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  1. Anyone remember this game? I don't recall what year it was, but we finally beat the Dolphins at home after many losses. The crowd went wild. They ripped out one of the goal posts and passed it up through the stands and I think they threw it over the top of the stadium.
  2. Was at that game. It was awesome. Beside the .sskicking they gave the Raiders, what stands out in my memory is that at the time the USA was heavily involved in Desert Storm and there was a great deal of flag waving and chanting USA, USA, USA. Between the football game and the patriotism going on it was a day I will always remember.
  3. Andy is a funny guy in these commercials
  4. Usually teammates will come up with a nickname that suits the player's personality or talents. That's the one that will stick.
  5. I'm being more optimistic. I'm going to say 14-3.
  6. C'mon guys, you all know that people can use statistics to find something to spark a controversy. They probably have the statistics on how teams did from the 20 yard line, the 15 , the 10 and every other yard line. I'm sure they would find the results different in from each different yard line.
  7. Mcbean will have some very difficult decisions to make.. Some good players are going to be cut and wind up on other teams.
  8. It's the AFC championship. The visiting Kansas City Chiefs are at Highmark Stadium home of the number one seed, Buffalo Bills. The stadium is packed. The crowd is going wild, with the game about to begin. Meanwhile, Joe, who has a seat high up in the nosebleed section was down in front looking for an empty seat, where he'd have a better view. Sure enough he spots one. Joe goes over and says to the guy next to the empty seat, "hey, Buddy what's up with the empty seat?" The guy replies, " Sadly this was my wife's seat, but she passed away." Joe says back, "Don't you have a friend or relative who would like to see the game?" The guy says, " No, they're all at the funeral."
  9. I was pulling out of the parking lot when that play happened.
  10. I can’t understand the hatred for Beas. Just because he had a different opinion about Covid than you did is a pretty lame reason to hate the the guy. There were many prominent people who had the same opinion as he did, including many in the medical field. For two seasons, he was an integral reason for Josh’s success. Best of luck Beas!
  11. yes, guys like Russell Wilson (sub six footers) can get down sliding a lot easier than a 6-5 beast.
  12. `Was it bad? Was it good? Like sex, the foreplay is very enjoyable and fun, but if the act is not completed, it sucks.
  13. Chicago Bears, I'm rooting for GM Ryan Poles to succeed. Ryan is a product of the western New York town of Leroy.
  14. I think you first have to evaluate what you already have on your team before you can say you will never draft a certain position in the first round. Your weakest position or greatest need could be at any position.
  15. Josh play the field. You're young, good looking, got big bucks. Play the field.
  16. Way back in the day, football fans from western New York were usually Giant's fans or Brown's fans. I don't remember what year it was , but Cleveland hosted a twilight doubleheader. The first game was the Giants vs. the Lions and the second game was the Browns vs. the Packers. It was quite an attraction, naturally the stadium was packed. After, the first game finished and getting ready for the second game, the Packer's team was announced and they all came out together as a group. And then the Brown's team was announced and they all came out together, all except for Jim Brown. All the lights in the stadium were then turned off. The stadium was pitch black. A single spotlight was turned on and Jim ran out on the field, with a thunderous roar from the crowd. It was a moment and a feeling all who were there will never forget.
  17. Draft nut here. I make up a draft board of the top 15-25 players at each position. Usually include height, weight and 40 time. Then I check them off as they are selected. Crazy, but I'm retired, so I've got the time.
  18. Josh is still a favorite of most of the fantasy football "gurus". That must count for something.
  19. Many years ago, in a small town in western New York, two teenage boys were suddenly orphaned when their parents unexpectedly died within a few months of each other. A short while later, someone came up with the idea of having some kind of fund raising event for the two boys at the local high school. Somehow, the word got to Jim Kelly and he agreed to come along with several of his team mates. Needless to say the school was jam-packed with people and the fund raiser was a huge success. Jim spoke to the crowd and the two boys and he was wonderful. Later that year, Jim didn't forget about the boys, he had a limo come to the town, picked up the boys, brought them to the stadium and the two boys watched a Bill's game from the sideline. Jim Kelly was and still is a great person.
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