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  1. FFS. 1. We won the game 2. Bass was 2/2 on FGs and 2/2 on extra points. How the heck is that a "poor performance"? What a miserable fanbase some of us have become.
  2. People complaining that Diggs quit on this team. Looks to me that a lot of "fans" have actually quit.
  3. What are you talking about? What's happening now is completely different from what Kissinger was responsible for. (Well, maybe the genocide in Gaza would be included.) Also... what a stupid saying, "Never speak ill of the dead." Yeah, let's just whitewash history. That's a healthy approach.
  4. I believe there's a saying that goes... "Only the good die young."
  5. This is exactly what happened. I always have to watch our games on time delay due to the time-zone difference. Well, sure enough I got home last night and turned on the game with the sense of impending dread hanging over my head. The first half was great, but at halftime, my doubts began to creep in. When the Eagles scored to bring them within 3 points, my inner voice was telling me, “Hey Dummy, we’ve seen this before! They’re going to blow it!” Sure enough, I paused the game and looked online for the final score. That did it for me, and I simply turned off the TV. History repeats. I really hate to write it, but it’s time for McD to go. We need to find someone that can get us over the hump and actually win these close games once in a while, instead of finding new excruciating ways to lose.
  6. Shawn seems to be as big as a jerk as his dad was. I couldn't stand that guy either.
  7. My favorite memories are simply just remembering family. It's been a long time since I moved away from home and now just about all of my NY family have passed. My parents were German immigrants and they, along with our other extended German/American family made every holiday feel special. They were old-school people that hearkened back to a different era, and fully embraced American Thanksgiving. I especially think about my parents and my Oma, and the struggles that they went through to escape East Germany to begin a new life in America. For our family, Thanksgiving was always a time to reflect and truly give thanks for what we all had. And boy, could those old German women cook! The amount of food that they made was insane. I hope you all have a great holiday up there. Go Bills.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to my Bills brethren up North! There's no Thanksgiving down here in NZ, so it'll be work work work! Don't eat too much Turkey... save room for the pie!
  9. I'm with you 100%, Honda. We can talk all we want about Philly Cheese Steaks (I miss them so much here in NZ) but... on gameday it's Buffalo Rochester food. (However, I think it was my wife that lost us that Jaguars game, when I came home to see that she made Ranch dressing because we didn't have any Blue Cheese in the house.)
  10. You just have to find something to beatch about, don’t you? Meh.
  11. Last nights game totally changed my attitude toward McDermott. It's time for a change. Under Sean, we're only finding more painful ways to lose. He's done his dash, and it's time to try to find an upgrade.
  12. I think it had something to do with those two Bills employees caught screwing in London.
  13. Why are you dissing on Ed? I thought he had a solid game tonight.
  14. Yup, where do I sign my name. It sucks to say, but the team really needs a change and a new identity.
  15. You needed to start a new thread on this, just so we can hear you whine? C’mon, it’s friggin game day! Lets go Buffalo!
  16. The better chef? I think it's a bit stupid to compare two different running backs that run behind two different O-Lines. Cook has the speed and is FINALLY showing a bit (only a little) of power in his game. For the first few games, he would get drop to the ground at the slightest effort from the defensing player. Motor had exceptional vision (When there actually were gaps/lanes) and almost always gave the defending players a big "Pop!" at the end of each run. For such a small guy, he packed a punch, and I loved watching him play.
  17. So, uh... we aren't you wearing any pants?
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