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  1. I wonder if “Mr. Unlimited” is playing the money line at FanDuel.
  2. This is awesome and I quote: ”anything the NFL can do for Buffalo it seems they do....the NFL has not care about us for years and years”
  3. It’s all fun and games until someone gets sexually harassed in the scrum pile.
  4. Bubba!! You’re in a time warp! Turn the fragistat and come back to the future.
  5. Actually, I have to stream both the game and the radio broadcast in order to synch them up. The only radio I own is in my car. And streaming the game is the only way to pause the video to allow the radio stream to catch up. It’s worth the effort.
  6. I meant I’ll listen to the radio broadcast over Romo - he’s become annoying to listen to. Eric Wood provides much more information about personnel and formation use and why a play did/didn’t work.
  7. I made the same bet with $20 and won $110. It was my hedge on my other parlay that the Chiefs and Fins would win. I figured if both won, winning some $ would soften the blow. As it turned out, it was an early Christmas - the Bills jumping to #1 seed is so sweeeeeeeet.
  8. I did! First time trying it and won a 3 game parlay. Thank you Vikes, Niners and Bengals!
  9. I can’t believe you are talking about lubing Josh’s mom. You sick bastard!
  10. I remember holding him right after he was born, thinking how great is this kid going to be at QB. I quietly whispered “You’ll be a Bill some day”.
  11. That’s where the RB drifts out to the flat followed by 4 defenders and Josh throws it at the RB’s feet.
  12. Excellent use of “mark my words” here. “Hear me out” would be totally inappropriate here.
  13. Stop denying me my self-pity!!
  14. It’s becoming a thing now. Seeing it more and more in the recent NFL and college games.
  15. McDermott: That’ll teach him to reveal injury info on social media.
  16. Must need the roster spot for that 6th RB.
  17. No, because “technically” the Bills won that game - but Josh didn’t punch the ticket. Same thing happened in Miami, but that game was free anyway.
  18. I think because they won in Detroit there is no refund. They won, which is what you paid for, right?
  19. If Von misses a game that means McD will hold him back for three games while Von “picks up the mental reps of the defense”
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