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  1. I love Jokic and Murray. And Jimmy Butler plays just like a man along boys. Hope for a fun series and a nuggets championship. I will say that I think Miami won’t just roll over, but I am predicting Nuggets in 6.
  2. Love to know what rotation Red runs this year. This team is deep!
  3. I read some article online where Mintz was talking with some hornets beat reporters and couldn’t help but thinking from the quotes that he is 100% gone. Hope I am wrong!
  4. Nick van exel lakers jersey!! Excellent taste. I used to love him too. My favorite player as a kid was always Magic Johnson. but the only NBA jersey I ever owned was a Carmelo powder blue nuggets jersey. I have an orange melo jersey t-shirt I still hoop in. I channel my Melo out there, with my high-volume mid-range game!
  5. Are we going to have 8 lineman out there on the field?! This is nuts! Can’t believe all the depth they have.
  6. There is a lot of literature out there now about PSA testing and whether or not it makes sense to even get tested if you are under age 70. I guess there is a strong view that prostate cancer is very contained and also over-diagnosed, and so people might consider not getting tested and the. being stressed about it and getting unnecessary treatment. I am not saying that is the right thing. But my doctor told me to really read up on it before making a decision as to whether to get periodic screening. https://www.uspreventiveservicestaskforce.org/uspstf/recommendation/prostate-cancer-screening
  7. I sort of took my time trying to figure out what I wanted at the lake. Had a little charcoal grill, and then got a mini-egg smoker (Kamado joe Jr.). But then I realized when we have a boatload of people over, I just need the space to really go at it. this seems perfect. I got the biggest one- 36 inches. Tons of grill top space. I can easily cook for 15-20 people.
  8. Just got one for an early Father’s Day present for our lake cottage. Loving it so far! Made bacon, eggs, and pancakes this morning, and smash burgers this evening for a mess of people. anyone else have one of these? Any advice or tips?
  9. we are in the same boat. Kids and work out stuff. If I had to guess, multiple loads each day. I have no issues doing laundry, though my wife does it mostly. The biggest pain is folding and putting it all away.
  10. my issue is why do they limit the actives on game day? I say you should be able to activate anyone on the roster. Is that a salary thing? (Have to pay all the actives).
  11. I’ve been reading that Mintz is looking good at the combine. Good for him, I guess. But I am still not convinced he will Be better than a late 2nd round pick. Really should stay.
  12. this feels like it came out of left field!
  13. We were the media darling last year. Someone else’s turn this year.
  14. Over 20 years here too (guest since 1998; registered first screen name in 2002). sort of amazing; can’t imagine there are many other websites and message boards with as many long-timers members as we have here?
  15. I still have bad memories of the EJ Manuel Bills/Jags game at 9 am on the yahoo stream, which buffered like crazy. One of the worst viewing experiences of my life.
  16. I really hope they sign him again. that guy is willing to run through a brick wall for this team.
  17. I feel like his name should instead be Cameron Kline.
  18. You should join some leagues now that you are playing again! I was a high school doubles player, and love playing when I can, but it is rare (since I don’t belong anywhere and don’t have a lot of tennis playing friends). Plus, I now usually play golf over tennis when I have the time. I will say that tennis seems to be dying and being totally replaced by pickleball. I have played pickleball some, and it can be fun if you are playing with some good athletes. Otherwise, it is more of a social thing.
  19. Agreed. I told DTV I would stick it out if they could come down to like $65. The closest they could get was like $90, and at an inferior package. I will say I have been getting flyers in the mail for DTV now at $65, but it is too late now. But it has been more of a hassle than I thought navigating YTTV. (Why don’t they just put in channel numbers for the channels?!).
  20. I will say that now having had YouTube TV the last few months, I still miss DTV. I think I am just getting old and am used to “old” TV (with channels and a more normal interface).
  21. I thought Ingram was totally washed… until he became an absolute terror against us. If that is the version we would be getting, I would be on board.
  22. I totally agree. He would be making a huge mistake by leaving now. He is one of a few guys who could significantly improve his draft stock by saying.
  23. I am telling you— this team historically has no luck with guys on the fence actually coming back.
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