in the game, not when we are behind by 10 points. Like week 14 game, playing safe will hurt us at the end.
  6. I think it will be 49ers from NFC.
  7. Baltimore offense looks awful. Lamar cannot play in cold weather period.
  8. Joe better not mess up this game for his head coaching job.
  9. McD forgot how to Blitz. With amount of pressure we had with front 4, we could put the game away early in 3Q by sending extra rusher.
  10. Josh Allen Shakir James Cook
  11. We have best running QB with speed and power. Allen is suitable for this type of weather game. I am sure that he played many games like this in both Wyoming and Buffalo.
  12. I rather have Bills avoid KC if possible. They are still defending champion. Refs will throw flags to make the game more entertaining for KC.
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