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  1. I said that It’s really hard in the NHL to turn around a perennially losing franchise… Which the Sabres weren’t… until the last 10-12 years The Sabres Had a great stretch from 82-2010 with a few bad years… but from 98-2010 Where they constantly competed and made some runs…. Made them buyers at the trade deadline… Always Trading away prospects for right now NHL players who can help After 10+ years those players retire… And your pool of players to Replace them with… A.k.a. all your good young prospects… Are now traded away to other teams… So you’re left with Nothing good in your farm system So the Sabres collapse started when The core of our franchise left and retired… But we didn’t have adequate players in the minor leagues to replace them with because we traded them to try to keep the run alive It started a 10 year run of drafting 19 year old kids and throwing them into the NHL where they weren’t ready .. And by the time they were ready they didn’t want to keep losing in Buffalo.. so left .. and repeat … So Buffalo has been a perennial loser for the last decade What now makes the Sabres so competitive for the future? They have talent in the NHL at a good age and Their pool of players in Rochester and major junior and D1 are so good Having really good players in your farm system continuously is key to NHL success… But when you trade all those guys away and you start losing it becomes a rut… that’s what happened with buffalo then I suggested that the nhl could help losing teams by doing an expansion type draft for the worst team every 5 years … so twice a decade the worst team can rebuild with veterans
  2. I believe bocces is known for a thick traditional sauce actually , I haven’t been in years But out of the majority 600 mom and pop pizzerias in the city.. The majority are sweet sauces as the house And then make a traditional sauce for people who don’t like it There’s not a lot of pizzerias in the city that I know of that use a traditional sauce as the house sauce… a few but not majority
  3. As I’ve explained a few times … and Buffalo foodies and cuisine experts would agree the “house” buffalo pizza would be considered a medium to thicker crust with a sweet style sauce and cup and char pepperoni… with generous amounts of cheese and toppings to the edges There are slight exceptions like I believe bocces is more traditional and not as sweet sauce … but the other parts (cup and char… medium to thick and generous cheese and toppings to edge ) are consistent
  4. How much hockey did you actually watch before you got Vegas? Because it doesn’t seem like you watched much sabers hockey if you thought we were perennially close to being in the playoffs for the last 10 years If you’re just starting to get in the game of hockey great have fun But the Sabres before this decade of impotence… Was a team that made the playoffs 28 out of 39 years They know how to build hockey teams We just went over a decade with no playoffs for an extremely proud and great franchise
  5. We’re not perennial contenders that barely missed the playoffs We’ve had top five or 10 draft picks for a decade We’ve been out of the playoff race by January usually Last year was our closest year to making the playoffs in probably a decade
  6. Hockey has more perennial losing franchises than any sport because it’s tough to right the losing ship in hockey Once you do it you will be successful again But it’s extremely hard to right that ship
  7. You can’t trade for anybody When you don’t have any assets worth trading And free agents don’t wanna play on a ***** team with high taxes Vegas got Marc-André Fleury out of the get go The Sabres would kill for a goalie of that quality… We’ve had nothing since Ryan Miller left Ullmark was solid but he can’t do it alone… Again The Sabres are bad because they were good for so long and traded away pieces to remain relevant… Once those guys were gone there was never a group to come back And that starts the futility in hockey of you can’t develop and win at the same time Vegas got 26 year old man who had NHL experience… Sprinkled in with some young guys The Sabres have been playing 21 year olds and 22 year olds for a long time… With some washed up veterans and no goaltender sprinkled in The Sabres don’t need an expansion draft to be good now because we’ve been drafting at the bottom for a decade.. 10 years to right the ship! But if they got the chance to do an expansion draft tomorrow… Any competent hockey guy could build an extremely great team within the parameters
