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  1. The Point Bar & Grill in Montauk should have it. Call first. I've watched games there in the past. Can't beat the location. You're a block away from the ocean. Montauk is about 15-20 minutes east of East Hampton at the very end of Long Island. I have a place in Montauk and I do have the NFL Sunday ticket.
  2. Thoughts and prayers from Long Island, NY.
  3. He's a Kenmore guy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gregg_Easterbrook
  4. I've got season tickets and can't go to all of them. PM me for games you're interested in. I sell them at cost.
  5. Seat 30 is on the other end of the aisle. I have two seasons tickets on the end of the row, seats 29 and 30.
  6. But he's also concerned that Ayers might be just a one-year wonder. Mayock was pretty enamored with Tyson Jackson, DE from LSU. Any concerns with that guy?
  7. Weapons charge...concealed firearm. www.kffl.com
  8. If you want a good laugh, search Emmitt Smith on YouTube. There are clips of his time on ESPN that are hilarious....they show his complete butchering of the English language.
  9. Spring Break Daytona '86...Grandmaster Flash's White Lines was hot!
  10. What was Donahoe thinking when he hired this guy? How could you be that wrong???
  11. I liked the Bills '06 draft and don't agree with what most of the so called draft experts had to say. What I do agree with is teh miscalculation in the value of the picks that the Bills made in the first round. While I like the Whitner pick, I think they could have traded down and waited on McCargo. I know there was talk that Baltimore was interested in picking Whitner and the Giants had their sights on McCargo. What we don't know is how serious they were or if it was a smoke screen to distract us from other players they really wanted. The Bills certainly got good value where they picked Simpson and Youbouty, but I think they could have picked up an extra pick by trading down and still gotten Whitner.
  12. He lacks lower body strength. I think that's why he gets blown up on running plays. He can handle the hand fighting on pass protection and he's athletic enough to pull. He just seems to get bull rushed up the middle on run plays.
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