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  1. I think you're right. There was something about that first game that suggested something was amiss.
  2. Absolutely. Nice to see Williams back on track. And I thought Dawkins looked pretty good too.
  3. To sign up, you would need to enter a physical address and CC information though. Wouldn't that be a problem?
  4. How about A.J Klein? I know he came on toward the end and won defensive player of the week, but he was brutally slow at times. Dodson and Tyrell Adams should have more upside.
  5. Thanks for the link. That brought back some fond(?) memories. First game I ever attended was the atrocity against the Pats at Rich Stadium. How did the Bills end up playing an out-of-division team (Chiefs) twice in the regular season? Was that a usual thing at the time?
  6. Aaron Schobel put up some numbers and lord knows he suffered being on some terrible teams, but he struck me as pretty indifferent. Probably not a fair judgement, but I never warmed up to him.
  7. My earliest memories of the Buffalo Bills are of the 80-81 seasons. I was 6 years old and watched the games with my dad. Lots of those player's names are etched in my long term memory. Thanks for the link!
  8. You're in one of the most beautiful regions on the planet. Explore the piazzas in Santa Croce. Drink a spritz. Take a train ride to Padua. Come on, man! ?
  9. Zay made two big catches. Give the man a ball!
  10. Charles Clay should be nowhere near any "Top 100 Players" list. Sam Cowart's career was cut short by injury but was unbelievably good. John Holecek was really good in his few years with the Bills. Either deserves to be on the list more than Clay.
  11. Who is the only Buffalo Bill who graduated from the University of Western Ontario?
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