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  1. Isnt this how the matrix movies started?
  2. Hopefully we see him a lot this year!
  3. The Bills hope to finally upset the Chiefs in the playoffs with their own dramatic finish featuring Keon Coleman, it will be known for generations as “13 minutes.”
  4. Avoiding anything Bengals related in fantasy this year, yikes.
  5. Two old memories… Going out trick or treating with Bills gear on thinking the Bills had lost, only to find out later the Bills came back in the 4th quarter. A guy handing out candy gave me the news, I believe that was 1999. Long before streaming and living 1000 miles from Buffalo, watching the ancient play by play on NFL.com and listening to Van at the same time (when it was still free.) The dial up days lol.
  6. How dare you star athletes that play a bodily debilitating game smoke a natural remedy instead of becoming hooked on legal pharmaceuticals! Typical Chiefs.
  7. This was never going to be a sexy draft. We have cap issues especially with dumping Diggs. Picking from the end of the first our options were limited. There were plenty of holes to fill and Beane moved around and made some quality picks. He deserves a B+.
  8. Ready for the Miami heat and winter in Buffalo lol.
  9. Wow a future starter in the 5th round, this is a nice pick! He was a beast at Georgia.
  10. Ray Davis is a good football name, I like this pick.
  11. Fills a big need, looks like a McD safety.
  12. Apparently Josh wanted Keon. How dare he not listen to this message board lol.
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