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  1. Yeah. Why were banged-up (broken leg, literally) Beas and a knee-injured nothing-burger John Brown better options in the KC game? Were they, at 70%, better than McKenzie at 95%? I understand My-Yami was running for the buses in the second half, but... 🤷🏻‍♂️?
  2. If / when they go to 17, it really should trigger a second bye week and making the roster management changes from this COVID season permanent. Perhaps increase rosters to 55, as well.
  3. The top doesn’t open unless maybe I were to drop it again. The included pic was the best I could do.
  4. My mum passed just over 5 years ago now. At times that feels like a long time ago and at times it feels like it was yesterday. I was a caregiver during two years of pancreatic area cancer (ampullary node) and the end was extremely difficult to witness. Like Wacka, I often have dreams where there was a mistake of some kind and she’s still alive. I’m autistic (Asperger’s as-was before the DVM-5) that was quite late-diagnosed and had depression quite awhile before I started getting treatment / meds for it shortly into my mum’s cancer fight. It’s gotten a bit deeper since. Not suicida
  5. That’s what I tried just by deduction because the spring rounds seemed like they might fit into those raised sections and the U section near the 2 marking, but it doesn’t clip in there and fell out. Uhmm, I wrote that I did try the manual and no joy. There’s no picture or instruction. Would be grateful. 🙏🏼
  6. The beard / sideburn trimmer attachment on my Braun electric razor dropped to the floor and disassembled a couple of days ago. I put it back together by deduction but I can’t figure out where this spring is supposed to be. Tried it several ways and it falls out. I’ve also tried the manual and scoured the interwebs for photos of one or someone repairing but all I can find is this trimmer piece shown right-side up. Facebook friends were no help. So... here I am. Would anyone happen to have a Braun attachment like this or similar and be able to take & post a picture of the inner w
  7. Compound fracture of a leg bone and a fractured ankle, reportedly. The ankle is the big deal. Certainly never gonna be the same; that injury and usual treatments haunts you forever movement-wise and pain-wise.
  8. May have been marital issues if he was in a hotel for a month+. That can trigger a lot of stuff. 😟
  9. I would hope they could do both throwback versions. The Rams have said that they want to release new kits into their lineup each year for the next 3 years. We’ll have to see what the league comes up with for what they allow. Personally, I would favor if they did an old-school throwback weekend in the Thanksgiving week games, and maybe a ‘90s throwback weekend somewhere.
  10. I dunno about fishy. It sounds like he wasn’t actually arrested & charged for it until now. So it wouldn’t have appeared in any available paperwork / release.
  11. Reportedly, he blew a .02, which is less than the .08 threshold in NJ. But IDK what the specific law is where he could be charged; perhaps it’s in combination with a driving violation where anything but 0.0 gets you charged with DWI. Just very stupid / 💩ty / hypocritical of him to not inform Jeep about this when it happened 3 months ago so they could decide whether to run the ad / keep him as a spokesperson.
  12. I mean... I would say the number of folks who have landline JUST so they can call their own cell phone to find it has got to be a very high percentage. My dad is ALWAYS losing his phone. Doesn’t put it in a consistent spot, piles all kinds of shizz on top of it (coats, hunting magazines, newspapers, etc.), or forgets it in the car. Every time, he threatens to throw it out into the lake. 🤦🏻‍♂️ #OldManSyndrome
  13. Just a little-funny to take the edge off:
  14. Business Insider: Landlines predicted obsolete by 2020 in 2018. I’ve read other ones saying landlines will be phased out by 2025. It may be a good idea for the industry to keep the infrastructure in case of future problems / as a backup / for national security reasons (like HAM radio still has a purpose if telecom goes down / is attacked), but the cost disparity of maintaining lines, advancing technology and such makes it headed for death for the consumer market.
  15. We just do Internet with Spectrum ($53/month), and I have antennas for over-the-air broadcast for teevee. The Spectrum Mobile is $18/mo per line and is a separate entity from Spectrum, seemingly. Good enough for me and I don’t see it changing. But yeah, the price for the bundling is cheaper for whatever reason if you bundle the three than just bundle cable & internet. Seems contrary to logic, but there it is. Nice to know that it’s negotiable tho. I mean, I read awhile back that landlines were being necessarily phased out, but 🤷🏻‍♂️ it doesn’t seem like the companies a
  16. Per PFT: Congrats on the title bump-up! With the looming question of Milano returning (I just don’t see it given the numbers), it looks like it’s time to revamp / revision LB use.
  17. The way to fight cold is with even MORE cold 🍦!
  18. Reducing the 30-yard sacks & sack-fumbles where the play is breaking down beyond ALL hope but he keeps backing up trying to make something of it. He was able to find some guys when in trouble, but he’s gotta get that sense down of when to cut bait. Hope he works on his handoffs. They just don’t have a quick, fluid motion or make any attempt to disguise what’s happening. Lamar Jackson seems like the master of this and that split second advantage he creates for himself or his RBs is big. We can’t expect Lamar but getting better at it is do-able.
  19. Milano was sent on blitz so many times and we STILL got zero pressure. We blitzed 6 (Milano & Edmunds) a few times and Mahomes still had all day and picked us apart. Why wasn’t Milano on Kelce all night?
  20. That seems to be the expectation in the uni-watch community, but there’s been nothing set in stone by the league at this point. I don’t believe that such a mish-mash combo will be the norm, or perhaps even be allowed by NFL Properties. They will likely be used only for alternate sets and throwbacks and there will be limits on how many times they can be worn.
  21. We’re 0-2 in the playoffs during McD’s tenure wearing this set. Bad juju. Not the time to be to tempting the football gods on any little detail.
  22. And where does the Josh Allen money come from?
  23. There’s no chance we can afford to resign Williams. He’s been a stud all year and shut down Watt & Bosa. He will get PAID and he absolutely deserves it. But having a third guy on the OL making $10-13M/year just isn’t feasible. Maybe especially since the refs are allowing holds unless they’re obvious & egregious, it would be easier filling that hole than an honest to god pass / edge rusher or re-upping Milano. We thank him for his service and wish him the best. It’ll either be Ford, draft pick, or another cheaper pick-up.
  24. I don’t recall whether Milano played in week 6 vs. them. And Tremaine was still playing injured with his shoulder. This is a totally different matchup.
  25. Looked more like his neck got bit tweaked more than a hit to the head, but then again concussions & causes can be weird. He also had a turf toe issue in the first half that looked bothersome.
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