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  1. I don't necessarily mean to crap on the rushing stats but we've had good run games in the past and still have had a pretty bad offense for several years. If it was flipped and the passing was top 10, I would be way more encouraged. Yardage is nice and all but if you don't put up points and/or turn the ball over, that kind of kills your unit.
  2. By what metric? They are 25th in points at 18 ppg. 19th in passing yards. The rushing yardage has helped the offense total yardage. Tied for 3rd in giveaways as well.. This isn't a good unit.
  3. Daboll isn't getting any HC jobs... like come on guys. This offense is still bad. Just not bad enough to ruin these amazing games by our D.
  4. Tennessee can absolutely beat us without Allen. Not a bad team at all... and it's in their house.
  5. Might be the only guy that Allen won't over throw.
  6. Wentz is damn good, I won't put JA over him yet but if he continues on his trajectory it's very possible.
  7. 3 good quarters, 1 terrible quarter. Don't get cute, or conservative with your lead. Just do what was working and continue to push. Never forget that Atlanta superbowl choke job.
  8. He has an outlier amazing season in 2015. Outside of that year, he's always been a fantastic runner and OK ish passer. Now he doesn't want to run anymore so you see just his average passing and it's not pretty.
  9. The ranking is whatever, the write-up is bizarre.
  10. The Henry cheap shots are nothing surprising considering his history, especially vs our team. What is more surprising is the Bills fans defending Henry in this obvious attempt to injury by rolling up from behind at 4 yards away after the play.
  11. Man some of you guys giving Mosley a little too much credit, good player who had the ball tipped right into his hands on that TD. He got hurt but their D wore down late. Some of you acting like he was changing the game in the first half when he was playing. We fed them the ball 4 TIMES!!! That was the difference, we stopped putting the ball on the ground and throwing picks.
  12. 3500 yards passing, 23-25 passing TDs, 6-8 rushing TDs, 600 yards rushing. Would be a great year 2.
  13. It's harder to see Lawson play bad than it is Jones who is out there dropping crucial passes all over the place.
  14. This^ He is going to be more Donovan McNabb than Tom Brady. He just needs to take the check-downs a bit more and actually start connecting on these deep balls that he loves to toss.
  15. Back at square one, nothing is 100% going to fix this complex issue but there are things that can reduce the frequency. But by your standards, if we can't stop 100 out of 100 attacks, why bother stopping 1 of them or 99 of them then? Horrible argument.
  16. Not everything requires a background check (not all States require it, private sales, loopholes etc.) How about the proposal from Dewine from Ohio for "Red flag" situations too; "Red flag" laws allow family members or police to seek removal of firearms from individuals whom they fear will cause harm to themselves or others. States with such laws allow guns to be removed temporarily before a judge grants a longer-term "emergency risk protection order." There are a lot of common sense things that can be done but doing nothing can't be the solution.
  17. Why background check at all then, let's allow any nut job to get his hands on anything he wants.
  18. Bad hips vs bad brain. Beane rolled the dice on the bad brain.
  19. Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good. If a stronger background check stops 1 shooting, isn't that worth it?
  20. Let's give that guy a boat load of money!
  21. He is one of the most important pieces on offense this year and we just signed him to a 4 year deal... His 1 question mark was the injuries, specifically concussions. And he goes out in practice #1 and gets a concussion... that is crazy stuff. He could be fine and play 16 games this year... but I seriously doubt it.
  22. Right, 1 concussion in the first practice.. this sounds like a guy who is done. I don't understand the people downplaying this. It's his what 5th concussion? In an era where everyone is super sensitive and aware of the consequences this is bad. I'd be surprised if he plays in many games as a Bill.
  23. Boomers had a way easier time with long term growth employment... able to pay for college on part time jobs too. Tuition has skyrocketed and the value of a college degree has never been less. Our current, mostly all boomer politicians are worthless. The younger generations are going to have to try and fix what they completely broke.
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