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  1. We’ve been going shotgun on the goal line for years Very rarely do we go heavy i hope that changes on the 1
  2. Just run a QB sneak on the inch line Dorsey
  3. Josh Got karate kicked in the balls Last time I checked that’s not a legal pass rush move… The zebras absolutely let the dolphins play dirty Josh got molested in the pile also
  4. It’s tough to say he’s not ready to see the field… He’s been in the league four years If he’s not ready to see the field now he’s not an NFL player What he did have to do was play defense with a bunch of guys he’s never played with before… 2nd 3rd stringers in the secondary which makes passing zone coverages much harder
  5. Because he’s our most consistent blocker … a good pass catcher … and breaks at least 1 tackle every run Geez some of you guys I don’t know what you watch… Is he a Hall of Fame talent, no But he breaks a tackle every play… Caught a dump off on 4th and short… Short of the line with a dude all over him… Casually ducked through tackle picked up the first down At one point we gave him a dive up the middle… He got hit 2 1/2 yards in the backfield by three NFL defenders And still picked up about a half a yard or a yard… He’s the only guy on our roster who can do that
  6. Cowherd is a tool Last week he was fawning over the bills and their culture He said plenty of great things about Sean McDermott and the way he runs things They were his super bowl favorites 10 days ago But he is a shock jock radio host… He would call his mom a dirt bag to get ratings
  7. That doesn’t mean anything… Andy Reid was the head coach for 20 years before he won a Super Bowl… He was in philli for 14 years without one and KC 7 years without one Sean has been a head coach for six years His trajectory is high
  8. Andy Reid didn’t win a Super Bowl for 20 years Must’ve been a loser McDermott is the culture change … don’t forget that
  9. In 2002 the Texans beat the Steelers getting out gained 422 to 47 getting only 3 first downs They won 24-6
  10. That’s the only call the only call You can run that three times and you’re probably gonna score 95% of the time… it’s the only call when you’re that close with the game on the line
  11. Maybe not I hope we blow them out in the 2nd half but it looks like it’s gonna be close
  12. Yea you’re dumb lol It’s like 4 1/2 points Josh is the Peyton Manning Tom Brady effect We have JA17
  13. +200 means you bet 100 to win 200 -650 Would mean you have to be at 650 to win 100
  14. I confused you with the guy who said he saw deadmau in Buffalo
  15. This shows you that all players are susceptible to a big injury… especially older Maybe it’s not wise to throw the bank at a player who will be 32 next season.. at safety If he wants cash I’d go two years Both of our young backup safeties should be hungry and ready to prove something
  16. That’s Buffalo for you happens everywhere especially outdoor venues
  17. The city of Buffalo is known to be very stringent with that kind of stuff Literally like a minute after you’re supposed to stop playing after Curfew… They will hit you with a 1000 dollar fine
  18. It’s ok I slammed OU and lost a boat
  19. I could’ve told you that’s a bad beat for a night game in Columbus Sure you almost gotta take 19 for most teams… Whiskey’s offense isn’t too great… And the night game in Columbus the boot
  20. He absolutely has the chance to earn a bigger payday And I don’t think he necessarily would’ve gotten a huge contract… But like a 3 year 10 mill deal 4-6 mill guarantee
  21. Your partially right and wrong Yes this is why you draft and develop… It’s time for Johnson to ball But he wouldn’t be scrounging for a contract next year… That’s why there’s pro personnel scouts to scour under the radar NFL players If not the bills He absolutely Would be given a contract with the chance to start… He’s put out plenty of good film in preseason and limited season work
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