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  1. McDermott is scared of his own shadow... dude never plays for points at the end of halves and admitted to trying to just get the FG at the end vs CLE.. he coaches to not lose!!
  2. He wants to win games 13-10 every week.
  3. McDermott "You play to Tie the game". He must of never listened to Herm Edwards.
  4. This team is either just out of the playoffs or gets stomped out in the wild card game.. just incredibly fortunate the AFC has been a joke for most of this season..
  5. This team still plays not to lose... Just look how scared we are every week at the end of halves.. it's disgusting.
  6. Criminally underused... check the last play on offense where he is wide open for 1st down and probably 10-15 yards.
  7. Their D vs our O is not a good match-up. Might have a better chance if our D plays the whole game...
  8. Yes, the inability to hit any big plays just hurts our offense even more.. They can usually put together 2 good drives a game... that's about it.. The good offenses around the league hit big plays all the time.. huge chunk plays with YAC yards.. Feels like Josh is 0-40 career on balls over 25 yards or something disgustingly bad.
  9. Allen has a tough time knowing where to go with the Ball, this leads to him throwing inaccurate passes all over the field. Sometimes he makes the right read but is just a bit to slow and that causes an in-completion because the D can close on the ball or the WR runs out of space. His deep ball is just plain bad - it's more about touch than arm strength... something he has very little of.
  10. Could of got a prototype WR1 in the 2nd round this year... but ....
  11. They had 2 great goal line stands - one of which gave up 0 points. They even put up 2 points on the score board on the safety. The offense simply has to score more than 14 points in today's NFL.. can't keep getting bailed out by the defense.
  12. This is stupid... we are going to suddenly unleash fury a bunch of plays these guys have never run before in a game setting to perfection all of a sudden? Later in the season it becomes about execution and not really about surprising anybody.. They shouldn't be saving anything that could get this offense going.
  13. He needs to remove Dabol. Allen will be stunted in this offense.
  14. I don't necessarily mean to crap on the rushing stats but we've had good run games in the past and still have had a pretty bad offense for several years. If it was flipped and the passing was top 10, I would be way more encouraged. Yardage is nice and all but if you don't put up points and/or turn the ball over, that kind of kills your unit.
  15. By what metric? They are 25th in points at 18 ppg. 19th in passing yards. The rushing yardage has helped the offense total yardage. Tied for 3rd in giveaways as well.. This isn't a good unit.
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