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  1. i hear you. When my issues were popping up, I would play through the pain. Then, I just realized it wasn’t worth the risk and shut everything down for a while to get better. I also made the decision that I can’t overuse my Achilles. So, I cut out all running and really any exercise I didn’t enjoy, and I also cut back on how much bball I played. My issues started happening when I thought I was Superman and would play a rec league game at night and then pickup ball the next morning. So no more of that. The other thing I do is basically wear these Achilles braces any time I am doing any sort of running or even hiking.
  2. I think a lot of you are unjustifiably doubting Fitz. Look at the projected backups in the NFL for 2022— the guy would be better than almost all of them. I think the reason he hasn’t signed is he is in the group of vets this year that are going to let the rosters shake out a bit, and then will probably sign with the best situation. I could even see him being a post week-1 signing.
  3. I had bad Achilles problems a few years ago from playing bball, and worries about the same thing. The ortho I saw basically said like 90% of tears are men between 40-50 who are weekend warrior athletes. That pretty much was me. I ended up doing tons of stretching to prevent against a risk of a tear. I now stretch my Achilles for like 30 minutes every night, and then before I play hoops in the mornings and then after. Makes a huge difference.
  4. I am not underestimating the dolphins. They have really improved. But Ingram is just a guy. Is he going to stay healthy, and even if he does, is he getting any more than 3-5 sacks? Even Mario Addison has been better and more consistent than him for the last 5 years.
  5. I actually am not a big fan of John Williams (because most of his scores sound the same). But Jurassic Park has to be one of his best— a really wonderful score.
  6. we could legit go 1-6, and then go 10-0. I hate the imbalance.
  7. First 8 weeks look brutal. We are going to have to hit our stride early.
  8. Agreed. They seem like slow starters. Would have liked to see a tune-up or two.
  9. Don’t love it. New offensive coordinator. Probably no Tre. Need some time to work out the kinks.
  10. haha— maybe I am way off. I just have these vivid memories of Edwards penetrating and disrupting a few plays. Maybe it was 1 play?! And he did end up playing in the NFL for like 11 years. I would call him a “decent situational d-lineman,” and he probably lived up to his pick as a third rounder.
  11. I think that was a misconception about “letting Williams go.” We made him a good offer and tried to re-sign him. I don’t believe it was a situation where we just let him walk because we thought Edwards was the answer. i will say though that Edwards really flashed. Just no consistency.
  12. Schobel was part of the 2001 Bills draft class— the first for Tom Donahoe. It was one of the best Bills’ drafts in the last 25 years. TD traded down in the first round and got Nate Clements. With the extra pick he got, he drafted Travis Henry in the 2nd round. He got Schobel in that round also. Also drafted Jonas Jennings in the 3rd, who became a starting LT, Ron Edwards— a solid rotational DL—, and Marques Sullivan— a solid starting guard. Even Brandon Spoon (later round pick) showed a ton of promise and started his rookie year— career was lost due to bad injury.
  13. Same. These last few episodes have been real tear jerkers. Last night’s was especially so, with the flashbacks of her caring for the kids growing up at different stages, and then fast forwarding into the future at the end.
  14. good call. By the way, every time I see Mandy Moore now on the show, I only see the old lady version of her. She plays that elderly mom character really well.
  15. Anything that shows the Cowboys as America’s team is a joke. That they were given that moniker irks me. I’d love to actually meet a cowboys fan one day.
  16. agreed. I think any of those teams could win that division. I actually thought the broncos had the best talent across the board last year. Now they have an all-pro QB— I think they could be the team to beat in the west.
  17. I would have kept Hughes. He is reliable and still great off the edge. You pair him with a Von Miller, and he is a 5-8 sack guy. interestingly enough, Hughes and Von Miller are about the same age (about 7 months older than Von).
  18. I wear a 1984-style Casio calculator watch. For real. I always get major props on it.
  19. Classic Fox. Dark hues, early 90s dancing robots, boring 4 PM NFC games, and now evil incarnate in the booth.
  20. There is a great article in the Athletic from a few days ago on this, and Araiza being able to hold. Lots Of analysis from Moorman.
  21. I am loving this meme!! I have never seen it before.
  22. I am a child of the 80s, and I have to say that there aren’t a lot of your “prototypical” moms in any of the classic 80s shows. For example, Clair Huxtable played second fiddle to Bill on the Cosby Show. Judith Light was the same to Tony Danza on “who’s the boss?” There were a lot of shows that didn’t even have a mom character, like “my two dads,” “different strokes,” and “full house.” It seems like the butler or housekeeper was the more prominent figure in that era (Benson, Mr Belvedere, Tony Micelli, etc).
  23. I saw that Schefter was able to get some photos of him there too— looks pretty similar!
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