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  1. Walk around town in Washington DC or NYC and probably any large metropolitan city and you can smell weed everywhere. On the street, in stores and hotels. Everywhere.
  2. I got a great photo of Peters pulling in that catch up high from the corner end zone season seats we had. JP was our great QB hope.
  3. Scalped a ticket along Abbott Road and sat about 2 rows up along the end of the Bills bench. Such a dominant performance and so much fun seeing Shula get his ass kicked in his last game.
  4. Of course. You think every jamoke wearing a Bills jersey goes to a game? 🤨
  5. I admire your ability to put yourself through that. You put more effort into that game than the Bills did.
  6. Put the murderers and rapists on a “Floor of Fame” so we can walk all over them. Or, better yet, put their faces on the back of the urinals.
  7. I imagine there are lots of people in Birmingham that will buy it. It’s not like they have an NFL team (not named Crimson Tide) in their town or even in Alabama.
  8. Edmunds will be gone next year. He’s like the hot blonde with a nice rack - someone will always overpay for him.
  9. At least he picked an appropriate page number for the topic. Zzzingggg!
  10. Ones that don’t use 20pt Arial Bold
  11. Bob Nelson did and was forgettable, obviously. 🤣
  12. Or they could go with special walls for Murderers, Rapists, Regular Guys, and Fitz.
  13. Sorry, but gonna need pics to corroborate the “Super Hot” classification. Wearing something sexy.
  14. Hated him for that game against the Bills when he hit Floyd Little for a long TD in the closing seconds. Loved him when he played for the Bills. The Magician! Lost track of him after he was traded. Didn’t know he played for 3 more teams after Miami. Too bad Saban didn’t allow him to get a shot at QB. He was dynamic.
  15. That was a brutal loss, especially given how Ferguson played on a bad ankle, and after that amazing win in San Fran a couple weeks before. 1980 seemed like a magical season and when it ended the way it ended, Ron Smith running free, it left a mark. 🤣
  16. Another random game memory: Washington at Buffalo 1969 preseason. Playing an NFL team was still a big deal, and Vince Lombardi coming to Buffalo added to the excitement. I remember being at the Erie County Fair with my parents and raising a fit because I wanted to get back home to watch the replay of the game from the night before. I think Channel 7 used to broadcast the home preseason games the next day. Bills won 21-17. Every win was amazing back then, even preseason. OJ played his first game the next week against the Lions.
  17. We (my parents and my aunt and uncle, probably my sister too) drove out to around Geneva so we could get a motel room and watch the game on the Syracuse station. Seeing the Bills, and win!, on MNF was amazing. We went to the 1974 opener against the Raiders and the MNF game against the Giants. Both very memorable.
  18. I remember this one very well. I was 14 and working at Niagara County Produce outside selling potatoes and apples, etc. I was listening to the game on the radio. It was a tense, exciting game and I already had a case of BBFS, so expected a loss when he lined up for the figgie. SURPRISE! What a treat!
  19. Cincinnati: We went to the 1970 home game against them when OJ blew out his knee on a kickoff return. I had waited forever for that game. My Dad had bought the most expensive tickets ($7.00) to site on the sidelines under the roof. They were on our bulletin board for months and I would just stare at them. $7!! So much money! The morning of the game my Dad took me for a walk and told me he couldn’t go because he was having chest pains. I was 11 and devastated. My sister took his place with my Mom and I. We sat in front of a bunch of college kids that spilled wine on our blanket and made burn holes from cigarettes. Just a total disaster of a day. So many Bills games have bad outcomes like this. Why God why?? 🤣🤣
  20. My future brother-in-law and I were at this game. Gorgeous day and so relaxed as the Bills took care of business. Distinctly remember going up to the top of the upper deck to smoke a doob
  21. I brought my buddy up from Virginia for that game. Saturday was a spectacularly beautiful fall day. Sunday was rain from sunrise to sunset. The game was miserable because of that. The end was a gut punch. And I had to get my buddy up that hill into the lot on California where you had to cross the creek. He had a bad heart and I thought he was going to have a heart attack going up that hill. The whole day was a nightmare. 🤣 This was a total surprise and a great game to watch. Wish I had been at that one.
  22. That was the most amazing feeling before and during the game. Pure electricity. The first time I felt that kind of energy was at the Buffalo Braves playoff game - the Jo Jo White game. Weird that both of those were losses.
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