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  1. Josh hasn't been comfortable, his deep ball % has to be awful. Diggs isn't separating as much and when he does Josh misses him. It's hard to be confident in Davis since he has stone hands. Same with Knox. Kincaid is a bright spot but is still learning the game. Shakir is OK. We need a dynamic WR badly. Diggs should maybe move to the slot after this year..
  2. I'm envisioning McD's defense playing soft all game afraid to get beat deep by no name scrub WRs while letting Mahomes eat all game underneath. Another L for Clappy.
  3. Cook is so completely mediocre. Not a special athlete or talent. Very replaceable. Seems disinterested as many have said, lacks pop/toughness. What does he excel at exactly?
  4. We are disjointed on offense still and worse on defense so yea probably.
  5. Look I know the D wasn't good but the offense scored 3 points after half-time and 10 for the game. They stunk up the joint just as much.
  6. It seems like a game where we need our offense to carry but they do the opposite. Even the playoff game, the D was really bad but only let up 27 points. It was our pathetic offense that couldn't even make it a game..
  7. Can pretty much see this playing out exactly..
  8. He's not that good in coverage, can't rush either. Slow to react and in the playoffs got picked on a ton when he was here.. Glad to have moved on with Bernard.
  9. Love the defense getting after it. Not going to complain too much but I'll nitpick the offense. First down was terrible aside from the play to Gabe. Need to see more Kincaid and not 1 yard passes. Less Gabe, more Sherfield also.
  10. We need Kincaid running those Knox routes in the endzone... Where are those preseason routes that Kincaid was running in the middle of the field as well? Guy catches everything - use him!
  11. Concerned about how slow our secondary looks.. Miami is coming up and Hill has destroyed us in the past.
  12. Without Dabol here, maybe Diggs needs to tell Allen to wake the F up and stop playing like a moron?
  13. I didn't think Elam was bad last year? IDK I felt he held his own when he was on the field.. No idea what's gone on this offseason with him though.
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