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  1. 25% chance of one player (in a league of 1700-2000) dying? Not to mention coaches, staff, etc....
  2. Well, there are ~ 1700 players (probably more allowing for injuries, etc...) and I would guess most of them will end up getting it over the course of the season due to the nature of the game. So maybe 50% chance of a player dying from it (not to mention coaches, etc...) Let's say only half the players end up getting it, you're looking at a 25% chance of a death. That's still not something to dismiss as "media panic porn".
  3. ~1 in 1000 black men can expect to be killed by police. (It's about 1 in 2000 for white men, which is still too high IMO.) https://www.pnas.org/content/116/34/16793 ~1 in 15000 people can expect to be struck by lightning. Are some (most?) of these killings justifiable in some way? I'm sure that's the case. But the problem is that there is such a culture of cops protecting each other, and no real oversight, so we just don't know. For anyone who is really interested in finding out more about where we currently are, I highly recommend "13th" on Netflix.
  4. Ok, are the coaches, trainers, other staff and refs expendable?
  5. I'm not here enough in the offseason to remember who's who (as I imagine a lot of other folks aren't as well.) Again, if you want to keep correcting people as to your motives, go for it. Seems like there are better ways to handle it IMO. You could just add a Signature that says "Derek Chauvin is a murderer"
  6. If you don't want people to keep assuming you're a racist ####### I'd remove it. There are much better ways of forcing the conversation. Seems like you've dug in though. Good luck with that.
  7. The union's position is representative of the larger problem of Police having the ability to assault people without fear of reprisal or consequence, and they throw a tantrum like this when called out on it. If it's just a union thing, the officers in question could still come out and say that they feel for the man who was assaulted. Instead, you and I both know that they feel it was part of their assigned job, a job which they were ok with until some widely shared videos made them public villains. Good luck with that But I'm 100% on board with his statement.
  8. They resigned from the unit that handles "riot" control, so they are (or were) the primary unit responsible for that, and are no longer serving in that role. IMO it appears they feel they were hung out to dry by Police Leadership, but honestly, it really does highlight the huge problem there is in policing today, where it's assumed that it's ok in pretty much any case for them to use force to get someone to comply (and of course that they will generally protect each other over the public most of the time.) Also do you really have that scumbag as your Avatar? Why on Earth would you do that, and why is it allowed here?
  9. I have a feeling it has to do with losing against NFC opponents to improve our playoff tiebreaker position.
  10. Higher mortality rate than the flu? Yes, almost certainly, and by a factor of at least 10. https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-similarities-and-differences-covid-19-and-influenza#:~:text=Mortality for COVID-19,quality of health care.
  11. Because this has killed 80000 in 2 months with everyone staying home. If you can't understand that this has a higher rate of infection and a higher mortality rate then this probably isn't the place to get educated. For anyone questioning the science of this disease, please be mindful that my friend died of it last week. He was in his 40s, a father to two young girls and otherwise had been very healthy. This thing is no ***** joke.
  12. Yeah, I still haven't received my refund from the Sabres Devils game I was supposed to see on 4/2, so not really inclined to layout any more $ for a game I'm not likely allowed to attend.
  13. In the case of Fournette there's also an entire organization involved which has consistently shown a remarkable ability to ostracize and alienate their own talent / players.
  14. He's also the guy that ran out of town the best QB of all time (who also happened to have 6 rings.)
  15. Getting back to football, I'm glad they were able to sign Adams, if he can get healthy he could be a huge help.
  16. And it wouldn't surprise me if it gets even bigger if / when they figure out how to play to protect against possible playing time lost to quarantine / illness.
  17. I think Yeldon is a better back at this point in their careers. I also don't think McCoy would agree that he left on good terms.
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