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  1. Dang, don't you think his arm would get tired?
  2. Agree, and I think that a lot of people liked Blackshear, he seemed to have more speed and more change of direction.
  3. It will be interesting, in the long run, who will have the better NFL career, Moss, Cook, or Blackshear. Time will tell. We are seeing, right now with our rookie cornerbacks, that draft position doesn't always indicate how well a player will preform.
  4. Davis, Sweeney, Doyle, Settle, Oliver, Spector and Lewis
  5. the vikings over the packers, i think the vikings are the best team in that division
  6. In my humble opinion, I believe if polled, OJ in his prime, would have been considered the best RB in the whole NFL. Although great, Bruce, Thurman, and a few others mentioned would probably not have that ranking in the entire league. Today, Josh has established himself as the most talented QB in the whole NFL. So, on that basis, I'd say Josh and OJ would have to be the most talented Bills.
  7. She said, he said, her lawyer said, his lawyer said. All of of you that are quick to make judgement, would you be saying the same thing if the accuser was naming Stephon Diggs or Josh Allen as the culprit. I would guess not.
  8. How does Sweeney hang on this team? I don't get it.
  9. What am I missing about Tommy Sweeney? I don't see how he has been able to hang on for as long he has.
  10. I will send him a picture album, so he can collect dozens of photos of Bill's beating the crap out of the Patriots.
  11. Cole made many, many big plays for the Bills. Big time receptions to sustain drives when needed. Hopefully, someone can fill his shoes.
  12. Will Keenum automatically be QB2? Or is there a real competition for the position?
  13. gabe davis lil dirty kevin hart these three together would be a riot
  14. Johnson didn't seem to like or play well in the cold winter games in buffalo.
  15. Jalen Wydermeyer may surprise us and become TE3 or better.This TEXAS A&M SUPERHUMAN Could Be THE STEAL OF THE DRAFT... (Jalen Wydermeyer) - YouTube_files
  16. Of the 4 golfers, it was obvious that Josh has played the least golf. I'm quite sure that he has just recently taken up the game. But knowing how much he loves the game and knowing how hard Josh will work to improve, next year will be a lot different.
  17. Thanks, JH, You've been a great Bill and a true warrior. I hope you when you decide to retire you will choose to retire as a Buffalo Bill.
  18. I would think some team would want him. He's still young. You know he's got the talent. If your team needs a good starting QB can you afford to wait until he's released? Are there hidden problems with Baker that we don't know about?
  19. Assuming all the veteran players continue their outstanding play, if Cook really steps in and becomes a serious weapon, I see the Bills going all the way.
  20. At home : Browns, Steelers, Titans, Packers, Vikings, Dolphins, Patriots, and Jets. Away: Ravens, Bengals, Chiefs, Lions. Bears, Rams, Dolphins, Patriots and Jets. Any thoughts or early predictions?
  21. The Bills and Josh Allen's popularity seems to be at an all-time high, not only in western New York , but in other parts of the country as well. Living in Florida, wearing a Bill's cap or a Bill's shirt, I get a " Go Bills" shout out constantly. I don't know how many times I've been told, " I'm not a Bill's fan, but I like to watch the Bills and especially Josh Allen. He just makes plays that are unbelievable." To me , it's like back in the day when you watched the Lions to watch Barry Sanders or the Bears to watch Gale Sayers do what no other players could do. Josh is that guy today. And the Bills have talent to complement his talent.
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