  8. Absolutely not One of my best friends is a coach in the OHL and he called it with both Seattle and Las Vegas He said both will be playoff contending teams within a season or two… Because they get to pick from a pool of 200 grown man NHL players Not 19-year-old kids who aren’t physically ready… Get forced into playing on bad teams… And by the time they’re physically mature there on a different team Real hockey guys saw this from miles away Those expert you’re talking about Are called pundits and they get paid to take positions… pundits I doubt you talked to real one hockey scout… Because every guy in the game of hockey I know was been drooling to be the GM of Las Vegas
  9. I called it the day after the season … This was the best case scenario of how it went down
  10. I also noticed some snaps where he was lining up at one technique
  11. In my humble opinion These expansion franchises which Go from brand new to Stanley Cup contenders instantly is terrible The Sabres are one of the proudest franchise in the NHL… 1970… And we’ve Had to go through ***** while expansion teams turn into the contenders overnight Every five years why not take the lowest standing team and let them do expansion… Because Any GM can build a competent team that way It’s not hard what Vegas did… Any real hockey guy could’ve built that team What’s hard is rebuilding the Sabres… Who we’re good for 15 years straight… Had no people in the pipeline because they’re always playing for now Then when the core leaves… The pipeline is bare because they were always playing for playoff contention… They buy at the deadline Then when we got bad… It was 13 years of futility… Because We had to play 20 year old kids who weren’t ready to play … And by the time they were 25 and ready…. They didn’t re sign with us and we start back at scratch Being a bottom feeder in the NHL… Is almost a continuous cycle… It’s not like football where you could break out in a year or two These expansion teams are on a unfair playing field and **** eichel
  12. You would be surprised how razor thin the margin is between an above average starter and an elite player is in the nfl Every and I mean every single player oozes so much athleticism and talent… Talent margin in the NFL is razor thin… That’s why 30% of the league is undrafted free agents What makes the difference is how coachable a player is… do they have a good work ethic…Are they in the right scheme and fit… And do they have pieces around them to help them be better and Can they keep the consistency day to day week to week…. Consistency is key for any football players growth
  13. Definitely heard of pizza junction but I’m not up in NT often so I don’t know what became of it or it’s recipes
  14. I didn’t say he gets doubled all day I said he does get doubled a lot for a 3T
  15. 3T can get double teamed I’ve seen Oliver get double teamed and a fullback … that’s 3… and he shed
  16. Absolutely… I’m sure the East Coast does have better tap But I’ve seen what humidity can to dough so I know that’s also a factor
  17. That’s been the old wives tale but idk Seeing as most Buffalo pizzerias use straight up tapwater… which is nothing special What I think does make a difference… is the flour to water ratio in the dough and the humidity level pizza dough seems to proof better in certain conditions better than other … You can take your recipe in New York and make the pizza… Bring it down to the driest town in Arizona …. And I don’t think it will proof the same
  18. Oliver is a 3T … he needs a good 1T next to him
  19. Unless You’re getting a Neapolitan or woodfired pizza or deep dish Technically every pizzeria in Buffalo serves buffalo style Cup and char + sweet sauce + cheese to edge = buffalo … and that is 95% of the 600 pizzerias lol a sweet house sauce + cup and char + cheese piled to the edge is buffalo pizza … whether thicker or medium crust I would classify this pizza from extra extra pizza as buffalo style Not thin crust… Cup and char… And cheese and toppings piled to the edge
  20. Haven’t been to Bob and Johns in a while … my new jam is Rocco’s wood fired pizza in Williamsville
  21. All 5 are staples.. Some of the biggest names in Buffalo And make good pie But it’s the hundreds of small mom and pop shops which really keep the pizzeria game afloat in Buffalo you can have 3-4 pizzerias within a few blocks … competition is fierce
  22. While I’ve had terrible pizza in New York City I’ve had great pizza… same with Detroit and most places but I’ve also had Great pizza in Buffalo… Like, Technically speaking Buffalo is the pizza capital of America…. There are more pizzerias here per capita than anywhere else in America Buffaloes a lot more than Lenova or bocce club… There are a lot of really good small mom and pop pizzerias You can get Neopolitan and brick oven in Buffalo… you can get specialties … You can get thick crust medium crust thin crust The variety in the buffalo pizza game is big
  23. I’ve had tons of terrible pizza in New York city And Detroit
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