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  1. It’s not a fair comparison. Tomlin is a HOF coach, and has a lot more years under his belt. That said, his offensive coordinator is killing him.
  2. I think this week they go: 1) Diggs 2) Davis 3) Shakir 4) Austin (from PS) 5) Hodgins (from PS) Then they probably mix in more of Cook and DS into the passing game, and maybe go more two TE’s.
  3. I ended up watching the condensed highlights of the Steelers/jets game. Pickett had some really great moments— he hangs in there and will chuck it downfield. I think our young corners will be tested a lot more; not going to just be the 3-yard dinks they were running before.
  4. Agreed. I don’t mind a lax approach, similar to college. Just when it is really egregious— they have to call it. The Hold on Dane was the difference between a 10-yard sack and a 30-yard completion, and was very blatant.
  5. this was the worst one because it was a corner blitz. So Lamar jackson escapes because of the hold, and is able to buy time to find the wide open receiver like 30 yards down field. Boger is blind back there. He called no holds on either team.
  6. Agree. Johnson seems like a hard hitter, and does well blitzing and in run support. Just doesn’t seem to have the necessary cover skills that they require in this defense from the safeties. Just wait though when Tre is back, and they shift Benford to safety. Gonna be some elite coverage on the back end!!
  7. for real? I saw none of the game, but my buddy was there and thought he looked good.
  8. I suspect that with the rainy conditions today, they weren’t risking it out there putting the ball in the rookie’s hands.
  9. He seems like the more natural fit back there in our scheme over Johnson. Hamlin seems like a much better cover guy.
  10. Boger was totally blind back there today. I actually think he called no offensive holds on either team. I saw 2 or 3 clear ones that had a huge impact on the play.
  11. the hand grabbing by the ravens CB just getting overlooked. Very grabby.
  12. ravens have gotten every one of the fluke plays today. We are due.
  13. Just sneak it, And get it over with. We can’t stop these sneaks to save our lives.
  14. Get ready for Kenny Pickett next week! My Steelers buddy is at the game and said the crowd is electric now with him in.
  15. Amazing what happens when guys execute well. That will Be the key with this weather down the stretch.
  16. I will have to see it again, but that didn’t seem Like your class is defenseless situation. Seemed like the defender was coming in to tackle in a tight window.
  17. yes. I didn’t seem him on the inactive list. But I would really like to see cook out there catching some balls.
  18. This is similar to Miami. Aggressive corners draped all over our guys— going to need to take some downfield shots to make them pay.
  19. These announcers can’t away from their pre-game talking points. No accurate analysis.
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